Kamil Wojcicki

Principal Engineer, Webex Collaboration

Kamil Wojcicki is a Principal Engineer with Webex Collaboration, leading the research and development efforts in next-generation audio AI technologies. With focus on delivering and advancing critical audio features like Webex's HD Voice, Neural Codec, and Noise Reduction, Kamil is dedicated to significantly elevating the Webex audio experience for customers.

Prior to his role, Kamil co-founded Babblelabs, an AI startup focused on transforming human-machine interaction. Following its acquisition by Cisco, Kamil continues to demonstrate his expertise and leadership in the field. Before his entrepreneurial venture, he contributed to impactful signal processing projects at Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global leader in hearing aid solutions. Prior to his industry roles, Kamil was a postdoctoral researcher at the Cochlear Implant Laboratory at UT Dallas, where his research focused improving speech intelligibility in noise.

With a Ph.D. in Signal Processing from Griffith University, Kamil is widely respected for his expertise in speech and audio signal processing. His research interests span various areas, including speech enhancement, bandwidth extension, voice activity detection, and human speech perception. Kamil is devoted to leveraging deep learning methodologies to tackle unresolved challenges in human-machine interface technologies.

Kamil resides in Queensland, Australia. Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys travel, hiking, and culinary exploration.

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