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September update of Webex Teams

Calling in Webex Teams – Webex Calling (Windows and Mac)

Cloud calling features currently available in Webex Calling are coming to Webex Teams! That’s right, if your organization uses Webex Calling, you can now use your Webex Teams app for those basic calling needs. This means you can call teammates and colleagues within your organization by using their work or mobile phone numbers. You can also call people outside of your organisation directly just by using the phone keypad.

Find your Filters Faster! (Windows and Mac)

Filters just became a lot more accessible! Before this update, filters for your space list were found under the search box in the app. They have now been moved to a new position on the top right just above your space list and under the search box. This means that it will be that much easier to filter your spaces by unread, mentions, and so on.

Link your Online Folders to a Space (Windows and Mac)

Webex Teams users now have the option to link existing Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint Online folders to spaces. This means we can quickly get to files that are important to your team. Depending on how your admin sets this up, all files shared in the space could be automatically uploaded to the linked folder. Or, you can choose whether to share in the space, or upload to the folder.

A New Look for Webex Teams (Windows and Mac)

We are introducing a new default theme in Webex Teams. This theme makes the app easier to use as well as improving readability and helping us to expand inclusivity to all our users. If you want to choose from one of our other themes, you can find them all under Settings > Appearance (Windows) or Preferences > Appearance (Mac).

For more information on this check out this blog.

Cisco Headsets Support (Windows and Mac)

If you have a Cisco Headset 500 Series, you can now use it to handle your calls or join Webex Teams meetings. You can mute or unmute yourself directly from the headset during calls or meetings, as well as put yourself on hold while on a call.

No more interruptions – Unified CM (Windows and Mac)

With this update, you will no longer get interrupted by incoming call notifications in Webex Teams. This will come in handy if you’re on a call and sharing your screen. This will also work if you have set your status to ‘Do Not Disturb’.

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Key Cisco themes at UC Expo 2019 -2
Key Cisco themes at UC Expo 2019

The UC Expo is the UK & Europe’s largest unified communications & collaboration event, with over 6,000 attendees. This year’s event was held at London ExCeL, 15-16 of May 2019.  The event showcased the latest tech in Cloud, Networks, Communications, Security, AI, and Collaboration.  So basically, it’s everything in Cisco’s wheelhouse!  That is why the Cisco team came out in full force to support this event with 2 mainstage keynotes, 3 seminars, 4 panel discussions, 6 partner pods, and 48 square meters for the Cisco booth. Across all this activitity, there were two key areas of focus: Cognitive Collaboration and Webex Calling. I wanted to help break down some of the distilled sound bites and messages from those areas for anyone who wasn’t able to attend.

Cognitive Collaboration

  • Cognitive Collaboration is all about pulling in the intelligence and context across the various means of collaboration without the user needing to lift a finger.
  • This continues to be a key theme for Cisco Collaboration as it expands in feature set and capability and spreads across the product portfolio.
  • It will touch 300 million people worldwide on Cisco collab today.
  • It’s not just for meetings! Cognitive Collaboration will be a key part of calling, devices (already layered inside devices like the Webex Room Kit Mini), team collaboration, and even contact center.
  • Aruna: “Every part of our portfolio will go cognitive.”
  • All of this will augment the experience across the portfolio with extra intelligence and context.
  • As Aruna said, “Cognitive is a game changer, industry first, and only Cisco has it.”
  • Having Cognitive Collaboration across all the modes of collaboration in a unified experience is the game changer.

Webex Calling

  • Webex Calling is cloud-based calling built upon the BroadSoft infrastructure which came to Cisco in the 2018 acquisition.
  • Broadsoft cloud calling has been rebranded as Webex Calling and is now part of the Webex brand.
  • Webex Calling gives you the ability to start a call on your mobile device, arrive at your office, with one swipe, transfer from the mobile device to your desk phone.
  • It provides the same experience whether you join on a desk phone, mobile device, or Webex Teams. It’s a single, unified experience to collaborate while receiving all of the features and functionality you would expect to find in a traditional PBX.
  • There will be seamless integration into Webex Teams!
  • Commercially, Webex Calling will be available through the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan offered through Cisco, VAR’s, and SP’s.
  • Webex Calling GA in EMEA was 16thof May – rest of world targeted for 30thof May.
  • Amy Chang, SVP of Collaboration: “On the cloud calling side, with the BroadSoft acquisition, we now own 57% together of the cloud calling market. And that’s just the beginning.”

