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Get More Productive and Intelligent Workplaces with Webex

The Safe at the Office, Productive Anywhere series highlights new AI-driven experiences that enhance the remote experience & provide a safe return to the office

Enhancements to Webex to Get More Things Done

Even though – here at Webex – we are literally in the Meetings Business, we know there’s more to life than just meetings. We’re in a lot more meetings these days and we all want to be as productive as possible when doing our jobs. Everyone wants to meet less and get more things done. That’s why the enhancements to Webex are not only designed so you can look and sound your best, they also help make the most of your time –whether you are working from home or have moved to a hybrid experience. Our teams have been hyper-focused on delivering more productive and intelligent workplaces. I’m excited share the latest updates with you.

Clutter-Free Interface So You Can Focus on the Meeting

We waste a lot of time searching for the right controls in video meetings and fumbling with buttons or scrolling through a participant list to see who’s on the call can halt your productivity. We’ve introduced smarter way to access meeting controls, making them always available at the bottom of the screen, where they won’t cover videos or shared content.

The new button design is more intuitive, with universally recognizable icons and text labels with shortcut menus so you can easily change meeting settings without missing a beat. We kept the essential and commonly used meeting controls front-and-center for easy access and always available when you need them.

Watch the new Webex Meeting experience | UI & Design discussion:


No More Noisy Distractions

We’ve all been in “that” video conference –especially this year –when the neighbor starts mowing the lawn or kids start playing outside your window. It’s unavoidable but it can get loud, stressful, and impact your focus. Well now, distracting noise in your meetings will now be a thing of the past. BabbleLabs is now part of Cisco, so the Clear Edge technology that distinguishes human voices and mutes non-voice background noises like dogs barking, loud typing, leaf blowers, and other everyday distractions will be available to Webex users. The AI noise removal technology is currently in Cisco customer trials with general availability for Webex Meetings desktops and select Webex Room devices slated for October, with full portfolio availability to follow.


Sidebar and Collaboration with Smaller Groups

We’ve also incorporated Breakout Room capabilities into the Meetings experience so you can create up to 100 small group spaces from within a single meeting. Breakout rooms allow for more focused, quiet conversations, and personal attention, when needed. Think of this as “virtual huddle spaces” integrated right into Webex Meetings so you don’t have to exit the tool to have sidebars and working/training groups.

Everyone in the meeting can be put into smaller collaboration spaces and then be brought back into the main meeting when the time is right. As a host, you have a ton of controls, including seeing all the rooms at once or sending broadcast messages. It’s not only great for training and education but for any group where you need to facilitate small group collaboration to accomplish tasks and get the work done.

The New Webex Experience is Tailored to the Future of Work

It’s more important than ever to have more meaningful face-to-face communications and collaboration whether you are working from home, planning a return to the office, or anticipating a hybrid working situation. Everything we do is designed with more intelligent workplaces in mind, so you can be ready for the future of work and get more things done.

See how the Webex Meetings experience is all about you

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