Jono Luk

VP of Product Management - Webex Contact Center and Admin, Security, Data & Shared Experiences

Jono Luk is Vice President of Product Management with Cisco Webex. This is Jono’s second tour of business with Webex! He currently runs several teams in the Webex business including: the Product Management (PM) group that delivers Webex’s Contact Center and Customer Engagement offerings, as well as the PM team focused on empowering customer administrators, Security & Compliance teams, and Cisco’s partners to deploy and manage Webex, and the PM team responsible for ensuring Webex’s solutions are available to customers across all countries/markets and government sectors. Prior to re-joining Cisco, he was VP of Product at Truveta - a Seattle healthcare technology startup seeking to Save Lives with Data. At Truveta, Jono’s team built the core product that enabled healthcare data to be brought together from many disparate healthcare systems and sources, then harmonized and anonymized for the purposes of advanced clinical research at a scale never seen before– all while protecting patient privacy.

Throughout his career, Jono has held a variety of technology and business roles – from Microsoft where he helped start the Office 365, SharePoint Online and the Azure Active Directory businesses, to his previous roles with Cisco where he built teams to tackle a wide range of healthcare, collaboration and business development and strategy problems.

Outside of work, Jono is on the executive board for Therapeutic Health Services, a Seattle-area non-profit that supports individuals and families manage mental health and substance abuse to help them lead healthy and productive lives in their communities. He is also on the Executive Council for iUrban Teen, a STEM+Arts education program that brings together underrepresented teens and young adults for career exploration and mentoring.

Jono was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He originally moved to Seattle for an internship with Microsoft in 2004 and has never left! Jono has always enjoyed the outdoors – spending time skiing in the winters and camping in the summer. His Netflix, Prime Video and Paramount+ subscriptions are well-exercised, but he can just as easily be found enjoying Seattle Opera or the Seattle Symphony.

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