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How web conferencing can be utilized for real-time online collaboration

You have no shortage of options for collaborating with colleagues and customers. From phone calls to instant messaging and screen sharing within a web conferencing solution, it’s never been easier to sync up with someone anytime and anywhere. 

But which collaboration tools should you really use? Not all of them tools equally effective. Read to learn why, and about what to look for in a worthwhile solution.

Traditional vs real-time collaboration, and why the distinction matters

To see the difference between ineffective and effective collaboration, think about traditional conference calls, which are tough to set up and participate in. Participants might need to enter a long PIN just to join, only to then face problems with audio quality and not have access to video either.

In contrast, web conferencing services allow for crisp, clear audio and video connections that support rich real-time collaboration. Here are four big ways web conferencing supports better real-time interactions than alternatives like conference calls:

1. Better support for mobile devices

It’s no secret that for many people, tablets and phones have supplanted PCs as their main devices, even in workplace contexts. An SMB Group survey found that 40% of small- and medium-sized businesses reported a decrease in the use of conventional collaboration apps (like email) on desktops due to the ongoing shift to mobile. 

These respondents also cited web conferencing as one of the main technologies they were likely to implement to accommodate new workstyles. Indeed, web conferencing software makes it easy to participate from any device with an internet connection. 

2. Reliable video conferencing

Video calling opens up new opportunities for productive collaboration. Participants in HD video conferences can evaluate body language, see visual aides, and converse as if they were actually face-to-face in the same room

In turn, that level of interactivity lets workers become more productive. A Forrester survey of SMBs revealed that two-thirds of them reported saving time on internal projects, thanks to the use of services for video and web conferencing within modern unified communications solutions.

Video-enabled web conferencing also helps remote workers feel like they’re on the same page. When Google surveyed 5,600 of its remote employees across four continents, it found that frequent video chats were one of the best ways for creating last connections between far-flung teams.

3. Streamlined webinars and presentations

Webinar attendance rates are often mediocre, in the neighborhood of 40% to 50% of those invited. There are many reasons people don’t show up to these online presentations, including problems reliably joining from any device.

The webinar might not display correctly on all screen sizes. There could also be issues stemming from needing to dial a number and then key in a lengthy access code, at which point a would-be attendee might just give up.

4. Rich screen and content sharing

Working in real time means getting things done in the moment, not in disconnected and less contextual interactions later on. Web conferencing supports real-time workflows through audio, video, and rich screen and content sharing. 

When someone hops on a web conference through Webex, they can easily share their entire screen or just a specific document or application. Android and iOS devices are also supported for maximum flexibility and convenience.

How Webex can help

In Webex, a conference can be joined by simply tapping a button when it’s time. Participants can share their screens, set up video, and enjoy clear audio for real-time collaboration.

Webex Meetings also makes webinars easier. One option is to simply set up the Call Me feature, which rings the entered number when it’s time for the webinar to start. Such streamlined web conferencing allows webinars to reach a wider audience and avoid technical complications.

Ready to learn more about how to get the most out of web conferencing? Sign up for a Webex Meetings free plan to get started.


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