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What’s new in Webex: February 2022

February is all about love and we could not be more enamored with our latest capabilities. We are releasing innovations that make hybrid work even better such as optimize for all voices, a Webex App integration within HubSpot, new Socio capabilities that unify the physical and virtual event experiences and more. Read below for some of this month’s highlights. To learn about all the month’s features, please visit our Webex Essentials page here.






More inclusive experiences

Optimize for all voices

Give all meeting attendees an equal voice with Webex’s latest intelligent audio capability: optimize for all voices. With optimize for all voices, users will be able to hear anyone in the meeting, no matter where they are in the room. For example, if there is a desk huddle and there are a few people sitting away from the microphone, their voices will still be heard loud and clear by all the meeting participants. Click here to learn more on how to turn on this feature.

Realtime translation and transcription expanded to 13 spoken languages

Create a more collaborative, accessible, and inclusive experience in meetings and webinars with attendees from around the world, and those with hearing disabilities, with real-time translation. This month we have added 13 new spoken languages translated to 100+ caption languages in the Webex app. For details on all the supported languages, read the help article.

New virtual backgrounds

Now you have more ways to customize your background with brand new prepopulated animated or static options. You can also personalize and show off your creativity by creating your own background with images, GIF or MP4 files of your choice.  

Redesigned Slido experience in Webex Meetings 

This month we have redesigned Slido experience in Webex meetings to make it easier than ever to create engaging polls, quizzes, and host Q&As. All hosts have to do is enable it manually in the sidebar menu before their meetings.

Refreshed Slido poll template library  

For your upcoming meetings and events, you can now leverage the redesigned poll template library, which features a wide variety of pre-populated polls with questions to inspire an engaging dialogue.  

Webex App for Hubspot 

Webex is proud to announce Webex App for HubSpot, a native integration which delivers a delightful collaboration experience, while minimizing app switches and consolidating all the interactions that matter, in one place. The integration eliminates any friction around ‘where’ to meet and streamlines your sales process by automatically inserting a Webex meeting link within your HubSpot meetings. When combined with a connected calendar and email apps, it is a one button click experience on the HubSpot bookings page, that takes care of sending email invites, updating calendars, and joining a Webex meeting. Learn more about Webex with Hubspot Meetings here.


Supportive options for Hybrid Work and return to the office

Webex Assistant for Devices now available in 4 new languages

Webex Assistant for Devices provides a more inclusive experience for users. Webex Assistant for Devices will soon offer Japanese language in addition to the already available German, French, and Spanish language options with more coming soon. IT admins can update Webex devices for localized experiences with their preferred languages. To get started with Webex Assistant for devices, read the help article.

Fully immersive meetings on cloud registered Webex Room Panorama

Bring the immersive experience and full panoramic view with cloud registered Webex Room Panorama, Webex supports point-to-point calls with exceptional live video feed of far end participants, such as a remote meeting room, on the two 82” screens. The shared content is displayed on the 65” top screen to power stunning presentations and bringing teams even closer together.​ ​  

With directional, stereo audio, intelligent table microphone array, HD content sharing and even higher call bandwidth, cloud registered Room Panorama can provide even more flexibility, replicate in-person experiences, and bring the full panoramic experience to boardrooms and executive meetings rooms.  


Customized analytics for today’s hybrid work experience

NEW Customized reporting and analytics

Not only does Webex Control Hub provide comprehensive, real-time analytics for all aspects of collaboration (Meetings, Messaging, Calling and Devices), we now enable IT admins to create their own custom analytics dashboard for their QBRs or organization’s reviews. They can leverage the extensive library of KPIs and charts available for all analytics in Control Hub and build their own customized view with an option to edit/add multiple dashboards for their needs.


Unifying physical & virtual event experiences

Socio simulive and video hosting

With these latest capabilities event managers are now enabled with tools fostering more agile planning/execution while offering a more immersive attendee experience with pre-recorded video content.

Simulive helps mitigate production risk by enabling you to pre-record your event content and schedule it to go live at a specific time. All attendees joining a Simulive session will be watching your pre-recorded content at the same time, so their participation in the session chat, Q&A or polls will be fully in sync with your content.

Socio’s native Video Hosting solution allows you to confidently house all your videos in one centralized place. Whether you’re playing videos during a live stream, Simulive session, or as on-demand content, you can create unforgettable experiences for individual sessions, virtual sponsor booths, or speaker profiles. Learn more here.


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