Giorgio Mihaila

Giorgio Mihaila, VP and GM of Product, Webex Customer Experience

Giorgio Mihaila is the Vice President and General Manager of Product for Webex Customer Experience. In this role, he is responsible for developing and operating the Webex strategy portfolio for technology that enables businesses to provide exceptional, connected customer experiences. Giorgio has 20 years of experience in delivering world-class B2B and B2C products. He worked at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the Head of Global Communications for a cloud-based contact center service that powers millions of customer conversations with direct responsibility for developing and operating the most critical real-time customer technologies. This includes the world-class global telephony network that processes billions of service minutes annually for customers worldwide, universal streaming services for AI/ML sentiment analysis, and regional media services for thousands of agents.

Giorgio is no stranger to building successful teams and cloud services at scale. Before AWS, he worked at Five9, Verizon, and Avaya on customer service center applications, machine learning, and real-time communication applications using private and public cloud services with a similar track record. He takes particular interests in operating SaaS at scale, global media networks, technology innovation, and delivering extraordinary customer experiences. Some of his favorite early work experiences include customer service agent for companies like CompuServe and HP. Taking thousands of phone calls led to obsessing over customer problems, experiences and made developing lovable products core to his DNA.

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