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What if you had a personal assistant to help with online tasks? What if you never had to take notes again and could automatically assign out action items? Think about how much time you would save - and how much more productive and efficient you would be? The great news is that this is all very possible. The Webex Teams unified app is making work better than ever.
Work smarter and get more done with Webex in 2020

Start working smarter, not harder

It’s a New Year and many of us are thinking about what we can do differently to make 2020 amazing.  At the top of many people’s list is to exercise more, eat healthier, save money or try a new hobby.  But what about finding a new and better way to work?   
Let’s think about this for a moment. What if you could get more done in less time? What if you could work from anywhere and anytime? What if you had a personal assistant to help with online tasks?  What if you never had to take notes again and could automatically assign out action items?  Think about how much time you would save – and how much more productive and efficient you would be? 

Increase productivity with a consistent experience

The great news is that this is all very possible. The Webex Teams unified app is making work better than ever.

It brings together all of Cisco’s Collaboration capabilities delivered in a single, well-integrated solution that delivers a consistent experience across the workday. You will even be able to use the new Webex Assistant for Meetings option which takes advantage of voice intelligence and advanced speech recognition to turn talk into action. Sing a voice command – “Hey Webex, create an action item…”  The Webex Assistant will pick up on trigger words like task, note, agenda, summary, and more so great ideas and action items are never lost. Meeting attendees can view edit, highlight and share notes among the team to accelerate follow-up. Saving you time and enabling you to focus on the next big thing.

Webex Teams Unified App also integrates easily across all Cisco devices so, your collaboration experience is consistent.  You can start a meeting on the app in your car and then seamlessly move to your home office on the Cisco Webex Desk Pro screen.  Same meeting and same experience…  

According to a recent TechValidate survey of Cisco Webex Customers, “87% agree they would achieve efficiency gains from a unified app for their collaboration needs.”

Built for everyone, for every situation

Webex Teams is built for everyone, big and small. Everyone from our self-employed friends to small business owners can enjoy the benefits of having all their collaboration capabilities in one place.  For example, a professional accountant who is coming into tax season and wants to win new business can use Webex to call, meet and message with clients. Doing taxes online isn’t new but getting the same customer experience as walking into a tax office right from the comfort of your home, that is the kind of game changer Webex brings to you. No need to rush to a tax appointment, during rush hour traffic, after work, and you definitely don’t need to get an extension past April 15.  
With Webex, the accountant can deliver the same tax services while building customer loyalty and providing better flexibility for their customer.  With the video conferencing capability, they can even read the face of their customer when talking about difficult topics like money.  Knowing that tax information and money is a private topic, the tax consultant can rest assure that Webex solutions are built with security in mind to deliver a safe collaboration experience.  
If you’re still feeling energized about the New Year and want to make a real impact – try Webex Teams.  See how it can help you be more productive and efficient in 2020! 

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Getting more done in less time with Webex

How video conferencing enables cost-effective collaboration

Cisco’s Single Platform and Unified App Makes a More Human Approach to Transforming Your Workplace


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Introducing Webex Perks – your new rewards program

Have you heard of Webex Perks?

Cisco Webex recently launched a rewards program that allows our customers to access resources, network with other Webex users, and refer their network to Webex’s video conferencing and team collaboration tools.

We are excited to announce the program is live!

So, how does it work?

Using your Webex account credentials, log-in to the hub and get on-boarded quickly, learning the ins and outs of all the resources available to you. Best of all, Webex Perks is FREE – no additional setup or cost needed. You’ll find tutorials to help you get the most out of your video conference meetings, live training- including webinars and online classes, and fun challenges to help you rack up points and place in the Leaderboard. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can unlock*. And, you can earn BIG points ($20 prize value) when you refer others to Webex Meetings and Teams.

Rewards vary from Webex swag, to drones, to tablets, and even Webex devices. Are you ready to get started? Log in here.

Cisco Webex recently launched a rewards program that allows our customers to access resources, network with other Webex users, and refer their network to Webex’s video conferencing and team collaboration tools.

If you’re new to Webex, try our video conferencing solution free today!

Then use your credentials to log into Perks to start earning rewards!

* Disclaimer: Rewards are for paid Webex users. Free users can still earn points and participate, but won’t be eligible for rewards.

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MAHEC’s use case: Removing the friction from video conferencing meetings
Using a video conferencing tool to manage outside vendor communications
Secure, First-Party Recording Transcripts in Webex Meetings
How to incorporate good presentation skills into a screen sharing session

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thanks to the availability of communication and collaboration platforms, employees who want to take time away from the office don’t necessarily have to stop working.
How to increase remote employee productivity during the holiday season with Webex Teams

How to increase remote employee productivity during the holiday season

The holidays are here, which means a lot of people will be looking to work from home so they can spend more time with their families or visit relatives. The good news is, thanks to the availability of communication and collaboration platforms, such as Webex Teams,  employees who want to take time away from the office don’t necessarily have to stop working. Rather than deal with the annual rush of end-of-year PTO requests, companies can loosen up their work-from-home policies to let staff members get the best of both worlds, celebrating the holidays while staying on top of their job responsibilities.

With so many distractions and communication barriers to contend with, however, businesses should plan ahead to help encourage remote employees to be more productive during the holiday season. Taking these steps can get you started on the right foot and maintain smooth business operations through New Year’s and beyond.

Avoid micromanaging remote workers

A remote work arrangement can be a tough transition for employees and managers alike, as telecommuters have more autonomy and supervisors have less oversight. There can be a temptation to check in on staff members and co-workers (especially when collaborating on a shared assignment or project involving multiple stakeholders) several times a day to make sure they stay on track. Some businesses will go so far as screen- or mouse-tracking software on company-provided devices to keep tabs on remote workers.

These practices can be counter-productive, however, causing friction between employees and supervisors as well as between on-site and remote workers. There’s a reason to believe that micromanaging staff is ineffective. According to a recent Airtasker survey, 39% of remote workers who had their device screens or mouse movements tracked confessed to actively looking for ways to avoid working when that software was in effect.

Does that mean remote workers should be given complete autonomy in their work? Not necessarily. It’s always a good idea to check in once in a while on employees and co-workers who are telecommuting, even if it’s a temporary arrangement.

Staff members who are working from home during the holidays may not be accustomed to telecommuting and find it easier to get distracted than individuals who have had time to set up a routine and productive working environment in their home office. Long-time remote workers have the benefit of working out the kinks and figuring out what works for them. Temporary telecommuters don’t have that luxury. Stay in contact, but don’t micromanage. It’s a delicate balance.

Support workers on the go

Employees who work remotely during the holidays aren’t necessarily tethered to a desk in their home office. They could be traveling across the country to see relatives, getting out of the house and working in a local coffee shop, running last-minute errands or otherwise on the road.

Businesses can help employees on-the-go stay connected and productive when they’re away from the office by providing collaboration software that supports a variety of devices.

Someone flying to see their relatives for the holidays will probably have a lot of downtime waiting around in airports, for instance, and that’s the perfect time to catch up on work. Mobile-friendly communication platforms let employees set up virtual online meetings directly from their smartphones. They can schedule a quick check-in with co-workers and get progress updates on ongoing projects, staying in touch with staff members through crystal-clear, high-definition video.

Get more done in less time

Employees who work from home during the holidays are anxious to get their work done as quickly as possible so they can celebrate the season with their loved ones. Truthfully, in-office employees feel the exact same way, so business leaders should do what they can to streamline workflows and help staff members get more down in less time.

Webex Teams removes collaboration and communication obstacles, inefficiencies and redundancies that otherwise cause delays and prevent employees from working quickly. For instance, the People Insights feature compiles profile information for conference call attendees from publicly available sources. There’s no need to spend a lot of time on introductions or figuring out the roles of each stakeholder on a call because that information is made available before the meeting even begins.

Webex Teams also seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of third-party software platforms like Trello and Salesforce, so employees can do more work in a single interface. They don’t have to spend time on swivel-chair work that forces them to move between screens and applications because they can manage everything from one platform.

Employees who work remotely can be – and often are – just as productive as their in-office counterparts. We hope these ideas help you and your employees bring more success to your business this time of year.

Learn more about how Webex video conferencing and team collaboration software gives its users an entire suite of features to stay in direct contact with their co-workers and managers throughout the holiday season.

Get started with your free Webex plan today

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The Green Button: Webex Meetings Users Declare it a Winner for Web and Video Conferencing

Webex bridal shower: Bring remote teams together when it counts

Using a video conferencing tool to manage outside vendor communications

Working From Home – How Our Solution Enables the Remote Worker to Be a First Class Participant


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MAHEC is a company committed to improving healthcare through innovative health professions training and education. Their day-to-day involves facilitating training for their physicians and staff members.
MAHEC’s use case: Removing the friction from video conferencing meetings

Think about the biggest pain point at your job. Does it have anything to do with inefficiency? Or money wasted? What about customer care?

Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) dealt with many of these same issues. Based out of Ashville, NC, MAHEC is a company committed to improving healthcare through innovative health professions training and education. Their day-to-day involves facilitating training for their physicians and staff members. And accordingly, collaboration is essential for them to run their business. If something goes wrong with a training meeting, or members waste time trying to connect to a video conferencing call, the result isn’t just wasted time, it has a direct impact on patient care.

