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Webex Meetings February 2020 update: PIN-less join, Webex + Toyota, and more!
Webex Meetings February 2020 update: PIN-less join, Webex + Toyota, and more!

We have a great and varied set of video conferencing features coming out this month on Webex, but I probably caught your full attention at PIN-less. Couldn’t we all use one less PIN in our lives? Well, Webex is making that happen this month. The ability to dial into a video conference with a SIP device without needing PINs or keys is bringing some of the benefits of the cloud back down to earth. Users of cloud-registered SIP video devices within the same company already enjoy a very easy way to join meetings without cumbersome PINs or keys. We are now extending that capability to premises-registered SIP devices. This is especially useful for organizations that have a hybrid deployment of devices that are registered both to the cloud and on premises.

Extending great meetings to more spaces and places

The bulk of our February features is around bringing the best video conferencing experience to more people within the tools they use every day. Adding to the already deep bench of Webex Meetings integrations we’ve established, I want to share a very diverse set of integrations we’ve been working on – from cars, to contact centers, to smart phones, to productivity tools.

  • If you have a 2020 Toyota and you’re an Android user, Webex Meetings now supports Toyota Smart Device LinkIf you have a 2020 Toyota and you’re an Android user, Webex Meetings now supports Toyota Smart Device Link. From your Toyota dashboard, you’ll be able to list and easily join Webex Meetings. While in the meeting, you’ll be able to mute/unmute and hang up the call. This is a very similar experience to the Ford SYNC 3 integration that’s already available to Webex Meetings users today. The 2020 Toyota models supported include Corolla, Corolla Touring and Corolla Sport.
  • For Zendesk software users, great customer service can now include a live meeting. Once Zendesk support agents receive a customer ticket for follow-up, they can immediately launch a Webex Meetings Personal Room to start a video or audio call. This happens all within the Zendesk UI, so agents can continue to work within their familiar environment.
  • More than 2.6 million users have already downloaded the Webex App for Google Calendar, which lets you schedule and join a Webex video conference meeting right from within their Google Calendar app. We now have more advanced meetings settings in our Google Calendar Integration Phase II. You can now change audio types (such as PSTN, VoIP, etc.), set passwords, join before the host, specify alternate hosts, among other features that give you a richer Webex experience from within your G Suite environment. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, download the app from the G Suite Marketplace.
  • We are excited to announce support for Samsung Bixby, so just use your voice to join a Webex Meetings on a Samsung device. Simply say, “Hi Bixby, join my meeting” or a host of other Webex voice commands that can be found here (this feature is supported in the February update, but will be available pending final Samsung review).
  • We announced our deep integration with Slack last year, and we’ve since implemented a number of great enhancements. The latest for this month include the ability for hosts to share their recorded meetings in Slack with people (1:1) who are not in their channel. You can do this very easily by clicking “Share” from the recording and searching for the person to whom you want to send the recording. You can also provide feedback about Webex Meetings from within a channel with the command /webexhelp feedback. Then, you can use the drop-down menu to select the feedback type.

And more …

And, finally, if you’ve ever shared an image into a meeting from the Webex Meetings mobile app, you know there’s a chance it may be incorrectly rotated. Now, with the latest Webex update, you’ll be able to quickly rotate the shared image so it appears as it should. It’s a beautiful thing when technology works.

Now, with the latest Webex update, you’ll be able to quickly rotate the shared image so it appears as it should.


For more information on these features, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New for the latest versions of Webex Meetings (40.2).

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Webex Meetings January 2020 Update: New improvements and new integrations for the new year
Webex Meetings January 2020 Update: New improvements and new integrations for the new year

In the first Webex Meetings update of the new decade, we’re taking on some irritations of video conferencing, such as when networks are lossy or when the background is noisy. Plus, we’ve added some new integrations and are sharing the next evolution of our VDI client strategy which will make Webex Meetings more accessible to you and easier for your organization to deploy.

