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Cisco Collaboration Devices Support Hybrid Work for Government Agencies

Having great hybrid work experiences is harder than it looks. And it looks… hard. With more remote offices, more strain on the network, and the need to solve for in-person and remote participants – hybrid work presents challenges. For Government customers specifically- where security and manageability at scale is paramount- hybrid work is complicated. Cisco Devices For Cloud Solutions

Today’s federal employees expect flexibility in their workstyle. So much so, that Cisco’s Hybrid Work in Government Survey found that 66% of Government employees say flexibility of workstyles greatly impacts their job satisfaction. It’s why government leaders vastly agree that hybrid work will be critical to agencies going forward.

Cisco has been reimagining hybrid work solutions with a holistic approach. We’re reimagining new ways that federal organizations can build team culture, support flexible workstyles, and redesign workplaces for a hybrid world. And, we’re innovating these solutions to be secure, manageable, and sustainable by design.

The GSA’s Workspace Innovation Lab for Hybrid Work

I recently had the opportunity to visit the new Workspace Innovation Lab at the US General Services Administration headquarters. Partnering with Cisco and using our technology, the GSA unveiled this federal coworking space and “test bed” for future-of-work technologies. Much like in the commercial sector, GSA and government organizations alike are reimagining their office spaces, and blending technology, space, and human experience. Emphasis on human experience- at the Innovation Lab, my team and I could gather in a conference room to collaborate, take a meeting, do focused work in a private pod, or work in open shared spaces to network and socialize.

It’s the kind of hybrid workspace that’s inclusive of all workers and workstyles, with devices that are interoperable for seamless workflows. Visitors of the WIL can take a meeting on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or Webex, all from the same device. Federal employees are more engaged with inclusive software innovations like Frames, which puts people front and center in the virtual space. And innovations like Optimize for My Voice, which listens for the user’s voice only. That way, background noise – and background conversations– aren’t heard in a virtual meeting even when taken from an open huddle space.

Another hybrid work challenge for many Government agencies is the shift to the cloud, which is why Cisco provides open, flexible and FedRAMP compliant cloud solutions. GSA’s Workspace Innovation Lab leverages Webex for Government solutions to enable an innovative and secure collaborative environment. And, our FedRAMP authorized solutions will continue to evolve to meet the unique requirements of each government impact level.

Reimagining Government Office Spaces

To get government employees back to the office – and excited about being back – government offices need to work harder than ever before. The experience at the office needs to be better than the experience at home. With engaging solutions that are optimized for in-person and remote participants, that are easy to use, and that support the ways your employees need to work.

Solutions like hotdesking, enabled on the Cisco Desk Series. Federal workers can book a shared desk, and the device will populate their meetings, and calendar. And coming soon, hotdesking capabilities will be available on all Cisco 88xx Series MPP phones- users will be able to place calls from their business line on a shared phone.

Sustainable solutions for Government

Net-Zero goals and ESG commitments are top-of-mind for government agencies. Cisco devices are built with sustainability in mind – everything from the materials we use to the product lifecycle considers environmental impact.

Take the Cisco Room Bar. With recyclable packaging and less internal components, the Room Bar saves packaging and component materials compared to its predecessor the Room Kit Mini. And with smart room controls, PoE connections, and display integrations, Cisco devices intelligently reduce energy consumption.

Get in touch with us to learn more about reimagined workspaces for Federal agencies.

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