MAHEC made the choice to switch from Zoom to Webex Meetings and Teams because Webex provided the solution they needed to help them work smarter and more efficiently. For them, joining meetings is now frictionless, and Webex Teams allow their employees to talk more regularly, and edit/send any documents to each other throughout the week, not just in a meeting.

Join this webinar to gain insight and get advice from Chris Jury, Director of Operations and Adam Eberhardt, Audio Visual Systems Engineer at MAHEC. Hear straight from the source why they chose Webex, best practices they have for video conferencing meetings, and future collaboration plans for their company.

Join us:
Webinar: How Seamless Meetings Save Time and Improve Patient Care
Date: December 12, 2019
Time:10 am PST
Register here.

We hope to see you there. In the meantime, check out their video:

Interested in Webex Meetings for your business? Check out our free offer.

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Using a video conferencing tool to manage outside vendor communications
Secure, First-Party Recording Transcripts in Webex Meetings
How to incorporate good presentation skills into a screen sharing session




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Engaging a Distributed Workforce
Getting more done in less time with Webex

Engaging a Distributed Workforce

It’s become apparent that the world of work is changing. Our workforce is more global than ever, distributed, remote and driving the need for a new way of working.  In fact, a recent article* that I was reading highlighted while remote work is growing in popularity – it’s making us rethink how, the tools we use to work, how we communicate at work, and even the hours we work. 

Businesses of all sizes want to get more done

It’s a consistent theme that I’m hearing across our customers. Organizations big and small are thinking different about their workflows and employee engagement. Managers and individuals are looking for the best tools available in the market to help them get their job done. Whether it’s a company of 5 starting to build business, or a team within a large organization of 100,000 employees, teams depend on effective tools to get more done. Everyone wants to get more out of their day and every minute of their day; enterprise and small start-ups. The employee experience has become king across business.  

rganizations big and small are thinking different about their workflows and employee engagement.

Cisco Webex Teams offers a smart solution

Cisco has been listening and paying close attention to this workplace transformation. Over the past year, our team has brought together Cisco’s best collaboration technology with cognitive capabilities and layered on top of our unified platform to deliver a modern work experience regardless of customer size.   

Our recent launch of Webex Teams Unified App is a living example of how we are bringing a solution together for both mobile and desktop users. Knowledge workers can literally get their work done from anywhere and anytime via team collaboration tool, Cisco’s Webex Teams. From messaging to file sharing, whiteboarding, video conferencing or simply calling. There is also the People Insights feature which gives users information in advance about the people who they are meeting with.  Overall, the Webex Teams Unified App keeps work moving in one-place and enhances the employee experience.

Webex Teams is Perfect for on-the-go 24/7 access

Personalization and choice on the horizon  

In addition to unifying the experience and enabling mobility, Cisco is bringing personalization to users through our modular capabilities. Very soon, customers will have the option to configure Webex Teams for different type of users.  Maybe a smaller part of the organization only needs messaging vs. other groups that need the broader suite of functionality.  IT will be able to easily configure the Webex Teams to meet the needs of different workstyles among their organizations.  Cisco is simplifying the world of IT and helping them easily deploy and manage Webex Teams via a control option.

Easy integrations to keep work flowing 

Our Cisco collaboration solution doesn’t stop with Webex Teams, we also announced this week an exciting new partnership with Microsoft. Our goal is to enable customers to have open and seamless collaboration no matter what tools they are already using.  And Webex Teams is already integrating across other third-party apps such as Salesforce, Trello and Box – just to name a few.  
At the end of the day, we all want to get more work done and in less time. We also want to enjoy the benefits of work life balance. Webex Teams can bring new possibilities to the table and can help us achieve our goals. It’s not about just having great work tools – but it’s about getting the gift of time back and living smarter with Webex Teams. 

Learn more about The Single Platform Advantage for Workplace Transformation

Start with Webex for free today!


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October Update of team collaboration tool
October update of Webex Teams

Pop out chats and spaces (Windows and Mac)

We all love multi-tasking, and this feature will help us do exactly that. Now, you can pop out multiple chats and spaces into new Webex Teams windows. This allows you to focus on those important spaces and conversations without getting distracted by other unread spaces or notifications. This option will be available in the right click menu in your space list, as well as being a quick double click away!

Links! Get your links here! (Windows and Mac)

No more scrolling through chats and spaces in search of those important links or URLs. We’re saving everyone lots of time by collecting all links sent in a space and putting them into a dedicated place. You can find this fantastic new feature by going to your in-space menu (the three dots button menu on the top right or every space) and selecting ‘Links’.

Peek in a Space (Windows and Mac)

Catch up on those unreads later! This feature is for those situations where you see you have an unread message in a space but know you don’t have time to follow up on it yet. You will now be able to right click and select ‘peek in space’ to view the space without marking it as read or sending a read receipt. Performing any actions in the space will take you out of peek mode, as will opening the space as normal.

Out of sight, out of mind – Hide Spaces (Windows and Mac)

We all have those spaces that we no longer need to be part of, but don’t exactly want to leave them just yet either. This month, we are introducing ‘Hide Spaces’, a feature which will allow you to apply a filter to those spaces. This means you can remove a space from your main space list and into a dedicated filter ‘Hidden Spaces’ where you can find it again later if you need too. Doing this means you will no longer receive notifications from that space, allowing you to focus on the important things.

Link your Online Folders to a Space (Windows and Mac)

Webex Teams users now have the option to link existing Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint Online folders to spaces. This means we can quickly get to files that are important to your team. Depending on how your admin sets this up, all files shared in the space could be automatically uploaded to the linked folder. Or, you can choose whether to share in the space, or upload to the folder.

Jira Cloud Bot – now with Buttons & Cards (Windows and Mac)
Keep your projects running on schedule with the newly updated Jira Cloud bot for Webex Teams. Now supporting the Buttons & Cards framework, creating and updating Jira issues directly from Webex Teams using the Jira Cloud bot has never been easier. Add it to your Webex Teams and try it out today!

Trello Bot – now with Buttons & Cards (Windows and Mac)
Due date changed? Comment added? With real-time notifications from the Trello bot for Webex Teams, all members of the team can stay in the know. Now supporting the new Buttons & Cards framework, the updated Trello Bot easily allows you to update and create new Trello Cards and Lists directly from Webex Teams itself. Add it to your Webex Teams and try it out today!

Join Meetings Using your Cisco DX Series or your Desk Phone (Windows and Mac)

Is your DX or desk phone registered to Unified CM? You could already make calls using your personal device and now with this update, you can use it to join your meetings. Connect to your personal device and use it to connect to meetings. You can control the meeting from Webex Teams and share content into the meeting.

Share Your Screen While on a Call using Calling in Webex Teams – Webex Calling (Windows and Mac)

If your organization supports this calling integration, you can now share your screen when you call someone else with a Webex Teams account.

Organize your Spaces (Windows and Mac)

Now you have the option to choose how you view your spaces. You can keep spaces all in one list or you can add tabs to organize your spaces. The tabs allow you to view all your spaces, to see a list of spaces with just one person, or to view a list of spaces with groups of people. You’ll be able to easily switch between these views using a new preference in the Filters list.

Quick Access to Preferences (Windows and Mac)

We’re adding some appearance preferences to the Filters list. You can already show your favourite spaces on top and now we’re adding this preference to the Filters menu list. You can quickly switch to see your favourite spaces on top or not and select to separate chats and spaces.

Buttons and Cards (iOS and Android)
A few months ago, we introduced buttons and cards, a feature that makes it much easier for Webex Teams users to share complex information with bots and applications by using form-filling features like drop-down menus, radio buttons, and free from text fields. The response to Buttons and Cards has been overwhelmingly positive, however, the same question keeps getting asked: “Where are they on my mobile client?”

This update sees Buttons and Cards now rendering on both iOS and Andriod. If you are a developer who creates Webex Teams bots, take a look here: to see how you can enhance your bot for greater usability with this convenient feature. It now works on all Webex Teams clients!

Calling in Webex Teams – Unified CM (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

If your organization supports this calling integration, you can use Webex Teams with your work number. So, you can call co-workers within your organization using their phone numbers (or mobile numbers) wherever you can make calls in the app. Or, call other people outside of your organization directly using the phone keypad. People can call you at your work number, and you can answer while on the go.

Calling in Webex Teams – Webex Calling (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

We’re bringing our cloud calling features available in Webex Calling to Webex Teams. If your organization uses Webex Calling, you can use the Webex Teams mobile app for your basic calling needs. So, you can call co-workers within your organization using their work numbers (or mobile numbers) wherever you can make calls in the app. Plus, you can call other people outside of your organization directly using the phone keypad. People can call you at your work number, and you can answer while on the go.

Create, Annotate, and Share Whiteboards (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

We’re excited to bring these beloved whiteboarding features back to our mobile apps! You’ll be able to create, annotate, and share when you’re in a meeting or if you’re just sharing them in a space.

Show Previous Space Name when Space Name is changed (Windows and Mac)

Now when you rename a space, the previous space name appears in the note in the message area. This helps anyone in the space to see a history of the space name changes.

Support for Local Calendars (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

If your administrator enables Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service, you can view your local calendar on your mobile device to the calendar in Webex Teams.

Buttons and Cards (iPhone and Android)

We released support for buttons and cards on desktop a couple of months ago, and now we’re making it easier for you to interact with bots and integrations in Webex Teams for mobile too. When your bot sends information in a space that includes a card with buttons, you can now easily interact with it. For example, with a Jira bot, you can quickly create or update tickets right from Webex Teams.