Great video even when your network is not

If you’re working at home, at the airport, or at a coffee shop, we all know network fluctuations are a fact of life. And that means, the video you send into Webex Meetings is also at the mercy of those network ups and downs. Because our “workplace” is more and more variable these days, we’ve tuned Webex Meetings so that your video resolution is less sensitive to network instabilities. Now, the Webex desktop app only downgrades your video when packet loss or network delay is consistently degraded. So, you’ll be able to send stable video at high resolutions into your meeting even as the quality of the network fluctuates. This applies to both Windows and Mac desktops.

Background noise? No problem.

Speaking of working outside the office, it can also be noisy in all of those places where networks are iffy. We’re working to solve this with improved noise detection and suppression algorithms in Webex Meetings so that your voice won’t be negatively impacted by background noises. As a result, when you’re using the Webex Meetings desktop app with computer audio, your voice will remain clear even when the barista is yelling out the next order.

More Webex for better learning

Webex Meetings has added Blackboard Learn to our already extensive list of popular learning management systems. With this integration, instructors can have the full Webex Meetings experience within the Blackboard Learn environment. Aside from being able to hold virtual classes for distance learning, instructors can also have office hours and ad-hoc meetings with students, and even message students – all within the Blackboard learning interface. These integrations give teachers and students a great way to connect within the environment to which they are accustomed.

Webex Meetings desktop app optimized for VDI

We’re excited to announce beta trials for the Webex Meetings desktop app, which is fully optimized for VDI environments. With this optimization, when your users attend a meeting in a VDI environment, Webex Meetings routes all audio and video streams directly between the thin client and the Webex Cloud without going through a hosted desktop. There’s no requirement for Cisco Unified Call Manager or Cisco Expressways to deploy and use this app. This is initially available on Citrix-hosted desktops and Windows thin clients. If you’re interested in trialing this functionality, please reach out to your Cisco Collaboration account manager.

Additional info

For more information on these features, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New for the latest versions of Webex Meetings (40.1).

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Using a video conferencing tool to manage outside vendor communications

Secure, First-Party Recording Transcripts in Webex Meetings

Satisfy Your Need for Speed with Cisco Webex Meetings

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As part of our continued effort to make the Webex Meetings join experience as easy and fast as possible, we are enabling users to avoid having to press “1” when they use “Call Me” or a video system to join a meeting.
Webex Meetings December 2019 update: connect to meetings faster and have a great content share experience

In the last Webex Meetings updates of 2019, we deliver features that primarily make it faster and easier to join your meetings and to give you a richer content experience.

Connect to meetings even faster

As part of our continued effort to make the Webex Meetings join experience as easy and fast as possible, we are enabling users to avoid having to press “1” when they use “Call Me” or a video system to join a meeting. It’s one additional step in creating a frictionless video experience. You can configure it once and then forever bypass “1” from there on out. This is available for Webex Meetings and Events.

Connect to meetings even faster

Multiple participants can pair to a room device

We’ve probably all had this experience where we can’t figure out all the participants in a room because only one person has connected to the meeting on the cloud-connected room device. But, now, the Webex Meetings desktop app allows all the people in the room to pair to the same device, so you can easily see who’s connected to which device in the Webex Meetings participant panel. Users will be grouped under the device to which they’re connected. We also have a search bar at the top of the participant panel so you can easily search for a particular user. This is initially supported on the Webex Meetings Desktop App but will soon come to the Web App as well.

Multiple participants can pair to a room device

Optimizing user experience for high frame rate content

We introduced a high frame rate – 30 frames per second – a content sharing in 2019 and have since made a number of media quality improvements to keep the experience as high as possible. When users have packet loss, they may experience some freezing of high frame rate content. With the latest improvements to our media engine backend, we are reducing the incidence of content freezing and improving the overall sharing experience for users.

Great content on mobile

For both Android and iOS, users can now enjoy great content on their mobile apps, which can receive 4K content. This brings the Webex Meetings Mobile App in line with the Desktop App, so users can have a rich content experience whether they’re deskside or on the go.

For both Android and iOS, users can now enjoy great content on their mobile apps, which can receive 4K content.

Short video addresses now available

Finally, just a quick note to let you know that the short video address feature we told you about in November is now available. Like many of the features in this update, it will be easier for you to get into a meeting. The feature is off by default, but your administrator can enable it by reaching out to their Cisco contact.

