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The AI-Powered Webex Suite | Built for any industry and workstyle

In today’s hybrid work, having a robust collaboration solution at home, office, or on the go is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must. The Webex Suite was designed to redefine how we connect, collaborate, and engage in any environment. It offers eight powerful workflows out of the box to help navigate today’s dynamic work environments no matter the industry. As Webex Suite is built on an extensible platform, it benefits from top-notch AI innovations, built-in security, and a single pane of glass management via Control Hub. With Webex Suite, you get confidence and peace of mind backed by Cisco’s decades of proven industry expertise and experience in hardware, software, networking, and security.

Let’s explore different industry verticals and see how Webex Suite can unlock new ways to collaborate and elevate teamwork within your enterprise and your customers around the globe.

Healthcare: Exceptional Telehealth Experiences

Explore Webex for Healthcare

Healthcare has transformed dramatically over the past few years, and providing excellent virtual care continues to be vital. Webex Suite helps you offer seamless, secure telehealth experiences; collaborate across healthcare systems and locations, while maintaining the highest quality of care.

With Webex, physicians and care teams can seamlessly connect with patients via high-quality HD audio and video, and perform face-to-face consultations or discuss treatment plans, anywhere, at any time. During virtual visits, physicians can share medical files and annotate documents for knowledge sharing and clear communication with patients, in real time. After the appointment, they can easily record a video message to update patients on test results, medications, treatment plans, and more.

The clinical and administrative staff can also quickly and easily communicate with others inside and outside the clinic or hospital in real time to discuss patient’s needs, procedures, and more.

Webex Suite empowers healthcare professionals with the video conferencing tools to easily communicate and collaborate with patients and care teams, anywhere, at any time. It also provides end-to-end security and centralized management via Control Hub. Learn more about the most useful workflows for healthcare.

Government: Secure collaboration

Explore Webex for Government

Webex government solutions are designed for public sector organizations around the globe to securely stay connected through calling, meetings, and messaging—whether in the office, working remotely, or on the go.

With Webex, government agencies can communicate via high-definition audio and video, with everyone in the organization, across agencies, institutions, and with contractors. The Webex Suite enables them to take calls and meetings anywhere and anytime with flexible, enterprise-grade calling features that extend to desktops, devices, and mobile. After the meeting, they can leverage Webex to securely message and share content in real time to increase communication and productivity.

Webex Suite provides a unified, comprehensive, and highly secure collaboration solution for government agencies. Learn more about the most useful workflows for government.

Financial: Secure, compliant, and private banking experiences

Explore Webex for Finance

Consumers want simple, secure banking experiences while businesses want to reduce operational costs without compromising security. Webex Suite offers state-of-the-art innovative features along with industry-leading security.

With Webex, financial institutions can easily connect experts to customers or collaborate with colleagues across branches with crystal-clear HD audio and video. They can also leverage Webex to instantly connect to colleagues individually or in groups, share content, whiteboard, and collaborate in real time. For companywide meetings or events, Webex Webinars and Webex Events create highly customizable and engaging experiences whether in person, hybrid, or virtual.

With the Webex Suite, you can provide superior customer and employee experiences while ensuring the highest level of security, privacy, and compliance. Learn more about the most useful workflows for financial services.

Customer Centric: World-class customer experiences

Explore Webex CCaaS

Customer-centric organizations are required to meet consumers’ ever-changing expectations across all channels and always ensure great customer experiences. Customers are looking to get the answers they need, through their preferred channel, with astonishing speed.

Webex Suite seamlessly integrates with Webex Contact Center allowing customers to connect through their preferred channel – chat, text, social, email, or call. With AI-powered voice and chat virtual agents, customer-centric organizations can provide options for fast and easy 24/7 self-service – with a seamless transition to a live agent when desired.

With Webex, you can offer your customers the support they expect, on their terms, and give your agents the tools they need to provide it, ensuring both great customer satisfaction and employee experience. Learn more about the most useful workflows for customer-centric organizations.

Mobile-first: Connect anywhere on any device

Explore Webex Go

Webex Suite empowers your modern and mobile workforce to connect and collaborate from any device, anywhere – home, office, or on-the-go. You can now get work done safely and securely via Webex Auto, Webex Go, and any of the popular mobile devices.

With Webex, mobile workers can enjoy a rich meeting experience with integrated audio, high-quality video, and content sharing on the go using their Webex mobile application. They can also leverage Webex Go to make calls using their mobile phone’s native dialer and take advantage of clear audio and enterprise-grade calling features while on the go. They can seamlessly move the call to the car’s infotainment system to continue work while in transit or elevate the call to the Webex App to enjoy the complete collaboration experience on mobile, laptop, or the Webex Device. Learn more about how to leverage Webex Suite workflows when working on the go.

Industry-leading value, choice, and flexibility for businesses of any size

In our ever-evolving landscape of hybrid work, flexibility and choice are paramount for businesses of all sizes. At Cisco, we’re fully committed to empowering individuals and businesses to work on their own terms securely and reliably. This is why millions of users worldwide trust Webex Suite with all their collaborations and connectivity needs. Whether you are a government worker, financial advisor, nurse or mobile worker, Webex Suite will help you seamlessly and securely connect, collaborate, and engage with your teams and customers, and enjoy world-class user experiences and incredible audio and video quality, no matter how you work or where you work from.

We’re excited to continue bringing new innovations that make collaboration seamless, secure, and more delightful for every industry and every work style. Click here to learn more about the Webex Suite and contact our Sales team to request a live demo or discuss your specific needs.

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