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Webex Video Messaging (Vidcast) | Empowering seamless workflow with asynchronous collaboration

In this hybrid work environment, we strive for work-life balance by making our day more productive and efficient. Not all work requires us to meet or when it’s not practical to attend a meeting, we could all use async tools to connect and collaborate with team members no matter where they are. This is where Webex Suite offers Video messaging (Vidcast) as one of the eight out-of-the-box tools for anyone to collaborate at their own time. Launched back in 2021, this is a popular tool allowing you to create and share short video messages, explain in your own words, and share with greater clarity eliminating the barrier of time zones, geo locations, and keep everyone in the loop. Users can capture thoughtful feedback via time-stamped comments or generate insights with polls. With Video messaging (Vidcast), you now have a choice and flexibility to break free from your calendar.

Vidcast features that support team collaboration and hybrid work

Let’s explore the robust features of the Video messaging tool and why it makes a great async collaboration video tool


From recording to editing and even collaborative fine-tuning, ensure every message is tailored to perfection.

  • Camera Recording: Embrace the authenticity of video messaging. Record with ease, express in your own words, and foster genuine connections.
  • Screenshare: Capture and share with clarity. Whether it’s a presentation, reports, or a quick walkthrough, visuals help your message come to life.
  • Edit Videos: Fine-tune your message to perfection. Effortlessly trim, cut, or stitch videos together, ensuring your content is on-point every time.
  • Import Meeting Recordings: Effortlessly import and enhance your Webex meetings. Turn meetings into reusable content, maximizing value.
  • Video Insights: Gain deep insights into viewer engagement. Understand your audience better and adapt content for maximum resonance.


Dive into your enterprise’s video collection, scan through personalized recommendations, or explore the expertise within your team.

  • Search: Swiftly locate your desired Vidcasts. Efficient search capabilities mean no more sifting through endless files.
  • Recommended Videos: Discover handpicked content tailored for you. Stay updated and engaged with the most relevant Vidcasts.
  • Profile Page: A dedicated space to showcase all your video messages. Enhance your personal brand and foster deeper connections with your org.
  • Team Page: Collaborate efficiently with dedicated team pages. Share, discuss, and refine content within team circles.


Enhance teamwork and communication by sharing, commenting, and engaging asynchronously to foster a truly interconnected remote workspace.

  • Share: Share your Vidcasts to the channels you work in via email, Webex spaces/teams, or social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Embedded Playback: Share your Vidcast recording by embedding it within your website or app.
  • Time-stamped Comments: Support an open dialogue and collaboration through comments. Easily reply and address them in context.
  • Polls by Slido: Gather insights and make data-driven decisions. Unlocking your team’s collective wisdom.
  • Discoverable Videos: Mark your videos as discoverable to allow colleagues within your organization to discover them in the homepage.


Experience the future of video-AI, whether pinpointing key moments or beautifying your video, let technology elevate your content.

  • Virtual Background: Look professional everywhere you record, blur your background, or select images as your virtual background.
  • AI Highlights: Skim the summary both in video format and in writing. Simply playback the most important moments or share text summaries.
  • AI Chapters: Let AI autogenerate smart chapters that make you look professional and segment videos for your viewers to effortlessly jump to specific sections of the video
  • Noise Suppression: Leverage best-in-class Webex technology to remove background noises, from barking dogs, to lawn mowers, to even crying babies
  • Transcription: Leverage a world-class speech-to-text engine from Webex to generate transcripts for all your Vidcasts.


Tailored playback speeds, viewer reactions, and intuitive chapters make every moment worth watching.

  • Default 1.2x playback (Fast Play): Experience content at your pace with 1.2x default playback. Consume more in less time, without missing a beat.
  • Reactions: Leave Emoji reactions while watching a video and watch other viewer’s reactions animate on screen
  • Closed Captions: Increase accessibility and playback videos with closed captions from the transcript
  • Playlists: Enable viewers to play a collection of videos in order one after the other
  • Chapters: Add chapters to your videos manually or let AI automatically generate them for you

Webex App Integration

We’ve just leveled up the Webex app with an integration that’s going to make managing your video content a breeze. Our latest integration brings the powerful capabilities of Vidcast directly into your Webex app, providing an unmatched level of convenience and efficiency.

Now, you can effortlessly manage your entire video library, browse and view content, and record new Vidcasts without ever leaving the Webex environment. All these features are accessible through the new, dedicated Vidcast tab on the left sidebar of your Webex app.

And for those moments when you need to capture and share a quick update or insight, we’ve added a swift recording shortcut in the messaging area of the Webex app. It’s all about making your video collaborations as smooth and efficient as possible.


Safeguard your content, manage sharing permissions, and ensure every video aligns with your organizational standards.

  • SSO + SAML: Support for single sign-on systems based on the industry standard SAML2 and WS-Federation protocol
  • Video retention: Admins can set a retention period for recorded Vidcast videos within their organization
  • Data classification: Admins can ask or enforce the classification of all videos from a list of custom tags for easy data management
  • Restrict external sharing: Admins can block anyone within the org from sharing videos outside of their company’s claimed domains
  • Recordings management: Admins can search, reassign and delete videos within the entire organization

Video messaging opens a variety of use cases across verticals

Vidcast is designed with simplicity in mind. It works whether you are a team of 2 or 10,000 employee enterprise scattered across the globe. Let’s explore many use cases where it serves as an effective tool to keep everyone in the know.

Facilitate team collaboration: Keep everyone in the loop, celebrate milestones, and foster a culture of transparency.

Empower learning and development: Transform learning into an engaging and dynamic experience, from onboarding to leadership training, ensuring growth at every stage.

Reinvigorate Organizational Communications: From leadership updates to nurturing employee relationships, let every message resonate.

Build Better Relationships with Asynchronous Sales Outreach: Enable more personal connections, robust training, and genuine customer stories all at your fingertips.

Streamline Customer Support: Vidcast works with you when you’re troubleshooting, sending ticket resolutions, or service updates.

Millions of users are already using Vidcast every day around the globe since our launch in 2021, and you can too. Start collaborating on your own time by getting started for free.

The most complete and intelligent collaboration suite for Hybrid Work

Webex Video messaging (Vidcast) is included in the Webex Suite, an all-one-collaboration, and communication solution with eight powerful workflows. Webex Suite delivers exceptional value, world-class user experiences, and unmatched audio and video quality, empowering users to connect, collaborate, and engage with colleagues, customers, and partners, from anywhere, on any device.

The Webex Suite is built on the enterprise-grade secure Webex platform with AI-powered features built-in. It is innovative, intuitive, secure, and simple to use and manage. Click here to learn more about the Webex Suite and contact our Sales team to request a live demo or discuss your specific needs.

More on the Webex Suite:

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