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Welcome to the New Webex Community

As the leader in cloud communication and collaboration solutions, Webex is used by millions of people to connect. We help teams communicate to get their work done and we are passionate about making big things happen through the power of collaboration. As more and more organizations make the move to virtual work, Webex is here to support you. As part of that, we have just launched our Webex Community, a place to engage with people just like you to share ideas, ask questions, discover best practices, and more. 

Webex Community

Our Webex Community includes spaces for Webex Users, IT Admins, and Adoption Champions to participate in conversations and share ideas. Whether you use Webex Teams to communicate with coworkers, manage Webex for your organization, or are one of our champions driving adoption, you’ll find people just like you in our communities. Come share best practices for using Webex or working from home, ask for help, start conversations about anything Webex-related, chat with our team, access resources, and so much more. 

Here in Ireland, Meitheal is the word for groups of neighbors or friends who get together and help each other with farming work such as harvesting crops. Those who contribute are, in turn, helped with their own tasks, with the core concept being community unity by way of mutually reciprocal support. I like to think that’s what we are creating with our new Webex Communitya place where we can help you and where you can learn, assist, and support each other as well. 

We just launched and we’d be delighted for you to join us to get your questions answered, engage in discussions with peers, share your experience, and interact with the team here at Webex.

Webex User Community

The Webex User Community is for people actively using Webex, whether it’s our Webex Apps or Webex Devices. You’ll have access to all the resources you need and will be able to engage with other users, discuss new product features, ask for help, make product suggestions, or offer advice to help other community members. 

We will also host fun events in our community, including digital contests to win Webex swag and live events you can attend virtually with your peersstay tuned for more.

Adoption Champion Community

We created the adoption champion space as a way for you to connect with fellow Webex advocates, share tips, ask for advice, and engage in conversations around the adoption process. Need help getting your company on board with Webex? Want to share creative ways to spread the word about Webex? Curious about how others in your industry are driving adoption? This community is your place to get those questions answered and learn from others who are transforming the way their teams work. 

IT Admin Community

Our IT Admin Community is already hosting more than 210,000 active discussions, with members sharing best practices, participating in technical conversations, answering questions, and offering suggestions for configuring and managing Webex. With the launch of our new community, this space will be connected to even more Webex resources than ever before. 

You’re Invited

Our Webex Community has officially launched. We invite you to join the community and find your space among Webex users, adoption champions, or IT Admins. These communities are here to give you what you need, and we’d be delighted to hear your views, opinions, and experiences.

Visit the Webex Community and join today.

If you have any questions or need help getting started in the community, reach out to our
Webex Community Manager, Cole Callahan ( He can’t wait to hear from you.


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