This month’s features are associated with the Webex Meetings 39.11 update.

For more information on these features or to learn about the other features of this update, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite.

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Personalize your team meetings with these top four screen sharing features

Cisco Webex Meetings 39.8 — Bringing speed and simplicity to video conferencing 

You Deserve a Fast Join Experience and Meeting Magic, Webex Delivers

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10 Reasons to Upgrade to Webex Meetings 39.10
Webex Meetings update: Deep integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, Smarter background noise detection and suppression, and much, much, more…

You’ve probably heard us talk about building bridges, not islands. With this month’s Webex Meetings updates, you’ll see that we’ve done a lot to bring the power of Webex Meetings into the tools that you regularly use – like Slack, Microsoft Teams, iOS and Samsung devices, IBM Video Cloud, and more. These integrations, along with other features, will make your Webex Meetings experience more delightful, wherever and however you choose to have a meeting. And of course, simplicity of experience is always our top priority!

Checkout innovative updates with Webex Meetings: 

    1. Webex Meetings integrations with Microsoft Teams lets you have a great meeting experience from within a Microsoft Teams channel – from scheduling to joining and recording. When users schedule a meeting, all channel members are invited and become notified of the meeting. All end-of-meeting and recording notifications will also be posted in the channel in real-time. This is pending availability of the new MS Teams app in the Webex App Hub.
    2. We recently shared integrations that let you experience the whole Webex Meetings lifecycle within Slack. These further improve your meeting experience from within a channel with features such as user status updates, list recordings for hosts, meeting reminders support, and the ability to launch a Personal Room via a dedicated call button.
    3. Smarter background noise detection and suppression gives you a better audio experience. Webex reduces background noises coming from room video systems while minimizing voice suppression. The balance of these new features allows speech volume to be preserved during noise suppression.
    4. Easily move your Webex meeting from your phone to desktop with Samsung’s DeX dual-screen support. We recently did a demo of Webex Meetings working on a DeX display at the Samsung Developer Conference. Samsung mobile users can switch between mobile or external monitors while in Samsung DeX Dual Mode and then share their screen to a monitor via HDMI cable. This creates seamless ongoing Webex meeting transitions. One more feature: You can also use Samsung’s Bixby voice commands to join a Webex meeting.Samsung mobile users can switch between mobile or external monitor while in Samsung DeX Dual Mode and then share their screen to a monitor via HDMI cable – and their ongoing Webex meetings transition seamlessly.
    5. Share your own video and rear-facing video with dual-camera support on the Webex Meetings Mobile app for iPhones and iPads. With the dual-camera feature, you don’t have to choose between front OR rear cameras. For example, you can have a video call with an expert to troubleshoot a problem at a remote site – like a manufacturing site – and then send your video and the remote site video with the expert in the same video panel. This feature is unique to Cisco.Share pictures from local device file system into Webex Meetings from Android devices. When presenting from your mobile device, you can share photos from your device’s file system and even annotate on the photos.
    6. Livestream Webex Meetings: You can already live stream a Webex meeting to Facebook, which is a business-to-consumer solution. We’ve recently added the ability to more options to live stream to an enterprise audience. Webex Meetings’ recent integration with vBrick Rev and IBM Cloud Video means you have two additional channels to live stream Webex Meetings for large enterprise audiences, corporate townhalls, webcasts, and training, etc. This feature is currently in beta.
    7. Recover your video conference quality more quickly after network congestion and packet loss. Network conditions will not always be ideal. We have enhanced our algorithms so that whenever there is network degradation, Webex Meetings will quickly recover from latency and packet loss within a few seconds to maintain a smooth video experience.
    8. Improved user upgrade experience by decoupling the Webex Meetings desktop app from productivity tool plug-ins like Microsoft Outlook/Office and IBM Lotus Notes. Mac users who do not have administrative rights can now have Webex Meetings desktop app automatically updated. Transitioning to the O365 add-in requires the Outlook plug-in to be uninstalled, so decoupling allows Outlook plug-in to be uninstalled with no impact to the Webex Desktop App.
    9. Share pictures from the local device file system into Webex Meetings from Android devices. When presenting from your mobile device, you can share photos from your device’s file system and even annotate it on the photos.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Webex Meetings 39.10

10. Take a shortcut into your personal meeting room: Introduced in October, is now officially supported with a quick and easy way to get into your Personal Room– right from the browser. and will also get you there.