Automatically Reduce Video Sizes when Sending Messages (Android)

We’re adding a setting to let you reduce the video sizes so you can limit your data usage when connected over your cellular service rather than Wi-Fi. (We released this for iPhone and iPad on July 31, 2019.

Try team collaboration tool, Webex Teams, today!

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here


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Calling co-workers with team collaboration tool
September update of Webex Teams

Calling in Webex Teams – Webex Calling (Windows and Mac)

Cloud calling features currently available in Webex Calling are coming to Webex Teams! That’s right, if your organization uses Webex Calling, you can now use your Webex Teams app for those basic calling needs. This means you can call teammates and colleagues within your organization by using their work or mobile phone numbers. You can also call people outside of your organisation directly just by using the phone keypad.

Find your Filters Faster! (Windows and Mac)

Filters just became a lot more accessible! Before this update, filters for your space list were found under the search box in the app. They have now been moved to a new position on the top right just above your space list and under the search box. This means that it will be that much easier to filter your spaces by unread, mentions, and so on.

Link your Online Folders to a Space (Windows and Mac)

Webex Teams users now have the option to link existing Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint Online folders to spaces. This means we can quickly get to files that are important to your team. Depending on how your admin sets this up, all files shared in the space could be automatically uploaded to the linked folder. Or, you can choose whether to share in the space, or upload to the folder.

A New Look for Webex Teams (Windows and Mac)

We are introducing a new default theme in Webex Teams. This theme makes the app easier to use as well as improving readability and helping us to expand inclusivity to all our users. If you want to choose from one of our other themes, you can find them all under Settings > Appearance (Windows) or Preferences > Appearance (Mac).

For more information on this check out this blog.

Cisco Headsets Support (Windows and Mac)

If you have a Cisco Headset 500 Series, you can now use it to handle your calls or join Webex Teams meetings. You can mute or unmute yourself directly from the headset during calls or meetings, as well as put yourself on hold while on a call.

No more interruptions – Unified CM (Windows and Mac)

With this update, you will no longer get interrupted by incoming call notifications in Webex Teams. This will come in handy if you’re on a call and sharing your screen. This will also work if you have set your status to ‘Do Not Disturb’.

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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Cisco Webex Control Hub
Fast track your adoption with Cisco Webex Control Hub

I’ve spent the last 15 years in the Webex Collaboration Customer Success organization as a student, constantly learning what excellence looks like. I’ve worked with hundreds (thousands?) of Webex customers guiding adoption and identifying patterns of success. I want one hundred percent of our customers to repeat these successes and be able to use our collaboration tools to do more than they ever imagined. Faster. With less friction. With more fun.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Like I might be about to sell you a sham-wow? Maybe just a little too good to be true?

I used to think adoption success was random. Some customers just seemed to knock it out of the park. Who knows why? They just didn’t have that many tech support cases. Somehow their users would just use the tools. Their utilization would sky rocket way faster than other customers. And then somehow, they were in the news for record revenue quarters, making a huge impact to their communities or for being included as one of the top places to work lists. I used to think they were just lucky, or their end users were just more open to trying new things. Fast forward a decade and I now know it’s about strategy. The smarter you work, the luckier you are.

And I want to help share there strategy with you. First step is putting a solid plan together with attention paid to seven specific areas: Business Objectives, Leadership, Technical Readiness, Use Cases, Communications, Champions, and Measurement. We wrote an ebook to help guide you through all of these steps to make you an Adoption Master. We have a the Webex Community to collaborate and share your wisdom with Adoption Practitioners from all over the globe.

The area I hear customers say they need more guidance on when deploying our technology is on the actual deployment of the technology. In Control Hub you can set up user management to be 100% controlled (which means it’s also manual and more time consuming) or completely automated (which means it’s instant, but not controlled by a human approving every request). Workflows can be integrated. Security, compliance, data retention, APIs, bots, and much more can be customized to meet whatever your business goals are. But sometimes too many choices without a clear path is overwhelming. And if all you get is a rigid set of required configurations, they most certainly will not take into account your specific goals, your company requirements, or what is right for you right now.

When I work with customers I spend a fair amount of time understanding their business objectives. Not their goals for Webex – the goals for their company. What will their business look like in six months if everything happens perfectly? I ask the same thing when I’m working with the IT folks who are setting up their user administration. If these teams are not looped into the goals and objectives, they are not given enough information to know what configurations will drive to these goals. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” – Lewis Carroll

Below is an example of how we used our own Adoption Methodology Pillars to ensure our project was a success:

Business Objectives

My team’s business objectives were to create a guide educate our org admins on all the capabilities Control Hub offers and then to help these teams configure their Webex experience to meet their needs today and easily evolve as those needs change.


We had strong leadership sponsorship that gave us the freedom to create the correct solutions, allow the right team members from across various business units to contribute and clear obstacles as needed.

Technical Readiness

We had an amazing technical readiness group who tested the flows, our recommendations, and put themselves in the shoes of our users.

Use Cases

Before we even started creating the documents or trying to come up with a solution, we created user personas by talking to customers, partners, and customer success members. Our team created use cases from these interviews and as a result we addressed our audience with a catered approach.


The document itself is a form of communication, but we are also blogging, holding classes, sharing this information with partners, customers, and anyone who will listen.


We have a strong champions network (that we built in part from our persona building) – but we’re making it even stronger by inviting you to participate:


And finally to measure the success of this project – we want to track how much more quickly we are able to help our admins move through their own Technical Readiness with this guidance.

My hope is we’ve created a resource that guides you to make the best decisions for your organization’s needs. Not one that dictates one path for all. I hope it’s juuuust right to give you the “why & how” to ensure your Control Hub configurations are set to enable long term frictionless administration and a rock solid (delightful) user experience.

We’re continually evolving this guide as Control Hub incorporates more and more ways to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s workflow. Our adoption team would love your feedback on this asset so we set up a survey in the book to make sure it keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to hear your feedback (and incorporate it!).

Join the conversation in the Webex Community

Take an online class and get even more of your questions answered!

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Workers using team collaboration tool
A new look “theme” for Webex Teams— Windows and Mac

In our upcoming Webex Teams September update, we’re making some changes to our choice of themes in the application. So what’s a Theme? Themes are a collection of defined visual templates which allows you to change the style of your desktop application.

We strive to continuously improve inclusive design of the application and as part of this journey we have updated the Default Theme to a Light Theme.

Our new default theme will make Webex Teams easier to use, improves readability, and will continue to expand our inclusivity to all our users.

For users impacted by these changes, you will see an iteration announcement once you log into the updated application.

The new iteration announcement current default theme users will see:

So, What Can you Expect?

If you’re using the Light Mode Theme today, while there will be no visual change to the user, you’ll notice that this Light Mode theme will automatically become the default theme of the application.

If you’re using the current Default Theme today, your application will transition over to the Light Mode theme and with this you will see the 2nd column getting a fresh update, and a new grey background.

This view will now become the default theme for all users.

For users in the Dark Mode theme or using High Contrast mode today, you’ll see no change to the appearance of the application as these themes will remain unchanged.

Choose Your Theme

The new Themes options available from September.

As always, you’ll still be able to choose from other themes under Settings > Appearance (on Windows) or Preferences > Appearance (on Mac), if you’d like to switch.

Let us know if you have any questions and if interested, try Teams for free today.

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team collaboration
June update of team collaboration tool, Webex Teams

Sit back and enjoy the ride with our Webex Teams June update. There is so much happening this month within our team collaboration tool…

Threading – chat within a chat!

It’s here! With our June update comes the highly anticipated Threading feature. We understand that sometimes context can be lost within a space with a lot of participants, especially if the message relevant to you was sent hours ago. Now, it will be possible to reply directly to someone’s message, no matter where or when it was sent in a space.

Replies in threaded messages are composed similarly to normal messages, you can include rich text formatting, emojis, and GIFs. These replies are written in an overlay which appears when you click ‘reply to thread’.  Take a look at what’s coming below:

 Unified Communications Manager in Webex Teams

In March of this year, we saw some Unified CM features appear in Webex Teams in preview-only. This month, the integration is complete, and Cisco Unified Communication Manager native Webex Teams registration will be made available to all, allowing you to seamlessly re-use your existing infrastructure to link your Webex Teams to your work phone. This means you will be able to use Webex Teams to call people inside or outside of the organization using their phone (or mobile) numbers.

Numbers can be input directly into the desktop app using the keypad. This means you can put calls on hold, merge, or transfer calls without needing to leave the app.

Now, your team can use Teams to order that Friday pizza!

 Cognitive Collaboration is here!

We are all very excited to announce the release of People Insights in Webex Teams. People Insights allows you to see relevant and useful information about people before you meet them. Without leaving Webex Teams, you can get an insight into who this person is professionally, where they are based, and much more. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to collaborate more effectively when you meet someone for the very first time, thus allowing you to builda better relationship right from the beginning.

To access People Insights in Webex Teams, you hover over some’s avatar or name to bring up their contact card. The contact card will have an extra option now, right next to ‘Message’ and ‘Call’, which will allow to you view a user’s ‘People Insights Profile’.