Other Key Sound Bites

  • Cisco’s commitment to On-Prem…. Amy: “When I first started, Jabber already had 36 million active users.  Today, a year later, we’ve got 45 million active users on Jabber… So yes, you better believe we’re going to continue to provide a phenomenal experience for our customers on our premise based portfolios across the board and continue to invest there.”
  • A unified collaboration experience…. Amy mentioned that many vendors try to have the various pieces of collaboration – calling, messaging, meeting, etc. – but this was something Cisco already had – and had for a long time. And Cisco is making that unified experience around all the various Cisco collaboration products – hardware and software – even tighter from a UI and UX perspective.

I’ll end with a great quote from Aruna Ravichandran, VP of Collaboration Marketing at Cisco, “We are the only vendor in the market who has an end-to-end integrated portfolio which provides the same unified, simple experience regardless of how you’re actually experiencing the collaboration technology.”

Layer the cognitive collaboration elements on top of that end-to-end portfolio and you have a collaboration experience touching calling, meetings, team collaboration, contact center, and devices in a way that only Cisco can.

Additional Viewing

  • Mainstage Keynote #1 (32 min)
    • Who: Amy Chang
    • What: Cognitive Collaboration: Changing the Game

  • Mainstage Keynote #2 (30 min)
    • Who: Aruna Ravichandran
    • What: Workplace Transformation Cognitively Enabled
    • Watch here

Experience Cisco Collaboration for yourself and give Webex Meetings or Webex Teams a try for free:

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team collaboration update
February update of Webex Teams: from our team, for your team collaboration

The Webex Teams Product team has been busy over the past number of weeks designing and delivering new features to enhance and enrich your team collaboration experiences. We think you are going to love the new features across all areas of the client including Messaging, Meetings, Calling and Device experience. Let’s get started.

Messaging that brings a 🙂 to your face

We think emojis help capture what we’re trying to say. What better way to say something is awesome than with a 😎emoji? We’ve enriched the Webex Teams client with emojis over the past number of releases and now, we’re excited to deliver Emoticon support in the desktop apps. So, next time you feel like saying you’re happy, your standard emoticon : ) will translate into a beautiful emoji 🙂.

Clarity with a Quote

Have you ever been in a team space conversation when you wanted to use somebody’s previous response to help give your answer more clarity?

Well, now you can. With our new Quote feature, you can use a colleague’s earlier response as part of your reply, giving everybody greater context. I really love this feature as it allows me to quickly address questions in large spaces. I find myself using it on a daily basis as I collaborate with my colleagues.

The Quote Feature in Webex Teams

Another great new feature is an additional right click menu that allows you to perform quick actions on spaces. Hover over a space name, right click and use the new contextual menu to mark the space as a favorite, view space settings, leave the space, and much more. Now, you can get to where you want to go, faster.

Stream on and bring everyone closer together

Here at Webex Teams, we are constantly striving to improve meeting experience and team collaboration for our customers. Our goal is that no matter where our users dial in from, they can experience a feeling of being together in the same room.

You can now stream 30fps video and audio to your colleagues in your Webex Teams Meetings through our Room Devices, and to other Webex Teams users- allowing everyone to have the same great experience.

As part of further enhancements to the Webex Meetings experience in the Webex Teams app, we’ve also added the option for admins to allow the meeting recordings to be stored locally as MP4 local recordings onto the desktop.

Calling- the way you want it to be

As we build out our native calling experience in the Webex Teams application, we’re providing a bridge to allow users of on-premise calling apps to access these capabilities from Webex Teams. With February’s release an administrator can set Jabber to be your default calling application so anytime you want to make a call in Teams, the call will be placed using Jabber, allowing you to leverage Jabber’s rich calling feature set.  You’ll also be able to set any tel protocol registered third party app to launch for calling also if that’s preferred

There’s a lot happening in the Webex Teams world right now. The Product Team are really excited about new and exciting features coming to the app and we’re really looking forward to seeing the 🙂 on your faces.

And hey, you can quote me on that 😉.

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