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New ways of working is easy with Webex

Transitioning to the new world of work

As many people shifted to remote work over the past couple of months the world discovered that work can be accomplished from anywhere. In fact, some people even discovered that you can be just as productive or more … outside of the office. We, at Cisco, also had to transition to remote work just like everyone else.

So, fast forward to now and remote work might seem like a good option for more people longer term. Some might be considering a hybrid approach, consisting of a blend of remote work and onsite visits to the office. The big question is how to make it sustainable, seamless and safe for people and organizations. Especially when employees are engaging in private conversations and sharing confidential business information and strategies during their workday.

The good news is that Cisco has been thinking about this modern work experience and enabling people to work from anywhere. How do we make distributed teams as effective as co-located teams, maybe even more? Enabling them to do all the things that they would typically do in the office such as meet, share, collaborate and ideate on a whiteboard with a co-worker.

Shift from physical office to remote work experiences

Shift from Physical Office to Remote Work Experiences
At Cisco, we saw the shift occurring from the traditional world of work to this new reality – and we have been adapting to this new way of work with our own collaboration solutions.

Webex app (Webex Teams)

We bring this vision to life with our Webex App. Our modern collaboration tool provides users with the ability to call, message, meet and share regardless of location, on a desktop and mobile device. We keep work moving forward with easy integrations and meeting our customers where they are with APIs and SDKs, bots, buttons and cards, embedded apps, and native integrations to enable seamless workflows. Currently, we offer easy integrations with over 24,000 3rd party apps and over 64,000 bots. 

We are excited about our latest new integration with Box so users can easily access, co-edit and manage files from within the Webex App. The Box integration is in addition to existing ones in place with Microsoft OneDrive and Google. We are also launching the new Telehealth Connectors to help scale and streamline the virtual healthcare experience. Enabling healthcare staff and patients to connect via simple, easy-to-use video telehealth consultations, scheduled directly from their Epic EMR portal. 

A single app to work securely from anywhere, on any device

To support small and midsize organizations with up to 1,000 users – we are making Webex more affordable. The new Webex Work bundle is now available and includes essential, secure calling, meetings and messaging in a single, affordable plan that is easy to but, set-up and support. It also supports rapidly the changing needs of SMBs, with a utility-based model where you subscribe for a committed set of named users, then add and remove additional “uncommitted” users through the course of your agreement, via self-service provisioning in Webex Control Hub, billed monthly in arrears. For example, if you are a small retailer looking to ramp up staffing for the Holiday season, simply add more “uncommitted” users in Webex Control Hub when you need them and remove them when no longer required.

As you can see, we are making work easier than ever with Webex, no matter where you want to work from, or what work you do in this new world of work.  

Call, message, and meet using a simple plan to get work done from anywhere with Webex Work Bundle

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team collaboration update
February update of Webex Teams: from our team, for your team collaboration

The Webex Teams Product team has been busy over the past number of weeks designing and delivering new features to enhance and enrich your team collaboration experiences. We think you are going to love the new features across all areas of the client including Messaging, Meetings, Calling and Device experience. Let’s get started.

Messaging that brings a 🙂 to your face

We think emojis help capture what we’re trying to say. What better way to say something is awesome than with a 😎emoji? We’ve enriched the Webex Teams client with emojis over the past number of releases and now, we’re excited to deliver Emoticon support in the desktop apps. So, next time you feel like saying you’re happy, your standard emoticon : ) will translate into a beautiful emoji 🙂.

Clarity with a Quote

Have you ever been in a team space conversation when you wanted to use somebody’s previous response to help give your answer more clarity?

Well, now you can. With our new Quote feature, you can use a colleague’s earlier response as part of your reply, giving everybody greater context. I really love this feature as it allows me to quickly address questions in large spaces. I find myself using it on a daily basis as I collaborate with my colleagues.

The Quote Feature in Webex Teams

Another great new feature is an additional right click menu that allows you to perform quick actions on spaces. Hover over a space name, right click and use the new contextual menu to mark the space as a favorite, view space settings, leave the space, and much more. Now, you can get to where you want to go, faster.

Stream on and bring everyone closer together

Here at Webex Teams, we are constantly striving to improve meeting experience and team collaboration for our customers. Our goal is that no matter where our users dial in from, they can experience a feeling of being together in the same room.

You can now stream 30fps video and audio to your colleagues in your Webex Teams Meetings through our Room Devices, and to other Webex Teams users- allowing everyone to have the same great experience.

As part of further enhancements to the Webex Meetings experience in the Webex Teams app, we’ve also added the option for admins to allow the meeting recordings to be stored locally as MP4 local recordings onto the desktop.

Calling- the way you want it to be

As we build out our native calling experience in the Webex Teams application, we’re providing a bridge to allow users of on-premise calling apps to access these capabilities from Webex Teams. With February’s release an administrator can set Jabber to be your default calling application so anytime you want to make a call in Teams, the call will be placed using Jabber, allowing you to leverage Jabber’s rich calling feature set.  You’ll also be able to set any tel protocol registered third party app to launch for calling also if that’s preferred

There’s a lot happening in the Webex Teams world right now. The Product Team are really excited about new and exciting features coming to the app and we’re really looking forward to seeing the 🙂 on your faces.

And hey, you can quote me on that 😉.

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