People Insights only displays publicly available information in these profiles, similar to what can be found with a quick search engine result for a person’s name. If you’re meeting someone from your own company for the first time, you’ll get lots of additional information like their title, contact info and reporting structure.

See Your Favorites First

Get to those important spaces faster! We’ve split out our space list view to place your ‘Favorite’ spaces at the top of the list, while the others will appear below. This will allow you to see at a glance if there are any unread messages in these favorite spaces. Please note that this feature is off by default and can be enabled through your app settings!

Introducing On-Premise Webex Devices

‘On-Premises’ and ‘Cloud’ are confusing words which we hear thrown around way too often nowadays. Why does it matter if my device is On-Prem/Cloud? I just want to join the meeting on the big screen! Now, we’ve made it easier for you do just that, without having to worry about how everything is connected.

We’ve been able to use cloud-registered Webex devices along with Webex Teams, and now you can automatically connect to on-prem Webex Devices in the same way, using the same Wi-Fi network.

Connect, wirelessly share content, and use the device to join meetings quickly and seamlessly. You can share content and control the device microphone during the meeting.

To see info about how to set this up in your organisation, see Allow Users to Connect to On-Prem Devices.

 Emoji Support on Windows 7

It’s time to turn that frown upside-down 😊. Our Windows 7 app now has access to a new emoji library allowing those users to have a similar great messaging experience to our Mac and Windows 10 users.

Even Smarter Presence

If someone’s status shows as inactive in Webex Teams, it is possible they could still be at their computer, just not in the application itself. With this improvement to presence, users will be active in the application as long as they are active on their computer. We’ve also brought some additional fields to our DND status menu allowing you to be more specific as to how much quiet time you need.

We’ve Redesigned our Mobile App

Our teams have been working hard on redesigning out iPhone, iPad and Android apps, so that they share a common code with our desktop apps. What this means is that we will be able to:

  • Release more features for both desktop and mobile at the same time
  • Create mobile-specific features that let us take advantage of the power of the platform!

You’ll be able to see a lot of these benefits already with some of the new features being released this month, such as threaded messages and appearance themes.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

With Microsoft’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) you can gain greater visibility and control across user and admin activities, as well as files in Cisco WebEx Teams. This feature is now in Public Beta.

It enables you to create policies to identify sensitive files and risky activities, so that you get alerted when policies are violated, and automatically apply controls and actions, such as deleting messages that contain sensitive files. These CASB capabilities can be implemented via an API connector.

Analytics and Diagnostics improvements

We’ve added support for Webex Share devices in the Device utilization page and also utilization tracking for the new Digital Signage capability.

For IT Administrators in charge of troubleshooting Webex meetings, now, you can search for these meetings based on Participant email as well as previously supported Host email, Meeting ID and Conference ID.

team collaboration

Check out Webex Teams for free:

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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The webexperience of Cisco Live US
The webexperience of Cisco Live US

Over the past week, all the collaboration tech blogs and social media feeds that cover Cisco have been loaded with updates and perspectives on the various keynotes and product announcements at Cisco Live US 2019. With over 30,000 customers, partners, (and surely some interested competitors!), there was A LOT going on in sunny San Diego. One area that was loaded with activity was the Webexperience Theater – home of the Lightning Talks that were given by various Cisco Collaboration executives and SME’s covering a wide array of topics. Across four days there were 35 Lightning Talks and 7 Executive Talks. To give you a little taste of what we talked about, here are some sound bites from those talk.

Selected Sound Bites from CLUS Lightning Talks

  1. On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Calling Evolution…  Wade Hamblin (Director, Product Management): “I want to introduce to you today to the new Cisco Webex Collaboration Cloud.  It’s all about how to deliver your calling, your meetings, your team collaboration, and your contact center solutions across award winning devices with enterprise grade security, open & intelligent platforms to build and deploy on, hybrid and cloud architecture that gives you the flexibility and agility to do what you want.”
  2. The New Webex Calling  Sonali Karnik (Senior Manager, Cloud Calling Product Marketing): “Webex Calling is the integration of the Broadsoft acquisition of cloud calling into the Cisco Webex platform.  So this is bringing together the best of cloud calling with the power of the Cisco Webex platform.”
  3. The Power of the Platform…  Jono Luk (Director, Product Management): “If you look at where Webex is going, we’re helping with education, we’re helping with healthcare, we’re helping with verticals where you have to be able to rely on your platform.  That’s the first and most important quality of the collaboration platform.”
  4. Jabber & Teams Working Together…  Shane Long (Technical Marketing Engineer): “What is Jabber Team Messaging Mode?  It’s a relatively new deployment model of Cisco Jabber where it’s a hybrid approach where you can deploy your Jabber client as per usual with UC Manager.  So you’ve got your rich calling feature set from soft phone, desk phone, multi-line, some contact center features, VDI, etc.  however with Jabber Team Messaging mode we’re taking advantage of the power of the Webex Teams Platform.”
  5. Adopting Webex in EducationSuzanne Phillips (Collaboration Adoption Manager): “As I’ve been talking to teachers, the number one most thing they’re excited about is figuring out how do we allow students to collaborate with each other and give them the tools so that even when they’re in classroom times they’re able to work together and pick off each other’s brains or when they’re at home the learning doesn’t have to stop and they can work on things like group projects outside the classroom. Other things people are excited about Webex is when you can have remote virtual experts join your classroom.”
  6. Webex + Meraki…Jing Zhang (Senior Product Manager of Cloud Calling): “We’ll be building bridges between applications: Jabber, Teams, Meetings.  Bridges between the platforms: Webex Meetings, Calling, and also our on prem and cloud altogether as a hybrid.  And we are also building bridges with Cisco Collaboration and other SaaS services:  Microsoft, Google, and Apple.  Today we are going to talk about another bridge.  Another different type of bridge that is bridging the network (Meraki) with collaboration.”
  7. People Insights… Maureen Vild (Technical Marketing Engineer): “What is People Insights? An AI-driven platform, a massive ingestion engine, this huge database.  This engine is constantly pulling information from the web – public information, on people and companies.  We’re starting with Meetings but eventually it’s going to be across our entire collaboration portfolio.  We’re taking that information, we gather it, we parse in, we attach it to a person, and we put it in Meetings in the form of a contact card.  This is going to transform the way you relate to people in meetings.
  8. Intelligent Video Devices…Scott Edwards (Senior Director, Product Marketing for Webex Meetings, Teams, & Devices): “We want to make that technology become invisible to the end users.  We don’t want you to learn the technology. We just want you to have a natural way and a seamless way to have a meeting experience.  And that’s our goal – to make technology to become invisible.”
  9. Jabber VDI…Bryan Morris (Jabber Product Manager): “So basically what we’re trying to do here is bring the capabilities for a VDI user, or a virtualized user, up so they have a comparable feature set (Presence & Instant Messaging, Desk Phone Control, Softphone, Video) to the full desktop users in your organization.”
  10. Webex Edge…Ken Snyder (Business Development Manager Cisco Webex Worldwide Go-to-Market): “[Webex Edge] is one of the most impactful products in the history of Webex.  This enables us to bring our rich heritage, our powerful Cisco networking best-in-breed solutions and combine that with our Webex platform and deliver that to our customer in a seamless connected experience so they have this true hybrid meeting experience that’s going to optimize their costs as well as drive the best, meaningful meeting experience.”
  11. Evolution of the Unified Client Experience…Lorrissa Horton (VP & GM Webex Teams, Jabber, & Intelligence): “Both [Jabber and Webex Teams] are unified clients in their own right.  They do calling, messaging, meetings, one on-prem, one in the cloud.  What we’ve been doing over the last year is really consolidating all of these capabilities into a single platform to minimize the user experience changes and really the overall change cost to you as an administrator and you as a manager training your employees just to get their work done.  So, we’ve taken the overall user experience, the look and feel, and have really made it common across Jabber and Webex Teams so it doesn’t matter if you’re an on-prem architecture or a cloud architecture, your experience is the same.”

How do you summarize a week’s worth of non-stop content and announcements and messaging across our full list into an 800-word blog?  You can’t!  But hopefully these little teaser sound bites will whet your appetite to learn more! Full videos can be found on the Cisco Collaboration Facebook page.

Experience Cisco Collaboration for yourself and give Webex Meetings or Webex Teams a try for free:

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team collaboration tool integration
Team collaboration tool tightly integrates with Microsoft Office 365

Early this year, you may have read how to share, save, or edit the latest OneDrive and SharePoint Online files from Webex Teams. With this, there is no more versioning trouble and no need to leave your favorite app for a meeting, messaging, or whiteboarding. 

And now, with Office 365, Webex Teams evolves your collaborative experience in another context.  

You now have the ability  continue your Webex Teams conversations within the Office application of your choice including Powerpoint, Word, Excel. This functionality is brought to you by the new Webex Teams add-in for Office 365.  

You may have seen and enjoyed it at Cisco Live San Diego, but if not, here’s a glimpse: 

 So, when should you use the add-in?

These are a few of our recommendations/real life scenarios on the best uses of this add-in:

  • When you’re so “in the zone” or extremely focused in the Microsoft Office application that you don’t notice what’s happening around you
  • At times you want to reference messages from Webex Teams
  • When you want to send a quick clarifying question to a teammate 

We are committed to eliminating app switching. 