For more details on the Webex Meetings 39.10 update, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)

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Using a video conferencing tool to manage outside vendor communications

Secure, First-Party Recording Transcripts in Webex Meetings

Satisfy Your Need for Speed with Cisco Webex Meetings


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Cisco Webex Video Conferencing 39.9 Discovering some meeting hacks
Cisco Webex Meetings 39.9: Discovering some video conferencing hacks

Feature improvements don’t have to be huge to make a big difference. In Webex Meetings 39.9 update, we’re introducing and updating small features that will make your video conferencing meetings easier, more efficient, and (gasp) maybe a little less annoying. These are the meeting hacks of Webex Meetings 39.9:

  • Shortened video addresses
  • Fewer video distractions in Events and Meetings
  • Virtual background support for iPad
  • Webex Teams lobby ambassador
  • More support for Web App

A shortcut to your personal meeting room

We introduced, and last month with the launch of Google’s .new domain – shortcuts to common tasks can be accessed from the browser. is the new shortcut that takes you directly to your personal room from any browser. Just make sure you’re signed into the Webex Meetings Desktop App, otherwise you’ll be taken to a download page to get the latest app.

Give your dialing finger a break

If you’re using video devices to dial into a Webex video conferencing meeting, you now have less to type because we’ve created shortened, common video addresses that include just the meeting number and Webex extension (e.g., You no longer need to include the site ID to join (e.g., The new format can be used by Webex devices, Skype for Business users and third-party, standards-based video devices. This is also supported on mobile – both Android and iOS. Please note that this feature is currently in beta and will be generally available by the end of this calendar year.

Better manage Webex Events video

If you’ve hosted a Webex Events or Meetings call, you know sometimes video participants are doing things that are distracting to the meeting. Other than calling them out or privately messaging them, you couldn’t take immediate action. Now, you have the ability to just turn their video off and let the meeting progress more smoothly. Hosts also have ability to lock the main video window on a specific participant and switch between participants without turning off the original participant video. That’s one fewer click and just makes good sense. It also works on mobile.

Choose your virtual background on iPad

We can’t let the iPhone people have all the fun. Now, iPad users joining Webex Meetings can also choose their favorite backgrounds to display from stored photos. This will come in handy when you’re taking meetings from home on your iPad Pro and need to disguise your messy kitchen background with a more professional office look. Blurred backgrounds will continue to be supported.

Choosing a virtual background for your meetings on iPads
Choosing a virtual background for your meetings on iPads

Let them in from Webex Teams

This has happened to me more than a few times – waiting in the lobby long after the meeting has started because the host joined from Webex Teams and has no way to let meeting participants into their personal meeting rooms. Now, Webex Teams hosts will be notified when there are people waiting in their lobby and they can admit them. This feature is in the category of relieving annoyances that I know a lot of people, including me, will appreciate.

More browser support for Web App

In addition to Chrome and Firefox, the Webex Meetings Web App is now fully supported on Microsoft Edge browser with audio, video and share (including high frame rate content) capabilities. On Safari, Web App currently supports computer audio and video (share is not yet available from Apple on Safari). With this, I’m pleased to say that Webex Meetings offers the broadest native web browser support among conferencing vendors.

These are some fun meeting hacks, but we’re delivering a lot more in 39.9. For more details, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39) – and click on “WBS39.9.”

If you haven’t already, try meetings for free.

