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What’s new in Webex: October 2021

October is an exciting month for us at Webex. Not only is it time for Halloween, but also an amazing launch at our WebexOne event. If you haven’t heard it is filled with industry breaking announcements and sessions that will elevate your hybrid work and customer experiences.

We are deploying more hybrid work capabilities including: a fresh Webex app UI, over 60 new embedded apps and the new innovations to power delightful customer interactions. But these are just a few of the many innovations we are launching this month. Read below for more details.









The Webex App gets a vibrant burst of energy

This summer we announced a new look and feel for Webex. This month the Webex app is refreshed and not only re-energizes how you collaborate by introducing vibrant new colors and graphics, but also creates an intuitive experience to ensure your focus stays on what matters most. The new sleek design also offers seamless collaboration between your calls, meetings, messages, and files.

Personal Insights promotes well-being in a hybrid world

As part of our larger collaboration insights capabilities, Personal Insights are now available within the app for every user. It provides the data you need to understand your work and team work habits so you can plan better and achieve more work/life balance. Not only do you see your personal data on how you are spending your time in meetings, but also insights on when it’s best to schedule meetings with colleagues so it doesn’t interrupt their focus time. In addition, you see who you collaborate with the most each week and your data and insights are never shared with anyone else.



New interpreter role added to Meetings 

Simultaneous interpretation is essential for high stakes video conferencing meetings and events where automatic translation just won’t cut it. With the ability to add an interpreter, meeting hosts can enable simultaneous interpretation when scheduling a meeting. Once enabled, they can create an unlimited number of interpretation channels, and assign an unlimited number of interpreters to each channel. Each of those interpreters get notified of their role when the meeting is scheduled.



Webex deliver business class calling from the cloud.  New features are added each month to allow users to get the best calling experience

Webex Calling and UCM Cloud

Nomadic E911

When you are using the Webex App and need to make an emergency call, it will provide accurate location information to emergency services for easier and timely dispatch. Webex App and devices, when at campus, provide the location information based on the network topology administrator configures. When at locations that are outside of the enterprise campus, Webex App will prompt user for the address to be used as part of emergency call to help meet compliance with RAY BAUM’S Act.

Webex Calling

Cloud Calling on personal room devices

Users can now call colleagues by name or extension or make and receive PSTN calls directly within Webex Calling supported devices for Webex Desk, Room, and Board device series. Devices also have the latest innovation like AI driven background noise removal, and admins can configure and manage them easily in Control Hub.

Cisco Calling Plans coverage growth

In addition to already available coverage in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., Cisco is announcing Cisco Calling Plans in 10 countries in the European Union: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Sweden. Learn more about calling plans.

Singlewire InformaCast integration
Users can send emergency announcements live, or as recorded audio pages to Cisco phones and speakers, and text alerts to digital signage, desktop computers and mobile devices to keep people informed about critical situations. For example, an office administrator could send an intruder alert at the touch of a button to be immediately broadcast to overhead systems and delivered to all phones in a school setting. Learn more on this integration.

Dedicated Instance

For enterprise calling customers that are not prepared to move the entirety of their business from on-prem to Cloud Calling, Cisco offers the flexibility to mix Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instance for hybrid deployments. This brings cloud innovation and an enhanced experience to customers who need to support older Cisco phones, local survivability in remote sites. Learn more about Webex Calling.


Webex Assistant skills

Webex Assistant skills offers the ability to customize your Webex Assistant for Devices for your organization’s needs. You can create voice-driven applications that relay command information and visuals back to Cisco Webex Room Kit, Cisco Webex Board, and Cisco Webex Desk Pro devices to save time and make meeting management easy.


Users can now access third party apps directly within the Webex App!

Embedded apps enable third-party applications to be available directly within Webex meetings and messaging – making work more efficient and inclusive. Users can simply select the app and start using it without having to download anything or deep IT integration. We are excited to announce that more than 60 partner integrations are coming to Webex. This includes Miro, Mural, Smartsheet, Hacker Rank and more which are available directly in Webex today. Additional partners integrations will be added in the coming months.
Learn more:  Apps that amplify your work.  |  Webex App Hub


Every customer journey should end with a solution, and you need the right technology to power it. Webex provides end-to-end solutions that come with full-featured applications needed to create customer delight and turn agents into superheroes.

It delivers:

  • Pre-integrations with common business systems
  • All the important digital channels needed to engage customers their way
  • An underlying journey data service to connect each customer experience
  • A VOC, experience management application to shine a spotlight on the journey
  • A full cloud contact center
  • A set of CPaaS APIs so you can customize or build your own experiences
  • A low-code orchestration layer to help build new flows without a developer

Learn more here

Webex App now integrated with Contact Center

Webex App integration with the Webex Contact Center agent desktop, allows agents to easily call, message, or collaborate with their colleagues to provide better support to customers.

New Webex Connect enterprise developer portal with open APIs

We are opening the imiconnect platform to enterprise developers for the first time to allow them to test and prototype applications. Channels available in the sandbox are SMS, Voice and WhatsApp and key tools e.g., flow builder, integrations, debugging tools, analytics. Enterprise Developers can register here and start using the sandbox starting on October 27, 2021.


The portable all-in-one collaboration device: Webex Desk Mini
Find your new favorite workspace with the portable Webex Desk Mini that’s designed for taking meetings in any room. It is designed with an integrated stylish carry handle which makes it easy to move around from one room to another and comes in 5 colors. It also includes features such as noise removal, video backgrounds and easy access to in-meeting controls — so you can always show up and look professional in meetings even from your kitchen or living room. Stay tuned for more details on how you can order yours.

Watch WebexOne now and get up to speed on all the latest innovations and announcements.

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