And there are messaging capabilities: 

To get the info you need to finalize your Office document, you may chat with teammates over Webex Teams in different ways: 

  • Search for an existing space with them 
  • Create a new space dedicated to the Office file work and add participants 

The beauty of this experience is demonstrated at the next opening of that Office file. The same persistent space will be opened magically so that users won’t have to search again for the most contributing teammates. 

 You can open or close this handy add-in at any time, allowing you to see what you need, when you need. Any messages sent or received via the add-in will be consistent in your Webex Teams application. 

And we are not stopping there. Stay tuned for continued updates and as always, let your imagination go- keep asking us for more! 

Free to use:

To enjoy this experience, all you need is both an Office365 and a Webex Teams account.  

If you don’t have a Webex Teams account yet, no worries we got you covered with our free trial.  

If you have a Webex Teams account already, get the Add-in and enjoy it.  

If you want to learn more, you can do so here. 

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luma health video conferencing
Up-leveling patient care with team collaboration technology

In healthcare today, patients are demanding easier and faster access to the care they seek. But current statistics show that when a patient schedules an appointment, the wait time is up to 3+ weeks. This, and other factors result in missed appointments with a cancellation rate at 15-30% in the outpatient setting1.

With this many cancellations, many healthcare providers miss opportunities to fill schedules with other patients who may be available or have an appointment booked further out.

Enter Luma Health. And enter team collaboration tool.

Connecting Patients to their Health Systems

Luma Health is  a company founded to connect patients with their healthcare providers in an easy, mobile-friendly way. The Luma Health Patient Engagement platform gives healthcare systems and providers a solution to interact with their patients along their entire care journey from when they call to schedule an appointment to after appointment follow-ups and reminders about health tips and follow-up care.

Recently, Luma Health has created a telehealth bot integrated with Cisco Webex Teams, Cisco’s team collaboration tool. Webex Teams ensures secure work spaces where people/teams can work, message, file share, white board, and host video conferencing calls.

For Luma Health, this integration means they can set up private “room” within Webex Teams so that doctors can video conference their patients and assess them as they would if they were sitting in the doctor’s office. Additionally, Webex Teams is embedded inside the portal, so doctor’s don’t have to navigate between their Luma Health platform and the Webex Teams application.

Let’s talk about that more…

This Luma Health bot/Webex Teams integration comes most into play in a couple scenarios:

  • When a patient who is eligible to meet via telehealth (determined by their appointment type/existing diagnosis), pre-schedules an appointment.
  • When factors get in the way of a patient making it to a healthcare center (i.e. lack of transportation to get to the appointment-helping reach underserved communities who may not otherwise have good access to health care).

For the patient, the telehealth meeting is easy and painless. The meeting is initiated from the provider while a meeting link is sent to the patient as a text message. No downloads are needed from the patient’s side. Once the meeting is completed, the room is deleted and the recording is exported and stored in the patient records.

Benefits from the integration

Benefits are seen for both the providers and the patients. Not only are healthcare providers able to see more patients, patients that may cancel in-person appointments due to time constraints/lack of transportation can meet with their doctors/providers over Webex Teams video calling. This increases revenue for providers and flexibility for patients, while still maintaining a personal patient/doctor relationship.

If interested in learning more about Luma Health, check out their page here.

Explore ways you can use Webex Teams in your business and start a 30 day free trial: here.


1:Source: Physician Appointment Wait Times and Medicaid and Medicare Acceptance Rates, Merritt Hawkins, 2014; Harmony Healthcare IT, 2014; How Patients Want to Communicate with Their Physician, 2014.

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partners at Cisco Live
Know before you go: The Webex ecosystem at Cisco Live 2019

Cisco Live US is upon us and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be in San Diego next week! This is the perfect opportunity for our Cisco Collaboration customers and partners to have first hand conversations and demonstrations from our innovative integration partners in the World of Solutions. So I thought it would be useful to highlight a few of our prominent Webex Ecosystem partners so you can know what to expect before you arrive.

You’ll see that these companies add value to the entire Webex portfolio whether it is Meetings, Teams or Devices. Plus several of the vendors have cross portfolio/architecture value whether that be to our Unified Communications, IP Phones, Jabber or even Meraki offerings. Another common trait you’ll see is that several of these solutions are available on the Cisco Global Price List. Plus, a few of them even offer you a way to schedule time with their teams in advance online like Appspace and Vyopta!

Directly next to the Webexperience Zone where the Cisco team will be showcasing all of our awesome products and latest features, you’ll find our Collaboration Partner Village where many of these partners can be found. Here’s a sneak peek of what that area will look like and one piece of advice- definitely do not miss out on seeing Oblong’s unique footprint and demo at the center of the Village.

In the village we will have a full lineup of speakers throughout the week in our theater. Make sure to keep an eye on all of the presentations scheduled and attend any that you feel may be able to help you get the most out of your Webex environment. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Building the foundation for the future of education - Video Conferencing -1
Building the foundation for the future of education

I’ve been a teacher for twenty-seven years, covering everything from common and higher education, to courses for faculty members and corporate trainers. I live and work out of the small town of Howe, OK and love the ability to bring new opportunities to my students. Right now, I’m teaching online classes our regional college throughout the year as well as music classes at the local high school. With the help of Cisco Webex video conferencing, I’ve been able to expand on-going learning opportunities for my local and online students, as well as other teachers across the world. Webex is an amazing conduit for learning that isn’t limited to any specific grade, age or station in life. Here’s how it works…

Setting the stage

Learning happens ‘round the clock, but it’s often hard to schedule opportunities to work with individuals outside of the set class time. It is quite honestly one of the most difficult tasks in my teaching. Available times vary wildly from week to week, and between my schedule and those of my students (both online and in the classroom), their parents, and open facility availability, “get-togethers” are difficult to coordinate. Gone are the days of putting up a piece of paper sign-up sheet outside my office door.

How Cisco Webex Education Connector Works

I need to use a tool where both I and my students already “live.”  The tool that all my classes have in common is the learning management system. This system is where my assignment due dates, grades and quizzes already live. And now, thanks to the Cisco Webex Education Connector,  it’s also how I schedule my office hours at the college, as well as my parent and teacher conferences at the high school. The Cisco Webex Education Connector plugs directly into my course and provides a straightforward way to choose a time, determine a window of “buffer” or “break” between meetings, and give each of my students a unique meeting location, whether on or off campus.

Office hours and parent/teacher conferences aren’t the only use cases. As an educator, I can customize the Webex Education Connector to operate based on my workflow and preferences. From group classroom collaboration, to video conferencing meetings, to office hours, it’s the same process.

Additionally, class rosters are synchronized with the Webex cloud. There’s no worry about who can access what, the connector takes care of all of that.  This means that I can communicate with my students or their parents, share files, and automatically distribute reminders to join classes. As a teacher, I can chat with individual learners or groups, and I can also start a live video call with them whenever they need help. It’s so easy! There’s no external place I need to go to. It’s all within the learning management system. The collaboration tool is organically tied to where the class materials exist.

In just a few clicks, I can schedule all my classes for the school year. I can even delete sessions if I know there are holidays or other events happening. Creating everythingonce, via a single interface, keeps it simple. I can choose to record any or all of my class meetings, and every recording is automatically linked inside the LMS with an encrypted password. As a teacher, I have unlimited recording storage. That means I’ll never run out of “space” in the middle of class. When scheduling a live class, I can set up multiple different hosts or team teachers so my they ca start the session for me.

If you’re considering this workflow, Cisco has created a thorough step-by-step guide that helps the adoption of Webex in your educational environment. It includes promotional tools, lesson plans, and specific tips for teachers, students, and admins! There is no cost for this guide and I encourage you to check it out here.

To join the conversation, check out our Webex Teams space to experience and participate in our live discussion from the webinar. While there, you can also connect with other educators and subject matter experts!

Next Steps

Re-watch our latest webinar session and see more pre-recorded quick classes below!


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team collaboration
May update of team collaboration tool, Webex Teams

From industry leading data centers, all the way down to protocol handlers, the Webex Teams product team have been busy again during May…

Context for your Contacts

Starting this month, you’ll have the opportunity to get more context for your contacts when you visit a Contact Card in our team collaboration tool. With additional fields on the contact card you’ll now see manager name, department name, and role title, along with email address and contact number. So, you’ll no longer have trouble figuring out if it’s John Smith from Marketing or John Smith from Finance reaching out to you!

Bring People Together

In the past if you wanted to add more than one person to an existing space, you had to add new contacts one at a time. This was slow and tedious, so we fixed it! Now you can add up to 50 people to a space at any one time, so no excuses for getting people together to get your job done. Just search for your contacts, select each contact to stage them and add them to the space. Pretty simple right?!

Launch Webex Teams from anywhere

There’s a really nice new feature in our May release which delivers support for Webex Teams protocol handlers. This will allow you to embed a link or picture into a webpage (Think of your company directory) or as a signature on your email which when clicked will cross launch Webex Teams and bring you to a 1:1 or Team Space. We’re also delivering support to initiate a Webex Teams meeting through an additional protocol handler. Both great ways to allow you to collaborate quicker with your team.

Check out all details.

Create the next infinite masterpiece

With Infinite Whiteboard, we’re bringing the ability into the Webex Teams app so that as you whiteboard and move toward the edge of the screen you’ll get even more canvas to work with. Hey, why not use our Infinite Whiteboard to create the next masterpiece!