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Cisco Webex Meetings- Bringing speed and simplicity to video conferencing
Cisco Webex Meetings 39.8 – Bringing speed and simplicity to video conferencing

Webex Meetings 39.8 is one of our most significant updates this year. The key update in this version will make it faster, easier and more intuitive for users – both existing and new – to join a Webex video conferencing meeting. In addition, 39.8 brings a host of features that will help users get more done using the tools they love, and give administrators ways to make managing Webex even easier. Webex Meetings 39.8 enhancements include:

  • Fastest meeting join experience
  • Deeper integration with Slack
  • Set your own virtual background
  • Richer annotation on mobile
  • Advanced diagnostics

 Join Webex faster than ever

In version 39.8, we’ve made huge strides to make the join experience in Webex Meetings easier and faster than ever. It now takes fewer steps and just seconds to get into a meeting—for current and new users alike. The key changes include:

  • The big green button debuts in the meeting invitation, designed to attract your attention for the easiest join experience ever. The meeting template also has a new clean aesthetic and has the same look and feel no matter how you join.
  • The ability to select your audio and video preferences BEFORE you enter the meeting; preferences are saved to the desktop app, so it’s as few as one click the next time you join.
  • For first-time users, the installation process is simple and intuitive; you get the pre- and in-meeting experience within a single download for a rich, full-featured experience – and no admin rights are required.

We hope you enjoy this new and improved Webex Meetings join experience. Please try it out and share your feedback with us.

 Experience the complete Webex Meetings lifecycle within Slack

With enhancements we’re enabling in version 39.8 and a few others introduced in the last couple of Webex Meetings updates, we’ve now fully enabled the entire meeting life cycle within Slack channels. With deeper integration than any other meetings solution, Slack users can:

  • Schedule and see all of your Webex meetings
  • Start and join your Webex meetings
  • Connect your Outlook email calendarto your channel so you get reminders for upcoming meetings
  • Get Webex status alertswhen your meeting has started—and see who is in your meeting
  • If you recorded your meeting, you’ll automatically get a notificationand summary

So, you never have to leave Slack to have a great meeting experience with Webex.

Customize your background in iOS

This next 39.8 feature is one that has been high on our request list. By popular demand, you now have the ability to select a virtual background from two favorite stored backgrounds. This is helpful if you’re trying to cover up the beach or golf course where you’re taking your Webex meeting or if you’re trying to project a more professional environment. If you recall, we had a similar blurred background feature, which will continue to be supported. For now, this is only supported on iOS, but we are working to extend this feature to Android users and to the desktop app. 

Additionally, we are now supporting MacOS Catalina (version 10.15). Please note that in order to run Webex Meetings desktop app on Catalina, you must be on Webex Meetings 39.8.

Richer annotation on mobile

Update 39.8 now brings you rich annotation capabilities while video conferencing on your mobile device.Android users can now start a whiteboard session in Webex Meetings, which brings feature parity with iOS devices. In addition, both iOS and Android users have richer annotating capabilities, including the ability to:

  • Select and move annotations
  • Undo last annotation
  • Move annotation when sharing a whiteboard, content, or screen from your mobile device
  • Mute/unmute your audio while annotating

Advanced diagnostics for Webex Meetings in Control Hub

For administrators, greater insight into the environment of meeting participants can help with problem solving and resource allocation. Through Cisco Webex Control Hub, update 39.8 now gives clear visibility to:

  • How each participant in the meeting joined by video device (the make and model of the hardware) or microphone speaker and camera type
  • How they’re connected (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cellular)
  • Quality metrics, including resolution, bitrate, frame rate, packet loss, etc., updated every minute

With this rich insight through Control Hub, administrators have useful information at their fingertips to deliver better support and quality of service. With Webex Meetings and Control Hub, we are offering greater feature capability and granularity than any other vendor’s management system.

For more details about Webex Meetings version 39.8, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)– and click on “WBS39.8.”

If you haven’t already, try for free today.


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video conferencing update
Webex Meetings 39.7: Fine-tuning the user experience for greater ease and convenience

We’ve just released the latest update for Webex Meetings, version 39.7. And while you may think there’s nothing too earth-shattering here, we’ve actually done much to perfect the user experience so that your day-to-day meeting activities can be even more convenient and accessible.

Webex Meetings Version 39.7 brings you the following meeting enhancements:

  • Better video conference meeting experience on the web app, despite network conditions
  • New ways to pair and share with Webex devices
  • Easier and faster meeting join ability through the mobile app
  • Extending the Webex user experience to Slack
  • Expanding PSTN audio coverage and scale

Better video conference experience on the web app

Whenever you use a web app, your experience is dependent on the speed of your network. Since you can’t always control your network speed, Webex is working to help you have the best possible experience regardless of network conditions. The Webex Meetings Web App for Safari is now supporting multiple resolutions, which also brings feature parity with Firefox and Chrome. Video resolutions supported on Safari now include 720p, 360p, 180p and 90p connection. This will be supported on Safari v12 or higher.

