Online Meetings Enable Better Business Execution

For busy executives and managers tasked with overseeing business operations, in-person meetings can have many benefits, from strengthening customer relationships to increasing productivity.

But these types of meetings also have challenges. In a survey of company decision-makers with fewer than 250 employees, IDG Research Services found that 36 percent of respondents found slow decision-making was an issue in face-to-face meetings; another 44 percent cited achieving a work/life balance as another problem in regards to scheduling them.

With a more dispersed workforce and having to rise to the challenge of meeting employee demand for better collaboration methods, leaders are relying more on online meetings and videoconferencing solutions. But just how do these types of meetings enable more collaboration and efficiently foster better communication?

In a new data-rich infographic, IDG Research Services and Cisco WebEx invite you to take a closer look – and gain a deeper understanding – of how online meetings can enable business execution.

Cisco_Online Meetings Enable Business Execution_v2 copy

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What’s next in Collaboration

oculus-riftWe’re faced with a world where it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep up with advances in technology and where our brains hardly have the capacity to grasp what the world might look like even 10 or 20 years down the line. At Cisco’s Collaboration Group we naturally spend a lot of our time on what lies ahead – tackling both the giant technology leaps we need to make in the future as well as the incremental improvements we can make to dramatically impact people’s everyday work lives and productivity. In this post I will give a brief look into what we think are some of the challenges that lie ahead in the collaboration industry, along with a peek at some technologies that may help shape the future of teams and their work together.

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Interview with an Online Training Expert

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.39.12 PMAt one of the 439 holiday events we hosted at our home this year (yes, it was that year… I don’t even remember most of it) my globe-trotting brother-in-law and I discovered some common ground: online training with WebEx.

He’s a corporate training gray hair, the kind of guy who can map out a massive organization’s “talent journey” without breaking a sweat, and then deliver the soft skills needed to move folks along it so delightfully that they think they just watched a series of TED talks. What’s a “talent journey,” you ask? I asked too.

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Collaboration for Adhoc Workplaces

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.55.04 AMToday’s Workplace is becoming more and more distributed and agile. This trend is also changing the way we communicate. Adhoc and unscheduled discussions and decision making is replacing the traditional ways we worked. Some customer data indicates that as much as 60% of all collaboration and communication is now un-scheduled. With this shift, users need simple ways to meet to be able to get the work done.

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