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Connect Those Who Matter and Benefit Everyone with The Cisco Webex Multi-Content Solution

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Cisco Webex Multi-Content Solution Connects and Helps Thrive When Faced with Distance

Getting the right expertise in the same physical room is not always possible; especially, nowadays. When there is a need for a group of people to review multiple documents together, remote meetings don’t always cut it…until now!

The purpose of Cisco collaboration is to connect us and help us thrive when faced with distance. It helps us to navigate complex problems by gathering the people that matter – when it matters. And I’m thrilled to announce that the Cisco Webex Multi-Content Solution does just that. This new solution allows you to share multiple content sources at once, while still maintaining a video-first experience.

Technology that Saves Time, Saves Lives

While it supports many different scenarios, the Multi-Content Solution was developed in direct conjunction with Oslo University Hospital to support multidisciplinary teams in providing optimal care for cancer patients. A good treatment plan requires input from many different specialists. At the same time, access to the required expertise can’t necessarily be found in every hospital – highlighting the need for increased knowledge sharing between different specialists and hospitals.


By deploying the Cisco Webex Multi-Content Solution, the time taken between diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients at Oslo University Hospital was brought down from 7 weeks to 1 week. At a time where uncertainty is the only thing that is certain, reducing the clinical pathway can bring immense relief to patients and their families.

Your Content Control Center for Dynamic Sharing

Though a need in healthcare was the catalyst for developing the Cisco Webex Multi-Content Solution, I can see so many other use cases that it can be applied to. Ever needed to display multiple content sources at once? Frustrated with poor content quality and a tedious set-up? It’s now something easy to solve for. Technology like this might seem complicated, but what excites me is the solution is flexible, simple to deploy, and painless to use. The Webex Room Navigator with a UI extension effortlessly allows you to change the layout, whether that be one piece of content spread across all four screens, or four different pieces of content displayed on separate screens.

Connect Those Who Need to See the Big Picture

The Webex Multi-Content Solution brings people together in the same virtual room, allowing professionals to work as one integrated team, rather than reviewing different types of materials in sequence. With features such as Noise Removal and SpeakerTrack, you can enjoy distraction-free meetings and focus on getting the job done. Think this type of solution is only for special purpose meetings? Think again. The beauty lies within its flexibility – any standards-based client can join the meeting, and the solution is easy to deploy, scale and manage.

If you already have Cisco Webex video devices deployed, visit the Project Workplace page to see if the Webex Multi-Content Solution is the right solution for you, and if you don’t have Webex Devices deployed, what are you waiting for?

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