New ways to pair and share with Webex devices

Have you ever shared content locally with a few colleagues in a huddle room, and then wanted to seamlessly transition the content to a video conference so others can see it? You’ve probably had to stop sharing, dial into the video conference and then re-share that same content. Well, you no longer have to take all those extra steps. The Webex Meetings mobile app now supports local pairing and sharing on a Webex device AND the ability to move that shared content into a scheduled meeting or personal room – without having to hang up, dial and re-share. For executives who have eschewed the heavy laptop for a mobile phone or tablet, this feature brings added convenience and a few less steps.

Not to be outdone, the Webex Meetings desktop app also has a cool new local pair and screen share capability on Webex devices. Sometimes, during an active video conference on a Webex device, a person late to the meeting walks in and needs to sharing his/her content. For this person, sharing content from the desktop app to a device in mid call wasn’t possible until now. You may think this is a corner use case, but I’m sure you will appreciate it the next time you walk in late to a meeting and need to present. It has happened to me … and apparently others as well, because this feature came about by special request from a few of our customers.

Webex devices also have a special place in Webex Meetings 39.7, which now allows more advanced co-creation between Webex Boards, and even DX80s, in the conference. With the latest update, multiple Webex Boards and DX80s in a Webex meeting (up to 200) will be able to whiteboard and annotate in the same session. Imagine how collaborative development teams around the globe can be with the ability to co-create across the miles and have everyone in the Webex conference be able to see it.

Easier, faster meeting join through the mobile app

If you’re a Type A personality or, at least for those really important meetings, you probably like to dial into a meeting at least a minute or two early because it’s going some time to get in. But with the latest enhancements to the mobile app, you can have most of that minute back and still get into the meeting on time. One reason for this is we’ve optimized the user experience so that you can bypass a few steps. First time users can skip the audio/video preview step, and return users can set their preferences so that they bypass the preview and go straight into the meeting. This reduces the number of steps and the time that it takes to get into a conference, so you can just about dial in right at the time the meeting starts and that miss a thing.

Meeting you where you work

On the integration front, we continue to focus on bringing the best meeting experience to you within the tools that you use every day. And with that, we will be adding new features to enhance your Webex experience in Slack over the next several updates. Today, we have basic support for Slack users, but a series of changes coming between now and November, will allow you to experience the full Webex Meetings life cycle completely within the Slack channel. Version 39.7 kicks off the first of these changes beginning with Webex Meetings notification support in Slack. Slack users will receive notifications posted in the conversation. You will receive notifications when a meeting starts and ends, or when a participant joins or leaves. This allows you to be fully informed of the status of your meeting without having to leave your Slack channel. There’s much more to come over the next several months, so please stay tuned.

Expanded PSTN audio coverage and scale

We’ve also implemented some major enhancements on our support for PSTN audio that will help you save money and increase scale. First, we’ve doubled our support for PSTN dial to 1000 participants, up from 500, to match the total number of participants supported on a Webex conference. This means all of your Webex Meetings participants could be PSTN dialers if needed. In addition, we’ve significantly expanded the countries where we offer PSTN audio dialing. More details can be found in a blog shared earlier this month. Both of these audio features mean that you can support more PSTN dialers from all around the globe with Webex Meetings.

For more details about Webex Meetings version 39.7, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)– and click on “WBS39.7.”


Start a free trial of Webex Meetings for free today!

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Video conferencing in the office
Cisco Webex Meetings Suite 39.6 – Moving video conferencing from distractions to delight

Often, software updates mean bringing the latest and greatest new experience to users. But sometimes it’s equally important to make existing experiences better, by removing distractions that can take away from your video conference experience. We’ve done just that with some of features in latest Webex Meetings Suite update – 39.6 – and also added some new, great features, too.

