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Keep Your Stress Low and Your Background Noise Lower

Work From Home

During these unprecedented times, many of us have been asked or highly encouraged to work from home. Many of us are hesitant because working from home doesn’t always seem productive. Some might ask, “how is it possible to actually get stuff done?” Well, collaboration is key and good audio and video are essential to keeping meetings efficient and effective. 

How Can I Possibly Work Effectively at Home?

Today it’s not about where you work, but about how you work. Most of our day is often taken with meetings with team members, customers and partners and high-quality audio and video are critical to having the best experience and being productive. 

Your home “office space” may not have the ideal set up for the ultimate work from home experience. There could be kids running around, dogs barking, outside construction or it could just be a common living space. You may also be on the go and working from a coffee shop or commuting to your next location. Regardless, some external noises are inevitable. Cisco Webex Meetings and devices are designed to deliver an easy to use, modern video collaboration experience anywhere, across any device. With the latest cognitive capabilities, Webex Meetings and devices bring together simple, intelligent and delightful experiences every time. Webex Meetings and devices offer features that can help with some of the worries that are associated with working from home.  

Cisco Webex is Here to Help Drown Out the Noise

Noise detection and suppression feature Webex recognizes knocking, typing, sirens, and barking dogs in the background. Once detected, it prompts you to mute your microphone. Webex will also suppress common noises such as typing on a keyboard or rustling papers automatically.  

Low bandwidth detection feature Time is wasted when people are forced to repeat things due to low bandwidth. Whether you are taking a meeting from your phone or laptop, Webex Meetings can detect if your device is experiencing low bandwidth. It will prompt you to turn off your video so that the audio stays strong and you’re meeting continues without interruption.  

Take meetings hands free from the carCisco has partnered with Ford and Toyota to provide users with a hands-free method of taking meetings from the car. Webex Meetings supports Smart Device Link. From your Toyota or Ford dashboard, you’ll be able to listen and join the meeting by pressing the meeting on the touchscreen or using the voice command “Join Webex Meeting.” 

Take Meetings to the Next Level with Webex Devices

The Webex Desk Pro is the latest addition to the portfolio of Cisco video and audio conferencing devices. Take on professional meetings with confidence! Designed for the desktop, the Desk Pro is equipped with AI-enhanced noise suppression, beamforming microphones and directional speakers to help with audio control. Perfect for your office desk, this device is packed with high-quality video conferencing hardware and advanced AI-software that saves you time and presents you in the best light and the 27” 4K touch display functions as a stunning primary monitor  

Cisco Webex DX80 is an all-in-one collaboration device. It includes two beam forming microphones so if sound emits from behind the device or from another room, the sound is not readily picked up and sent to the far end so you can enjoy distraction-free meetings.  

Sharing Your Home Office?

Cisco Headsets help you stay focused and productiveHeadsets are a critical, but sometimes forgotten element of exceptional, mobile work experience. You may not have a closed, in-home office or if you are like many during this time, you are sharing a space with your partner as you both work from home. As a result, a business headset is critical to effectively reduce distractions to stay productive and ensure quality audio during meetings. Cisco offers a full range of headsets that are deeply integrated into Cisco Webex Meetings delivering seamless, high-quality communication and premium user experiences with noise cancellation. Not every headset is built equally, and you should be meticulous when selecting a business headset for your home office. Read our blog here for the headset features to enable productivity and quality audio at home.  

Try Webex for free today, and then read the Designing the Workplace for Collaboration eBook to learn more about how you can start transforming your business and office space for the future of work.

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