Scott Edwards

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Scott Edwards is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing within the Cisco Webex marketing team, specifically overseeing marketing activities for Webex Meetings, Teams, and Devices.
Scott is an expert marketer with enterprise IT experience in both hardware and software product lines. His experience ranges from Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital-backed startups to large enterprise teams like HPE, Juniper Networks, and CA Technologies. He has led product marketing and business development around continuous delivery, testing, application performance management and DevOps offerings. He’s also led open source, cloud, SDN and community marketing efforts.
Scott received his MBA from Brigham Young University and currently resides just outside of Park City, Utah (even though he hasn’t skied in years). In his spare time, Scott acts as a jungle gym for his 5 kids ages 16-6 and 2 small dogs.

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