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What’s new in Webex for Government: November 2021

Expanding inclusion in Webex for Government

Webex for Government has some valuable improvements in November. This month new features are added to make your events and meetings more inclusive. Events can now accommodate up to ten thousand attendees and can be translated into multiple languages. Meetings can also be translated simultaneously into any language.

Additional new features include scheduling updates to Webex software and preventing confidential information from ever being sent.

Simultaneous Interpretation for meetings and events

Webex for Government now has the capability for meeting and event attendees to hear interpreters in the language of their choice. Up to ten different languages can be simultaneously and immediately heard for each meeting. Attendees can switch to any language at any time through their desktop, mobile Webex App, or any Webex device. Even dial-in telephone attendees can choose their desired language.

Hosts can hire multiple interpreters to conduct translations during the meeting or event and provide a channel for their interpretation. The host can choose to have a practice session where interpreters set their volume and test the speaker audio. During the meeting the host can see that the interpreter’s channels are working, and which languages are assigned. Hosts can invite new interpreters and chat with each as needed. The meeting audio can be recorded so that every language is available for attendees to playback later. Reports are available showing which attendees listened to each language during the meeting.

Schedule updates to Webex App

Now administrators can control when updates to Webex for Government are performed. Software updates can be scheduled in Control Hub so that the updates are done at the best time, not interfering or changing during a blackout period or during an important project. Administrators schedule updates monthly or quarterly but can delay them during critical periods. This capability keeps users current and secure at the right time and assures that all users and devices are using the same version of Webex.

Eliminate data leakage with real-time DLP for messages and file transfers

Previously, messages and files that were mistakenly sent with confidential information had to be found, scanned, and deleted to protect the information. Now with real-time data loss prevention (DLP), files and messages are scanned for selected information before they are sent so nothing unwanted is sent to another party nor is it ever in the cloud. Real-time DLP agents block sensitive data at the source, such as financial data (credit card numbers), intellectual property (inventions) and personally identifiable information (PII) from being sent in a Webex space to unauthorized internal or external users, whether by accident or on purpose. Administrators select the type of information to detect and whether the whole file or just the sensitive information is blocked.

In addition to scanning communication for sensitive information, there are also a range of other file related controls. You can block file uploads based on parameters such as file type and file size. You can also block file sharing between specific groups, users, or domains to comply with your organization’s compliance needs and regulations.

With real-time DLP, both messages and files are blocked in real-time, and the destination user does not receive the sensitive data even – for a second. Both the users and IT admin also receive notifications and incidents are audited in the admin portal of Control Hub.

Webex for Government Events

A new event experience with cutting edge meeting technology, Webex for Government Events can scale to 10,000 attendees with high frame video and audio. Based on your needs, you can increase the number of event participants to 10,000, the number of telephone dial-in participants to 3,000 and the number of panelists to 500. Hosts and cohosts can manage attendee layouts, allow presenters, and provide content as needed.


Webex for Government gets work done with the highest security and best features for inclusivity of your workforce

Webex for Government provides the strongest security while maintaining and improving workers efficiency. The Webex platform is always updated with new capabilities to enhance your secure environment while providing features that make work more productive. Consult for more information.

Learn more about Webex for Government collaboration solution for U.S. Government agencies and government contractors or contact sales for more information at Cisco Webex | Contact Sales 

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New Webex for Government improves performance and reduces TCO

Expanding collaboration capabilities in Webex for Government

Webex for Government Receives FedRAMP Authorization

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