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What’s new in RoomOS – January update

We are starting the new year with a bang here at Webex devices – RoomOS 11 is finally generally available the Webex Desk and Board series for customers to choose to opt-in on. Customers that choose to opt-in to RoomOS 11 can enjoy two new features that came out this month that will help you get to know your device better, and ensure that you are heard loud and clear. To top it off, we also have a little something for the admin!

RoomOS 11 available for Webex Desk and Board Series

We are changing the game with RoomOS 11 by introducing a new user interface optimized for collaboration – so you can do your best work. Everything on the device now runs apps. This modularity simplifies navigation and task switching, making the difference between call controls, device controls and third-party applications more explicit.

You can opt-in to RoomOS 11 for your Webex Desk and Board series in Control Hub today. As for the rest of the Webex Room series, estimated general availability is first half of this calendar year. Visit this help article to learn more.

Tips (In-product help)

If you opt-in to RoomOS 11, you might see a new widget on your home screen – Tips! Tips enhances your user experience, provides you with usability tips and gives you an overview of the basics on how to use your device.

Optimize for my voice

We live in a noisy world, but that shouldn’t prevent us from having engaging meetings. With Webex audio intelligence: optimize for my voice, we go beyond removing background noise with innovations focusing on de-reverberation, enhancing speech quality and speech separation. Webex now distinguishes between foreground, and background talkers.

When you select optimize for my voice in your meeting, only voices closest to the microphone are captured and all background speech is removed—while simultaneously removing all background noise and room reverberation that may otherwise affect clear speech. This has been available for the Webex app for a while now, and we are finally making this available on your Webex Board and Desk devices if you opt-in to RoomOS 11.

Configuration templates for devices

The last feature is one for the admins! Before, there was no way to store configurations for devices, but with configuration templates admins can now create, save, export in CSV and apply templates for single devices or in bulk. This frees up time that can be spent elsewhere, and also makes verification and troubleshooting of configurations much easier.

That’s it for January – stay tuned for the February update!

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