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Marathon Live Series- #RemoteWork – The Future of Work is Now

The Future of Work is Remote

Scott Edwards (Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing @ Cisco Webex)

As recently as just a few months ago, organizations large and small, and across all sectors of the market, talked about the potential value of working from home.  We spoke about workplace transformation initiatives, and how we could create a compelling work environment with multiple generations, how we could enable different work styles, how we could integrate various workflows, and how we could design innovative workspaces. Then in a near-instant, all that talk got forced into reality, and we are now living in one of the biggest workings from home experiments the world has ever witnessed.

Now, we are all are going through a cultural shift and adapting to this new style of working. Home has become our workspace, and we are using integrated workflows to keep our business running.  How are successful organizations navigating this new world?  What are the best practices we can learn?

To help organizations traverse this new reality, we invite you to join a 5-day Future of Work marathon virtual series with industry experts, futurists, researchers, and executives from leading companies as they delve into #RemoteWork – The Future of Work is Now. Join our host Scott Edwards (Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing @ Cisco Webex) for this live streaming series starting May 11th.

Future of Work Live Stream Series

Starting Monday, May 11th, and ending Friday, May 15th, we’ll be live streaming one session each day from 9:00am PDT.

Day One- Key Insight

We’re kicking off day one with Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, futurist, a global nomad, and author of the bestselling book, The Algorithmic Leader.  Mike will talk about what the future of work looks like and how current events will usher a new way of working. Then, Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, will provide insights into how your company can become a great place to work. Michael’s firm surveys millions of people each year to compile Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Places to Work list.  Finally, the Cisco Webex leadership team – Lorrissa HortonOmar Tawakol, and Sandeep Mehra – will talk about how organizations have been able to securely connect, collaborate, and get stuff done during this new reality.

Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow
Michael Bush, CEO, Great Place to Work
Sandeep Mehra, VP/GM- Webex Devices
Lorrissa Horton, VP/GM- Webex Teams
Omar Tawakol, VP/GM Contact Center

Day Two- Experts’ Insights

On day two, Aruna Ravichandran (CMO, Cisco Webex) will delve into #RemoteWork, our new normal. Technologies that allow knowledge workers to connect is the same technology that helps healthcare workers provide services to patients remotely, universities to provide online education, and major events to go virtual. Beyond the current pressures to keep businesses flowing, Aruna will also talk about how #RemoteWork is just one component of the Future of Work, and how we all need to think about this new normal becoming the status quo in the future.

We will also hear from Charlie Johnston (SVP, Cisco HR) about how Cisco is innovating its culture to adapt to this new normal.

Charlie Johnston (SVP, Cisco HR)
Aruna Ravichandran, CMO, Webex

Day Three- Customer Transformation

Day three is all about customers and how before the pandemic, they successfully transformed the way they work, and more importantly, how that work enabled their businesses to keep running despite the current environment. We will hear from Broadcom’s Stanley Toh (Head, Enterprise End-User Experience & Services), NVIDIA’s John O’Brien (Vice President, Real Estate & Site Services), Under Armour’s Karen Dean (Sr. Manager, Collaboration Services) and Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Tony Romero (Supervising Producer).

Stanley Toh, Head of Enterprise End-user Experience & Services
John O'Brien Vice President, Real Estate & Site Services
Karen Dean, Sr. Manager, Collaboration Services

Day Four- Contact Center of the Future: Best Practices for Helping Customers, Remotely

On day four, Zachary Taylor (Director, Cisco Webex Contact Center) will talk about the contact center of the future and discuss remote contact centers with Omar Tawakol (VP/GM, Cisco Contact Center) and various industry analysts. Then, Omar will interview a customer to understand their best practices.

Zachary Taylor, Director, Cisco Webex Contact Center
Omar Tawakol, VP/GM Contact Center

Day Five- Hear From Industry Analysts

On Day five, we will host a panel discussion with four collaboration industry analysts around remote work, how it has become the new normal, steps to keep business productive and positive in the current environment, and what the future of works holds.  Join Dave Michels, Principal Analyst and Founder, TalkingPointz, Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst, and Founding Partner, Futurum Research, Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO, and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research, and Craig Durr, Senior Analyst, Wainhouse Research.

The Future of Work Website

This virtual series also kicks off a new thought leadership website launching 5/11: The Future of Work with articles, best practices, survey results, and more. We’ll have more on the Future of Work website closer to launch. But for now, we invite you to go to the virtual summit page, add these streaming events to your calendar, and get ready to learn best practices on the future of work and remote work!

Find out more about the complete schedule, list of speakers and links to live stream

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