  • Delightful audio experiences
  • Web page enhancements: Modern View and People Insights
  • Enhanced integrations with the tools you use every day
  • Webex for CarPlay
  • New lockdown release: Webex Meetings 39.5

Delightful audio experiences

I know we’ve all been disrupted in a meeting when someone starts tapping their pen or typing loudly. In the old days (and sometimes still today), someone would have to ask the offenders to mute themselves. A little more than a year ago, Webex introduced a feature that proactively suggested to the typer/tapper that they should mute themselves – hopefully before anyone else had to it. With the latest 39.6 update, we’ve taken it one step further by automatically lowering the microphone volume if loud typing or tapping is detected – but only if that person is not speaking. Once the person starts to speak (or stops typing/tapping for more than two seconds), the microphone volume will increase back to normal[1]– and no one has to do any awkward shushing.

And we’ve all been annoyed by hearing someone’s voicemail pick up in the middle of a meeting because that person didn’t answer their call-back. This means the meeting has to pause until the voicemail recording finishes playing. The 39.6 update fixes that. A new, smart feature within Webex detects that the call hasn’t been picked up within a certain timeframe and prevents the call from entering the meeting before voicemail is launched. This avoids disruption to the meeting and unburdens the host from having to eject that voicemail from the meeting.

“Modern View” redesign for the Webex site

If you’ve been video conferencing with Webex for a while, you’ll appreciate the efforts we’ve put into modernizing “Classic View” on the Webex site. With “Modern View,” you now see a redesigned look and feel of the dashboard experience – with everything at your fingertips. A centralized search bar gives quick access to important items such as upcoming scheduled meetings, your colleagues’ personal room IDs, and recording playback. If you’re still on “Classic View,” please note that we are defaulting to Modern View for optimal experience.

We’ve also extended People Insights support to the Webex Web App, so you can easily get to know the people you’re meeting, no matter how you join.

Webex bot making integrations better

One of our guiding tenets is to make video conferencing with Webex easy to access within the tools you use every day. So, with the new Slack bot introduced in the 39.6 release, Slack users can now schedule a meeting using the command “/webexschedule,” and members in the channel will be automatically notified of the scheduled meeting[2]. You can also use the command “/webexschedule list” to view scheduled upcoming Webex meetings or meetings you are invited to, as well as listing upcoming meetings for today or tomorrow. You can join a meeting from the list when it’s time, and the host can start or cancel the meeting from within Slack.

In other integration news – now, directly within Microsoft Teams, the Webex Meetings bot will notify you via 1:1 chat when a meeting recording is available. This recording notification also works with Webex Meetings scheduled within the Cisco Webex Meetings tab in Microsoft Teams. A URL link is included along with password (if existing). To better understand how to configure the Webex Meetings tab in Microsoft Teams, please review this help article.

What’s more mobile than Webex in your car?

The 39.6 update now provides CarPlay support for iOS users with existing Siri voice commands. You’ll experience the Webex user interface on your dashboard, with mute/unmute/leave meetings capabilities using their CarPlay buttons[3].

Also, on iOS, your cameras will now automatically brighten when ambient light is too dim, so you can send well-lit video into Webex Meetings. Auto-brightness will default to ON for new installs.

New lockdown version: Webex Meetings Suite 39.5

If you’re on a lockdown version of Webex, you’ll be interested to know that we will be moving off Webex Meetings Suite 33.6 and onto version 39.5. We’ve made significant improvements since version 33.6, including richer integration between Webex Meetings and devices, high frame rate sharing, Proximity pairing for easy access, one-way whiteboarding with the Webex Board, and People Insights among other great features. We’re also now supportingup to 200 video endpoints dialing into Webex Events so you can deliver Events directly from your Webex videodevices. Please update to the new lockdown version, 39.5, soon so you can enjoy all the latest features that Webex has to offer. You can find more info on 39.5 on the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)– by clicking on “WBS39.5.”

For all the latest features of version 39.6, please visit the Webex Help Portal link above and click on “WBS39.6.”

[1]This feature applies when connected through the “Call using computer” audio option

[2]Personal Room Meetings and recurring meetings are not yet supported

[3]iOS 11+ iPhones only; SmartDeviceLink (SDL) needed to see in-meeting user interface  and use of CarPlay buttons.

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