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Collaboration Without Compromise: Industry Leading Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Enhancements for Meetings

Secure and Seamless Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Collaboration Platform

Cisco Webex continues to help companies and employees stay connected with their colleagues, customers, and partners in today’s evolving work landscape. As the world’s largest enterprise security company, we are committed to security, privacy, and transparency. So, it is no secret that our collaboration platform is built with the greatest Cisco security capabilities. We leverage the best minds to create a platform that securely and seamlessly powers millions of users worldwide.  

Customer Challenges

As meetings become more of an integrated part of our everyday workflow, IT and Line of business leaders are focusing on data protection, security, and compliance using their existing tools and processes. As remote work becomes the new normal, organizations need to comply with industry-specific or vertical compliance to protect against data loss now more than ever before.  

None of the mainstream DLP/Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions today can determine if meeting conversation violated corporate policies and enterprises need to rely on manual random scanning or add robots from thirdparty niche transcription vendors and send entire meetings conversation to their clouds with unclear privacy and security practices. 

Legal departments want to include Meetings content as part of their legal and compliance workflows but there is no easy way to extract data into Enterprise eDiscovery software without purchasing complex third-party systems, vaults, and archiving solutions which significantly increase the total cost of ownership. 

We are taking the next big step in delivering a unified compliance and protection solution for all content across the Webex platform. We are introducing new enhancements that will further extend Webex Teams DLP capabilities, Events API, Extended Security Pack, and enable industry’s largest DLP/CASB and Compliance ISV ecosystem to Support Meetings. Control Hub compliance capabilities spanning retention, legal hold, and eDiscovery will also cover all meeting artifacts. This extra level of security provides protection for all your meeting content – recordings, Webex Assistant transcriptions, action items, and highlights.  

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Our industry-leading Data Loss Prevention capabilities are now extended to enable IT, administrators, to protect meetings data using their existing DLP/CASB solutions while being compliant with industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, FERPA and more. Our solution provides enhanced protection and cost savings and eliminates the need to purchase additional third-party solutions just for your meeting data. Organizations can now leverage their existing tools and policies for their meetings content, no need to change or purchase additional products.   

Cisco Webex will extend public Events API to include Meeting transcripts events that ISV partners can now invoke to retrieve transcripts for all meetings for all users within their organization and apply customer policies in a timely manner to report violations and take appropriate action. Customers can use the API to integrate with homegrown solutions or other third-party DLP vendors. 


Cisco Webex Control Hub will allow IT to configure a content retention policy for Webex Meetings and Teams content in one place. Administrators can align with corporate retention policies by setting a custom retention period in Webex Control Hub.   

Legal Hold

Webex native legal hold solution makes it easy for your organization to preserve  any Webex Meetings content related to litigation or investigation. During a litigation proceeding, companies are required to preserve data for employees named in that lawsuit.  Webex Control Hub legal hold allows customers to set up a new hold by creating a matter to ensure that relevant information is not purged until the litigation or investigation is completed. You no longer need to purchase additional third-party archive solutions to support this  


E-discovery provides a single console to search and extract all meeting data for legal and HR investigations at scale to support even class-action lawsuits. With support for 500 users and gigabytes of content in one report, compliance officers can easily search and extract data created by users in the Webex platform as required for any investigation. De-factor industry-standard EML export format enables quick and seamless integration with off-the-shelf eDiscovery solutions.  

Extended Security Pack Solution Now Supports Meeting Content

The Webex collaboration platform will integrate seamlessly with the Cisco Cloudlock CASB, which offers a variety of prebuilt policies to protect against the sharing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), or HIPAA related data. It also allows customers to create custom policies to protect information without overwhelming administrators with alerts. I am thrilled to announce that the Extended Security Pack for data loss prevention (DLP) will provide full visibility and control over Webex Meetings content at no additional charge.  

“Our clients require any solution we deliver to be secure by design. We are thrilled to hear about the industry leading compliance capabilities that will enable our customers to now have visibility into their meeting recordings using Webex Assistant. This solution will give IT leaders and customers the assurance they need to be protected from malicious attacks.” 

Mitchell Hershkowitz, VP/GM Intelligent Workplace, NTT 

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

We have developed key relationships with industry-leading archival and data loss protection / CASB vendors for messaging. Our large partner ecosystem enables our customers to protect the data generated in the Cisco Webex platform and comply with their compliance regulations. Cisco is working with partners to support Events API enhancements and Meetings. 

“We are very excited to partner with Cisco Webex for Meetings compliance capabilities that will allow our joint customers to gain visibility into their recordings using Webex Assistance AI and to detect accidental or malicious exposure of sensitive data. As most organizations are transitioning from a mostly on-premises to a mostly-remote workforce, videoconferencing applications have become the de-facto standard for business communication and collaboration. Cisco Webex Meetings compliance capabilities is another cornerstone addition to the Cisco Webex security toolkit that will help to provide peace of mind to the business while enabling safe enterprise-wide and cross-enterprise collaboration.”  

— Bruno Raimondo, Head of SaaS Product Management at Netskope 

What to Look For

Our unified solution helps organizations ensure compliance, reduce risk and cost, by interoperating with existing tools and processes, and eliminate the need for third-party products. These capabilities will be available starting August.   

See how Cisco Webex gives you strong encryption, compliance visibility and control 

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