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Work smarter and get more done with Webex in 2020

Start working smarter, not harder

It’s a New Year and many of us are thinking about what we can do differently to make 2020 amazing.  At the top of many people’s list is to exercise more, eat healthier, save money or try a new hobby.  But what about finding a new and better way to work?   
Let’s think about this for a moment. What if you could get more done in less time? What if you could work from anywhere and anytime? What if you had a personal assistant to help with online tasks?  What if you never had to take notes again and could automatically assign out action items?  Think about how much time you would save – and how much more productive and efficient you would be? 

Increase productivity with a consistent experience

The great news is that this is all very possible. The Webex Teams unified app is making work better than ever.

It brings together all of Cisco’s Collaboration capabilities delivered in a single, well-integrated solution that delivers a consistent experience across the workday. You will even be able to use the new Webex Assistant for Meetings option which takes advantage of voice intelligence and advanced speech recognition to turn talk into action. Sing a voice command – “Hey Webex, create an action item…”  The Webex Assistant will pick up on trigger words like task, note, agenda, summary, and more so great ideas and action items are never lost. Meeting attendees can view edit, highlight and share notes among the team to accelerate follow-up. Saving you time and enabling you to focus on the next big thing.

Webex Teams Unified App also integrates easily across all Cisco devices so, your collaboration experience is consistent.  You can start a meeting on the app in your car and then seamlessly move to your home office on the Cisco Webex Desk Pro screen.  Same meeting and same experience…  

According to a recent TechValidate survey of Cisco Webex Customers, “87% agree they would achieve efficiency gains from a unified app for their collaboration needs.”

Built for everyone, for every situation

Webex Teams is built for everyone, big and small. Everyone from our self-employed friends to small business owners can enjoy the benefits of having all their collaboration capabilities in one place.  For example, a professional accountant who is coming into tax season and wants to win new business can use Webex to call, meet and message with clients. Doing taxes online isn’t new but getting the same customer experience as walking into a tax office right from the comfort of your home, that is the kind of game changer Webex brings to you. No need to rush to a tax appointment, during rush hour traffic, after work, and you definitely don’t need to get an extension past April 15.  
With Webex, the accountant can deliver the same tax services while building customer loyalty and providing better flexibility for their customer.  With the video conferencing capability, they can even read the face of their customer when talking about difficult topics like money.  Knowing that tax information and money is a private topic, the tax consultant can rest assure that Webex solutions are built with security in mind to deliver a safe collaboration experience.  
If you’re still feeling energized about the New Year and want to make a real impact – try Webex Teams.  See how it can help you be more productive and efficient in 2020! 

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