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Welcome to the Future of Collaboration with the Cisco Webex Desk Pro

Meet the Webex Desk Pro: The all-in-one, AI-powered collaboration workstation for the desk

The Webex Desk Pro has been called “a game changer” by analysts and Jonathan George, Digital Collaboration Lead at Adoptt, says “Cisco is going to have to drag this thing out of my . . . hands.” Why? Simply put, the Webex Desk Pro is the most advanced, AI-powered collaboration device designed for the desk and small shared spaces and nothing compares to it on the market.
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The Webex Desk Pro begs to be experienced in-person with its stunning 4K 27” inch touch display, intelligent HD video, beamforming microphones, cinematic speakers and advanced AI features, but to sum up why this collaboration workstation is a game changer, we should take a quick look at how work and collaboration are changing:

  1. Collaboration is more distributed than ever: According to Gartner, by 2024, remote work and changing workforce demographics will impact enterprise meetings so that only 25% will take place in person, down from 60% today.*
  2. We’re all mobile workers: The day doesn’t end when you leave the office and more workers are mobile than ever before. The global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion by 2020.*
  3. Teams are fluid: Teams are forming and disbanding at a more frequent pace which means collaborative efforts require the participation of people who aren’t always in the same building.
  4. Cubicle walls are coming down: 70% of offices have some type of open floor plan leading to environments that can be ill-suited for virtual collaboration. This has led to a rise in focus rooms where employees can find a quiet space to focus or join a remote meeting, but a focus room alone isn’t enough.*
  5. Disruption can happen at any time: When the unexpected occurs, it’s even more important that people are able to connect and work together to solve problems and minimize the impact to the business.

These factors mean that workers today need high-quality video conferencing and collaboration capabilities, like whiteboarding, outside of the meeting room and the “good enough” mindset of a laptop and webcam just doesn’t cut it in this new era.

Honey, I Shrunk the Conference Room

With the rise of distributed teams, high-quality collaboration tools can no longer be reserved for meeting rooms or huddle space. To get work done and effectively collaborate today, people need access to the same collaboration experience that they expect from modern meeting rooms at their desks and in small shared spaces, like focus rooms. With the Webex Desk Pro, we’ve shrunk the quality and experience of modern video conferencing devices into a device that sits perfectly on the desktop.

 “The Cisco Webex Desk Pro-environment gives businesses everything they could want to create fantastic collaboration spaces for their team members in seconds, so everyone can work more seamlessly together” – UCToday

Time to Collaborate like a Pro

The Webex Desk Pro is your AI-powered, instant office. You can call, video conference and whiteboard with a dedicated stylus. The 27” 4K touch display is great for video conferencing and doubles as your primary monitor. And it’ll charge your laptop while you work — no more carrying chargers or cables with you around the office. Designed to support today’s technology mix, you can bring your own software and join any meeting from any client.

This Webex Desk Pro takes work and collaboration to the next level, with features like:

  • Virtual collaboration that rivals in-person meetings: The HD cameras and dynamic framing make distributed meetings feel local and if you feel the urge to stretch your legs, the camera follows you as you stand. Grab the dedicated stylus and annotate on content or start a whiteboard session where everyone can share ideas on an infinite canvas.
  • Single cable connection: Just plug in your laptop with a USB-C cable and the device turns into your extended display with touch forwarding capabilities providing you with the ability to control your laptop by touching the screen on Windows 10 devices. And it charges your laptop while you work.
  • Environment adapting microphones: The 8 microphones can pick up the source and direction of sounds, providing crystal audio pickup. With audio fencing and background noise suppression, your meetings are distraction free.
  • Cinematic sound: The 4 speakers offer crystal clear and substantial sounds whether you’re in a meeting, watching a video or listening to music.
  • Virtual backgrounds: Is your background distracting? Welcome to your new office. You can blur or change your background to a high-end office, beach or other backgrounds with the push of a button.
  • Your own digital assistant: Join a meeting, start a call, conference a colleague into your current meeting or book the room using only your voice with Webex Assistant.
  • The power of a pervasive OS: Enjoy the same seamless experience as you go from space to space and device to device with RoomOS powering all Webex Rooms devices.
  • Deployment flexibility: The device can be used as a personal or shared device so everyone can easily access it. You can register it to the cloud or choose on-premises or hybrid deployment options.

Discover what collaboration can be with the Webex Desk Pro. This game-changer is orderable now and starts shipping soon!

Watch the Webex Desk Pro product review from UC Today:


Learn more on or read the designing your workplace for collaboration eBook for more tips on enabling seamless collaboration in every space.

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