With Whiteboards, we’re also adding the option to share a new whiteboard into a meeting with your colleagues allowing you to get collaboration started faster and we’ve moved your annotations into the same location as whiteboards.

New data centers

As an industry first, we at Webex Teams are delighted to announce the launch of new data centers in Europe to host customers’ identity information and encryption keys which addresses data locality needs without compromising the global collaboration needs of our customers. These data centers augment the existing data centers in North America, which currently host and serve all our Webex Teams customers.

Users can continue to collaborate (message, meet, call) with anyone across the globe using a single, global identity so your experience is unaffected by the location of individuals’ data storage.

Check out more details on Data Locality here :

Lots happening as usual at Webex Team but there’s even more happening, check out the full list at What’s New page

Try Webex Teams for free.

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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Video conferencing in the classroom
Howe Public Schools uses video conferencing to create more opportunities for its students

Dr. Lance Ford and his wife, Carol Ann, live in the quaint town of Howe, OK, home to a dozen streets, 800 people, and zero stoplights. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in innovation, especially at Howe Public Schools.

Dr. and Mrs. Ford first met and fell in love while teaching together. Their shared passion for education and desire to walk alongside and push their students to their highest potential bonded them then and continues to bond them today. Now married for 26 years, Lance’s office and Carol Ann’s classroom share a door at Howe Schools. They even teach a music class together. But teaching at Howe is not Lance’s only job… he also works full time as a Cisco employee.

His journey to Cisco came from presenting on technologies in classrooms to writing a curriculum that trained teachers—the actual users of the technology—how to fully utilize the resources they had at their fingertips. In a single day, he can be on the phone with a school in Switzerland educating on the possibilities of collaboration technology, on a Webex Board, video conferencing with teachers in Hawaii, training them on how to use the technology, and between, walk into the room next door and use the technology to teach music theory to his students. Over the past five years, he has helped bring Cisco collaboration technology into the classrooms in Howe.

Bringing video conferencing into the classroom

 Howe Co schools serve 650 students and in the past five years, have invested in Cisco technology, including Cisco Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, IP phones and Webex Boards. So, why have they done this? Ford states, “the goal is to give students opportunities to learn that would otherwise not be available to them.”

This looks like:

  • Video conferencing with subject matter experts who give new and exciting lessons to students
  • Working on collaborative projects, using Webex Teams to meet, discuss, and whiteboard out solutions together
  • Virtual field trips: Howe, OK connected with people at the Great Barrier Reef and Columbus Zoo (trips the students would never have been able to take due to distance)
  • Enrollment in college classes: High school students use Webex Meetings to video conference into classes at the local college (last year’s valedictorian graduated high school one class shy of an Associate’s degree).

It doesn’t stop there—they continue to look for creative ways to reach learners into the future. They hope to start using technology to offer professional learning opportunities as well.

Outside the classroom: Breaking communication barriers through team collaboration 

It’s not just the teachers and students using this technology. It’s in the hands of the building principals, counselors, security officers, and maintenance. Outside of the classroom, the technology is being fully utilized to enhance communication between everyone in the community. Buses have routers for GPS positioning and access to Teams. The school always knows where the bus is, who is on the bus, and can even notify parents when buses are getting close. In addition, security officers can send emergency notifications to administration, enhancing the safety at the school. Technology has the ability to change the culture of a school and the way it does business.

But regardless of the vertical, every person and company has a chance to teach and to learn. That’s essentially the core of collaboration.

How will you choose to teach and learn today?

Dr. Lance Ford will be joining our webinar on May 30th, discussing the rise of collaboration tools and how to augment them for parent-teacher conferences and office hours for students. The focus will be on how teachers and administrators can transparently open lines of communication between the school and parents/students through collaboration technology. AND use the technology as a conduit to identify and overcome challenges so students have the best opportunity to learn inside the education environment. You won’t want to miss it. Register here.

For more information about Howe Public Schools, visit:

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Creative team using team collaboration tools at work
April update of Webex Teams: Team collaboration enriched

April has been another busy month for the Webex Teams Product team with a number of new features designed to improve your efficiency and empower your team collaboration experience.

Presents for you… in the form of Presence!

The Webex Teams application currently has the ability to display ‘Out of Office’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Active’ presence states, but we’re delighted to announce new Presence support coming with the April release. Now, on your Desktop and Web apps, you’ll be able to quickly see when your colleagues are ‘On a Call’, ‘In a Meeting’, or ‘Presenting’ for better insight into their availability.  This feature is a timesaver, showing if the person you want to reach is  busy or free to take a call from you/answer a message. These presence states will appear over your colleagues avatars, including on the Contact Card.

Webex Teams team collaboration
New Presence States in Webex Teams

Share Files Faster!

I share files every day in my team collaboration room in order to get work done. In April, we’re adding the ability to drag and drop files from the desktop onto the ‘People and Spaces’ list, allowing you send files where you want them to go even faster. Once a file has been dragged and dropped onto a space bricklet, you’ll see the file staged in the compose area allowing you to add some words for context. Simple!

Screen Share – Anytime

Previously, if you wanted to ‘Share your Screen’ in the Webex Teams app you would have needed to be ‘On a Call’ or ‘In a Meeting’. In this release, you’ll be able to start your Share Screen feature at any stage. So, even when you’re messaging a colleague, free feel to kick off a Screen Share to enhance your team collaboration experience. Look out for the new Share Screen activity in your 1:1 spaces.

Screen Share and Re-share

Now with our April release you can quickly change which application or screen you’re sharing, while sharing. No need to stop and restart screen sharing to change application or screen! We’ve supported this on a Mac for a while but we thought we’d let our Windows friends enjoy the feature too! Look out for the new button  at the top of the screen while sharing when you’re ready to switch up share!

Messaging Insight for IT Admins

We’ve improved the Messaging Analytics page in Control Hub to provide richer insight on Webex Teams usage for IT Admins.  We’ve added key KPIs to the top of the page and two new charts highly requested by customers:  1) Total ‘Message Sent’ trending chart over time to complement the existing Active User chart trending and  2) Mobile vs Desktop usage chart showing how Webex Teams is helping users collaborate while mobile.

Messaging Insight dashboard for IT Admins

Diagnostics End Meeting Reason Codes

For the IT Administrator in your lives, we’ve added End Meeting Reason Codes to the Diagnostics Participant details page.  Hey, so why is this important and how will it be used?   IT Admins take phone calls from end users about meeting experience issues.  Often times the host of a meeting will leave the meeting early, not realizing that when they leave the meeting (without assigning an alternate host), the meeting will end.  The End Meeting Reason code tells the IT Admin that the meeting ended because the ‘Host Hung Up’ which helps IT Admins to weed out the real issues from the user issues quickly.

These new features are sure to excite, but this is just a sample of what the Webex Teams Product Team have been busy on over the past month, check out our ‘What’s New’ page to see a full list

And Share and re-share it 😎!

If interested, check out Webex Meetings or Webex Teams for free:

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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team collaboration at Cisco Live
The top 10 team collaboration ‘wow’ moments from Enterprise Connect 2019

Enterprise Connect is one of the biggest third-party events for enterprise collaboration that we support during the year.  Sunny Orlando, Florida is descended upon not just by Cisco, but by our customers, our partners, our competitors, their customers, analysts, and other media. It’s a wild scene with thousands of people looking to learn about the latest and greatest in team collaboration and communication!  I spent the week doing a variety of things, but the bulk of my time was spent leading booth tours for customers, potential customers, partners, and analysts at the Cisco booth.  This gave me a front row seat hearing the talk track from our product experts and more importantly, it helped me see and hear that things that the non-Cisco people were saying – what they thought was cool and what impressed them.  With that, here are my top-10 “WOW!” moments that I observed during the week of Enterprise Connect 2019…

Wow #1: Webex Board Sticky Notes 

There were a few new Webex Board features that rolled out last November that continue to catch the eyes of many.  Those features included web browser access, sticky notes, and pinch-to-zoom gestures. The sticky notes seem to be a fan-favorite since they help with a number of use cases from project planning to agile software development.

Wow #2: Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini USB Pass-through

The Room Kit Mini in general continues to wow people but there was one feature of it that a number of booth visitors seemed to like – the USB passthrough.  This feature enables interoperability with ANY cloud service provider.  We’ve said before that we’re all about building bridges and this is another example of that – being able to use the incredible audio and video regardless what you’re using for conferencing software.

Wow #3: People Insights in Webex Meetings

The big theme of the entire conference was Cisco’s X-factor in collaboration.  The X-factor was the concept of ‘cognitive collaboration’ which is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Maching Learning to bring context AND intelligence to meetings.  One component of cognitive collaboration is People Insights.  This new feature to Webex Meetings is based on technology that came through Cisco’s acquisition of Accompany in 2018.  People Insights paints a rich, dynamic profile of people joining your meeting – displayed right in the Webex Meetings participant panel – by harvesting public data through web crawling coupled with internal corporate directory data.  No longer will you join a meeting and say to yourself, “Who is THAT??”

Wow #4: Office 365 with Webex Teams Riding Sidecar

“This will totally drive adoption!” That was a customer sound bite during a booth  tour when they saw this soon-to-be-released feature.  It’s Webex Teams baked directly into Microsoft Office 365 apps including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.  Collaborate in the tools you’re always using without having to switch applications!

