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How Webex customers leverage Cisco AI Assistant to transform hybrid work and CX

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Enterprise Connect takes place this week in Orlando, Florida! We’re looking forward to connecting with Cisco customers and partners and sharing how Webex by Cisco collaboration and customer experience solutions are built for an AI-driven future.

Discover how Cisco AI Assistant for Webex (“AI Assistant”) is revolutionizing hybrid work and customer interactions for Webex customers. With its advanced generative AI capabilities, businesses across industries are streamlining workflows, boosting productivity, and delivering personalized experiences.

In this blog, we dive into how AI Assistant transforms collaboration and customer experience, featuring insights from our customers who have used our AI Assistant for Webex Suite and Webex Contact Center features through early adoption trials.

AI Assistant that works for today’s hybrid teams

The need for comprehensive collaboration solutions has intensified, with collaboration emerging as a pivotal aspect in both recruitment and employee retention strategies. Our approach to empowering today’s hybrid workforce centers around three key pillars: delivering a tailored suite of AI-powered collaboration tools, integrating an AI assistant seamlessly into the workflow, and equipping teams with AI-driven audio and video capabilities.

Some of the world’s largest brands are tapping into the power of Webex AI capabilities to drive enhanced collaboration. McLaren Racing’s Ed Green, Head of Commercial Technology, shares a unique perspective on how AI Assistant is making an impact on McLaren’s global team:

“With our team dispersed across the globe, communication is critical to our team’s operation. From trackside all the way to the McLaren Technology Centre, we need technology that brings the same speed and accuracy that we operate at in Formula 1. As a long-time Cisco Webex partner, new generative AI capabilities within the [Cisco] AI Assistant for Webex like message reword, where you can change the tone of a message with a couple clicks, will be great to incorporate.”

With intuitive, reliable AI solutions seamlessly integrated into their workflows, employees can now experience a transformative shift in collaboration. Whether they’re working remotely, in-office, or on the move, the Cisco AI Assistant for Webex ensures a remarkable increase in productivity, fundamentally altering their work experience like never before.

For example, Deutsche Telekom has expanded its use of Webex AI features, tapping into capabilities that allow employees to quickly catch up on pertinent information they might have missed.

“I have been a long-term fan of Webex AI features such as noise removal and virtual background. However, since I started using messaging summaries, I have found a new favorite. Messaging summaries provide me with a quick overview of the discussions happening within a Webex space, allowing me to focus on the conversations that are important to me. I was amazed by the quality of the summaries from the very beginning,” Sebastian Leuser, Solution Architect at Deutsche Telekom, said.

Pegasystems leverages AI Assistant to seamlessly summarize meetings, which has allowed the organization to increase productivity.

“We found meeting summaries in the Cisco AI Assistant for Webex to be a major productivity booster. In fact, we compared what Webex produced to the notes taken by our project manager in a meeting when testing the capability. Webex’s notes were more accurate and comprehensive, and we’re excited to roll this out across all our meetings company-wide,” a Pegasystems spokesperson said.

Transform agent and customer experience with AI Assistant

AI Assistant for Webex Contact Center provides benefits for customers, agents, and businesses. For customers, it provides an intelligent, self-service experience that allows them to easily find important information.

When it comes to agents, AI Assistant helps them save valuable time and deliver optimal customer service. For example, quick access to dropped call summaries, suggested responses and agent answers allow agents to resolve customer requests at a faster rate.

First Horizon Bank, a leading financial institution, has leveraged AI Assistant early adoption trials to enable its agents to quickly resolve issues, improve customer interactions, and provide more streamlined customer experiences.

“As First Horizon continues to find ways to improve our client’s experiences, we also look at the agent experience. Happy agents lead to better engagement with our clients. To that end, we have started testing Cisco AI Assistant’s dropped call summaries. The summaries are concise, providing the important context of a customer’s earlier interaction during repeat calls. These can be leveraged by our virtual bankers to avoid repeat conversations and improve customer experience,” Jason O’Dell, Vice President, Voice Services Manager at First Horizon Bank, said.

For businesses, AI Assistant is intended to help optimize business processes and identify areas where agents need assistance. For instance, the agent well-being feature can detect burnout in real time and help by automatically initiating activities like taking a break after a difficult call or reallocating from a phone queue to a lower-intensity digital channel queue. These efforts are intended to help reduce burnout among contact center agents. Having insight into the well-being of agents can help businesses support their employees and reduce turnover rates.

A leading global shipping and logistics company leverages AI Assistant for Webex Contact Center to reduce agent burnout and improve customer experiences:

“During the pandemic, our US customer service teams were struggling with supply chain disruptions, which required increased customer support through phone channels. AI Assistant helped us identify early indicators of agent burnout, so we could take action to ensure their wellbeing in these challenging times.

Before leveraging AI Assistant, our leadership team only discovered challenges after the fact when they had one-on-one conversations with CX agents. Instead, the AI Assistant tool can help our managers detect pain points from agents in advance and take actions to mitigate impact to both our agents and customers,” their spokesperson said.

Unlocking enhanced hybrid work and customer experience with Cisco AI Assistant

We’re excited to continue to see how Webex customers leverage AI Assistant to drive hybrid work and customer experience innovation for their organizations.

At Cisco, we understand the importance of AI governance and unlocking AI technologies in a responsible way. AI Assistant upholds industry-leading security requirements to deliver end-to-end, secure AI innovations for our customers. For more information, please visit Cisco’s Trust Portal page.

Stop by the Webex by Cisco booth at Enterprise Connect to see how Cisco AI Assistant for Webex can help your business enhance hybrid work and customer experience.

Hear more from Webex at Enterprise Connect 2024:

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