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What’s new in RoomOS: September

It’s officially fall! The leaves are changing colors, and here at Webex we are still hard at work making your device experience the best it can be. So keep reading to see what we released in RoomOS in September.

Gesture recognition on Webex Desk Pro

A gesture can say more than a thousand words. Well, not quite – but it sure does make letting other people know what you think in a large meeting a lot easier. You’ve been able to raise your hand on the Webex Desk Pro for a while doing the physical gesture, but we are now extending this to include a thumbs up and thumbs down. This makes it super easy to react to something that is being said or shown without interrupting the flow of the meeting. Check out the help article to learn more.

Webex Room Navigator support for 802.1X

Security is core to everything we do here at Cisco. This is why we are enabling a secure connection for the Webex Room Navigator with 802.1X. Most companies care about security, and they want to have a way to authenticate their devices on their network. Well, 802.1X is a common security feature deployed by many organizations and it is now supported on the Webex Room Navigator! Click here to learn more.

Cloud Pairing for Webex Edge for Devices

Webex Edge for Devices now allows connected devices to use cloud pairing options for better usability and security. This way you can discover and connect to nearby Webex Devices through ultrasound signals, Wi-Fi discovery or manually by searching for the room name. Further, visitors can also connect using a guest code and share content directly from the browser – no app or cable required.

Direct share from Webex

We are always committed to improving the quality of your device experience. One way we are doing this, is by giving you clearer pictures with lower delays when you share content from the Webex app directly to a Webex device. In setups where direct share is not available, the Webex app will route content share media via the cloud.

That’s it for September, but stay tuned!

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