Wow #5: Love for On-Prem with Jabber
There were multiple demos showing the latest with Jabber and on-prem collaboration.  The demo lead, Patrick Born, had a great sound bite: “If you’re on-prem, you can stay on prem. We know and love you.”  While others in the collaboration space may be saying cloud only, Cisco is saying. “Cloud first but NOT cloud only!”  In additional to investing in our on-prem collaboration solutions, we are also offering transition paths to the cloud.  Team Messaging mode for Jabber, which came out in preview in November, allows Jabber customers to natively connect to the Webex Teams cloud-based back-end while still using the Jabber app for the front end.

Wow #6: Facial Recognition

Another part of cognitive collaboration is the new facial recognition capabilities  within Webex which will become available in June.  This gives Webex devices the ability to identify all of the individuals in the room.  During a meeting, the system scans the faces of anyone showing up on the video and is able to not only calculate but identify participants by name (and there is a wealth of data privacy built into this but that’s another blog for another day).

Wow #7: Customizable Touch 10

The Cisco Touch 10 is a control unit to help control and interact with Cisco video  conferencing systems.  I personally never thought much about it but this was one the biggest WOW moments for many people – largely because of the ability to customize and program in macros.  This allows users to not just control the video system itself but the ENTIRE CONFERENCE ROOM!  Through the use of IoT device interaction, you can program the Touch 10 to control room lighting, room temperature, the blinds or other window controls – basically ANY IoT device with an API interface can be incorporated into a Touch 10 macro.

Wow #8: The Sounds & Picture Quality on the Webex Room 70 G2

It’s datasheet calls out “4K display” and “sophisticated speaker system and  amplifier to deliver rich sound”.  But those words hardly do it justice.  You need to experience this in person to full appreciate it.  During one demo session, a movie was loaded up and when the sound was cranked up, one of the demo participants exclaimed with widened eyes, “HOLY #$@*!”

Wow #9: Signage Mode

What do you do when your Cisco video screen is not in use?  Up until a few weeks  ago, the answer was nothing!  It just sat there as a blank screen.  But one feature that has been added to Webex video devices is “signage mode”.  This mode lets users show web content as digital signage when the screen is in half-wake mode.  The possibilities are endless – messages from HR, corporate advertising, how-to conferencing information, company information, images, etc. These capabilities are turbocharged when coupled with Appspace (Cisco integration partner) – which layers on video on demand, published presentations, room scheduling, all done within “signage mode”.

Wow #10: Webex Calling Launched from Webex Teams

While Webex Calling has been around there was a new aspect of it launched at Enterprise Connect. From a person’s contact card in Webex Teams, you can click-to-dial their number which now has the ability to launch into the Webex Calling app to place the call.  So we now have robust cloud calling integrated into the Webex Teams platform.

From noon on Monday when they opened the doors to the exhibition floor till 6pm on Wednesday when it closed, it was a CONSTANT flood of people beelining over to the Cisco booth for tours and demos.  That Cisco excitement was punctuated by Amy Chang’s (head of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group) keynote on Wednesday morning talking about “cognitive collaboration”.  And there’s a reason there was so much buzz.  No one is telling the collaboration story Cisco is.  Largely because no one else can.

Experience Cisco Collaboration for yourself and give Webex Meetings or Webex Teams a try for free:

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team collaboration update
February update of Webex Teams: from our team, for your team collaboration

The Webex Teams Product team has been busy over the past number of weeks designing and delivering new features to enhance and enrich your team collaboration experiences. We think you are going to love the new features across all areas of the client including Messaging, Meetings, Calling and Device experience. Let’s get started.

Messaging that brings a 🙂 to your face

We think emojis help capture what we’re trying to say. What better way to say something is awesome than with a 😎emoji? We’ve enriched the Webex Teams client with emojis over the past number of releases and now, we’re excited to deliver Emoticon support in the desktop apps. So, next time you feel like saying you’re happy, your standard emoticon : ) will translate into a beautiful emoji 🙂.

Clarity with a Quote

Have you ever been in a team space conversation when you wanted to use somebody’s previous response to help give your answer more clarity?

Well, now you can. With our new Quote feature, you can use a colleague’s earlier response as part of your reply, giving everybody greater context. I really love this feature as it allows me to quickly address questions in large spaces. I find myself using it on a daily basis as I collaborate with my colleagues.

The Quote Feature in Webex Teams

Another great new feature is an additional right click menu that allows you to perform quick actions on spaces. Hover over a space name, right click and use the new contextual menu to mark the space as a favorite, view space settings, leave the space, and much more. Now, you can get to where you want to go, faster.

Stream on and bring everyone closer together

Here at Webex Teams, we are constantly striving to improve meeting experience and team collaboration for our customers. Our goal is that no matter where our users dial in from, they can experience a feeling of being together in the same room.

You can now stream 30fps video and audio to your colleagues in your Webex Teams Meetings through our Room Devices, and to other Webex Teams users- allowing everyone to have the same great experience.

As part of further enhancements to the Webex Meetings experience in the Webex Teams app, we’ve also added the option for admins to allow the meeting recordings to be stored locally as MP4 local recordings onto the desktop.

Calling- the way you want it to be

As we build out our native calling experience in the Webex Teams application, we’re providing a bridge to allow users of on-premise calling apps to access these capabilities from Webex Teams. With February’s release an administrator can set Jabber to be your default calling application so anytime you want to make a call in Teams, the call will be placed using Jabber, allowing you to leverage Jabber’s rich calling feature set.  You’ll also be able to set any tel protocol registered third party app to launch for calling also if that’s preferred

There’s a lot happening in the Webex Teams world right now. The Product Team are really excited about new and exciting features coming to the app and we’re really looking forward to seeing the 🙂 on your faces.

And hey, you can quote me on that 😉.

Try team collaboration tool for free.

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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team collaboration on the go
The confidence of security in team collaboration

The way we work together has changed to something unrecognizable over the last few years. We work on whatever device is on hand, from wherever we are, and we share a lot of content as well as sensitive information with our teams. This free exchange of information has sped up business processes, greatly improving team collaboration and unleashing the creativity needed to help innovation move at an unprecedented pace. But this new freedom has also brought with it rising concerns around security. Can we be sure our content and data are secure as we collaborate virtually across internal and external teams and devices?

Security concerns in team collaboration

As we have seen with many high-profile public breaches of security, the costs can be enormous and have become a pressing concern for businesses – reputations and revenue are on the line. Open Collaboration means users want innovative team collaboration tools with a great experience. They demand easy-to-use, pervasive, advanced collaboration capabilities. Company and customer confidential information must be available and easy to share, but at the same time, IT needs to ensure its security as defined by their corporate IT policies and intentions. Bottom line, corporate data needs to be protected fully. Messages, conversations, screen sharing, content, in fact any information about the company, customers, and users must be protected and accessible and viewable only by authorized users at all times. This gives IT and security teams a headache. Not least because up to 50% of devices we now use are invisible to IT. What’s needed is a 360-degree approach to security and compliance in team collaboration.

The promise of security in Webex

You can rest-easy knowing Cisco Webex has your back. Security is central to everything we do. Namely, how to balance the requirements of users with those of IT, security, and compliance professionals. In simple terms we give users what they need to collaborate openly and freely whilst enabling IT to retain control, security, and the ability to protect their business and customers.

Balancing risks and rewards to satisfy both IT and end users can be tricky. The good news is that you can do both – be secure while your teams collaborate freely and without any compromise. In fact, this is what we have enabled for many customers. Don’t just take my word for it, hear from Andy Jurczyk, the CIO at Seyfarth Shaw, on how his successful law firm has maintained the upmost security and also saved “tens of millions while improving company culture.”

Seyfarth Shaw improves team collaboration, securely

Seyfarth Shaw LLP has a highly dispersed and mobile workforce travelling to their clients, to courts, and between their offices. They were struggling with multiple point solutions for conference calling, webinars, screen sharing, and click-to-dial capabilities. Andy recognized that their employees had significant challenges with different tool interfaces and struggled to make it all work for both IT and their users. After some careful consideration they went “all in” with Cisco and now feel that they have an inclusive and intuitive team collaboration solution for all ages, skill-levels, and locations. What’s more, it has had a profound impact on how they work globally and how their teams collaborate 24/7 across time zones and borders, especially when working on a big deal.

This has led to a savings of tens of millions of dollars by reducing their office space by one-third and adopting telecommuting as a work-style for some staff. It has also had a massive impact with staff retention, with some employees turning down job offers with higher pay, but less flexibility.

With that said, one of the biggest benefits for them has been around security. They serve clients in highly regulated industries and regions, such as the financial services, healthcare, and those located in the European Union – and because they are backed by Cisco, they feel that they can easily meet client requirements around architecture, privacy, encryption.

“From a security compliance perspective, we pretty much get audited by anything you can imagine. There’s so many cloud services I can’t use as a law firm because of the restrictions I have for compliance. But we can use Webex for everything.”

Andy Jurczyk, CIO, Seyfarth Shaw

One of the reasons they chose Webex Teams over other team collaboration tools was for the security it provides. In particular, our unique approach to security and the ability to own and manage the encryption keys for the environment that they needed.

“We maintain a private cloud, multiple data centers for redundancy, our own encryption, and security, and everything associated with protecting our clients’ data. But those audits typically prevent us from putting any of our clients’ data anywhere in the cloud. However, Webex Teams and Cisco’s new encryption capability will actually allow me to put client data in the cloud while satisfying the audits. This is revolutionary for heavily-compliant industries like ours.”

