Prabu Dhaksh


Prabu heads product management for the unified communications (UC) management infrastructure. Most recently, Prabu has built Cisco Webex Cloud-Connected UC (CCUC), a multi-cloud, hybrid platform that connects on-premises customer data centers to Webex cloud and delivers value-added UC subscription services like Cloud Analytics. Prabu has led CCUC from concept to launch and is proud to have built a platform that would transform how on-premises enterprises consume UC values from Cisco. Prior to this, he had built Webex hybrid services that helped enterprise users communicate between cloud (Webex Teams) and premises (Cisco Jabber) apps, in addition to various enterprise video and mobile communication solutions.

Prabu is a seasoned product leader with over 16 years of experience in product management building products for Cisco, Samsung & Ericsson/Nortel. A product builder at heart, Prabu has built several innovative, industry-first products that have greatly benefitted enterprise users and mobile consumers.

Prabu holds MBA and MS(EE) degrees and possesses the right blend of business acumen and technical expertise. He also has superior leadership expertise gained from leading cross-functional teams of 100+ members and from Harvard Business School Executive Education and Dale Carnegie training.

Outside of work, Prabu enjoys spending time with family, traveling across the world and hiking the outdoors. Prabu is also a regular volunteer for various educational causes for kids.

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