In fact Webex Teams now enables their client teams (often up to 30 people) to collaborate and communicate more effectively, and securely. All this leads to a strong team, strong buy-in and strong culture for Seyfarth Shaw LLP.

Learn more about Webex Teams collaboration and try it for free here.


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team collaboration tools at work
Driving location-aware customer loyalty with Webex Teams collaboration tools and QWASI

Quick poll: When a customer walks into one of your locations, do they get a personalized welcome message? Are staff members alerted when the customer needs assistance?  If you’re like most companies, the answer would be “no.”

But wouldn’t it be great if we could identify customers as they walk in and greet them digitally while arming staff members with the information they need to make better in-person connections?

Leveraging team collaboration tools to drive customer engagement

Now, with Cisco Webex Teams (team collaboration tools) and QWASI (a leader in customer communication and loyalty engagement), it’s easy to turn on intelligent customer communication that will enable your in-store teams to drive additional sales by engaging customers with more interactive, personalized shopping experiences. QWASI has integrated with the Webex Teams collaboration platform, utilizing the Cisco Webex APIs to transform into a hub to manage real-time, location intelligent, mobile customer communication.

Top brands trust QWASI to communicate with their customers via mobile text, the most effective engagement channel for real-time conversations.  All messaging and customer engagement data is routed back to Webex Teams, team collaboration platform, creating a full audit trail of customer interactions from acquisition over WIFI with DNA Spaces to loyalty signup, custom welcome messages upon location entry, product engagement while in stores, offers redeemed, and rewards received.  And now, QWASI has been added to the Cisco Global Price List to make it seamless for channel partners and customers to obtain their offer.

Integrating QWASI and Webex Teams collaboration tools

QWASI’s cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates legacy enterprise systems, aggregates information from multiple sources, and drives intelligent messaging with administrators and customers to optimize a customer’s experience. QWASI’s platform ingests data, federates that data against a database, and leverages an intelligent rules engine to build out automated communication workflows.

At the center of the application is a cloud-based federation backend that leverages a modern cloud architecture, making the platform scalable and resilient. All processing is stateless and balanced across multiple nodes throughout multiple data centers, allowing for dynamic scaling.

QWASI’s platform was built to be a highly configurable platform as opposed to a static product that focused on a specific UI. Everything in their platform is API driven which allows it to plug and play with other platforms easily to create new use cases and activate new solutions with low IT impact.

Let’s get a closer look…

How it works

When a customer/user walks into a location, Cisco Meraki wireless identifies the user and their location.  This information is fed into the QWASI platform to record the customer’s visit and activate the intelligent rules engine. The intelligent rules engine determines the next best step for messaging the user – an offer for example.

Webex Teams is integrated into this workflow. The QWASI Webex Teams mobile SMS Text plugin allows communication between Webex Teams and SMS, enabling communications between client and customer which are both real-time and fully audited.

QWASI has also been an early adopter integrating with near field communication technology adding uses cases to how brick and mortar locations may want to integrate with their employees.

Over time, companies can build up a profile of their customers that helps customize a customer’s experience when they visit a location.

And, if necessary, QWASI allows a fully customizable utilization of all of these unique tools to facilitate cutting-edge solutions to customer interaction, marketing, and promotion.

The Cisco and QWASI partnership drives new value with a solution uniquely powered by the Webex for Developers experience. Building better customer experiences and increasing sales is now easier than you think by leveraging team collaboration tools with the intelligence of the QWASI platform.

Try Webex Teams for free to learn more about what team collaboration tools can do for you:

For any questions about QWASI or other Webex Ecosystem partners, reach out to

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Teamwork - Building a collaborative culture
Building a culture with team collaboration tools

Next time you go to a coffee shop, take a moment to notice all the remote workers hunkered down at the tables, laptop to laptop. It’s a common sight all across America now. In fact, the number of people telecommuting in the US has gone up 115% in the last 10 years.How did we get here?

In the past, there was a common misconception that if organizations allowed teleworking, team members wouldn’t collaborate well because they weren’t gathered together in the same room. And all business leaders know that team collaboration is essential to productivity, growth, and innovation.

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How to leverage secure team collaboration for small business messaging

Cloud messaging has become the bread and butter of small business productivity. In late 2016, BI Intelligence estimated that total monthly active users of the four most popular mobile messaging platforms had surpassed that of the top four social networks in 2014 and widened the gap through 2016. While these services were originally designed with consumers in mind, their use in the workplace is widespread:

  • A 2017 survey of U.S. workers by 451 Research revealed that 73% of respondents used SMS and/or third-party messaging platforms for business purposes.
  • For comparison, only 66% relied on email and 58% on voice calls. No other workflow surpassed 50% of surveyed responses.
  • 62% reported their firms had not updated their security policies despite the growing use of messaging. Only 9% said unapproved apps were forbidden.
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Team collaboration for Small Business
5 ways to “weatherproof” your work life with team collaboration tools

From iced-over bridges to snow-covered highways, Old Man Winter has had a firm grip on most of the country recently. And while that may mean a snow day for some, for many, the work day must go on.

Thankfully, video conferencing and team collaboration tools like Webex Meetings and Webex Teams are available to keep teams connected and work moving forward. And even though snow is a rarity in San Jose, over the years, I’ve learned lots of work life “weatherproofing” tips that keep productivity up when inclement weather keeps you away from the office.

1. Morning Consistency is Key

It’s totally understandable how blustery weather would make you want to stay bundled up in your pajamas or work from your laptop in bed. But if you’re working remotely due to the weather, keeping to your morning routine as much as possible can mentally set the stage for a more productive work day.

If you normally exercise outside in the mornings, but can’t, do a quick workout in your living room to maintain your normal pre-work routine. Go to your closet and get dressed, even if you’re just going down the hallway to your home office. Whatever it is that you do to kick off your work day, do it! It will kick start your mind into work mode.

2. Keep Your Desk Ready-to-Go

Speaking of your home office, the moment you hear bad weather may keep you housebound is the time to ensure your work space is work ready. National Clean Up Your Desk Day was great inspiration for me to take a few moments to declutter my home office space. Everything is now in its place, which saves me a rush cleaning job when impromptu WebEx meetings have to happen. An added bonus? Studies show that a decluttered workspace leads to more productivity.

3. Check Your Tech

One minute before a remote meeting or video conferencing call begins is not the time to discover your technology has gone on the fritz.  If weather is keeping you housebound, you’ll need to rely on your tech tools to stay connected, so make it a habit to ensure any and all technology software and hardware you use is online and ready to go when you need it.

4. Plan B & C & D Location

If bad weather knocks your power or causes internet connectivity issues for example, having a nearby location to work from is a must.

A nearby coffee shop or even a library are just a couple of options. Wifi is often free and nothing beats a hot cup of coffee if you’re forced to travel to another location.

5. Set Expectations and Boundaries

You know when you’re working from home that you’re actually working. But does everyone else?

When bad weather keeps people who do not work remotely inside, it’s easy to see how they may not understand how you could be carrying on your work day as normal. If you have children, they’re probably home with you if the weather is bad and may not understand that yes – you have real work to do. In these instances, set boundaries and expectations early so everyone understands that even though you’re physically at home, you have to remain focused.

There is definitely something to be said about maintaining a work-life balance, so be open and communicate to your children or friends when you can chit-chat, play games or watch a movie with them.

Has bad weather kept you in the house recently? Share how you’ve been able to stay in work mode with me on Twitter @WebEx, with #WinterWork.

Don’t let the weather keep you from your work. Click here to try a 30 day free trial of Webex teams.

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rganizations big and small are thinking different about their workflows and employee engagement.
Keep your team conversations going

The weekly update. The customer presentation. The on-the-fly team meeting.  Every type of meeting has its own purpose, but how can you tackle them efficiently and effectively every time? The key is to keep the conversation going.

If you work remotely, you know this can be especially hard. When your team is spread out, you need a strategy to keep everyone connected before, during and after each meeting. And with the right tools, your projects can move forward and everyone can stay connected.

Not sure where to start? Check out our handy guide for using Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx to keep your team collaborating, whether you’re giving a big presentation over video conference or sharing daily updates over chat.

Have your own collaboration tips and tricks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Work smarter on-the-go

Staying in the loop with work can sometimes be a challenge. And if you work on-the-go, it can be even harder to stay on top of email, attend every meeting, and get face time with your team. But if you have the right technology, being mobile doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

James Cho, our inside sales manager, gives his own Two Minute Take on how he stays productive when bouncing from meeting to meeting throughout the work week. He uses Cisco Spark and WebEx to connect with his team – with his pup Scooter in tow.

Learn how world travelers, commuters and remote workers can stay up-to-date with Cisco Spark from anywhere.

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Small changes, big productivity

If your team needs a big boost in productivity, you don’t have to overhaul all your tools to get results. Finding small changes in the way you collaborate and communicate can make a big impact.

In her Two Minute Take, technical adviser Mackenzie Guy shares simple advice on combining your collaboration apps to keep everything in one place. Instead of spending time learning new skills or replacing entire systems, your team can focus on work and let the app do the heavy-lifting.

A few simple tweaks can go a long way when it comes to productivity. Cisco Spark lets you keep what works, and unify your collaboration experience.


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