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What’s new in the Webex App: August 2021

Monthly Webex App update

One of the most common features used in video calls and meetings is screen sharing. Although Webex has provided a great sharing experience so far – with the ability to share specific applications, documents or the entire desktop screen – we are always looking to provide an even better experience for the end users. So this month we’re excited to announce several innovations related to screen sharing.

First, users can now share multiple applications at the same time in a call or meeting. Second, presenters will be able to see their shared content as well as the participants in a floating window at the same time and on the same screen. Finally, when multitasking during a call or meeting, the call/window meeting will appear as a floating window, so you don’t miss key parts of the conversation.

In addition to the screen sharing features, we are also launching several other features across Meetings, Calling and App Experience this month:

  • Accessibility improvement in the app experience with high contrast on desktop and keyboard shortcuts
  • Easy access to view and join scheduled meetings through a widget on iOS
  • Improved compliance options for meetings
  • Full mobile support of Outlook add-in for meeting scheduling
  • Maintained call quality no matter where you’re working
  • Streamlined administration access for calling

Let’s jump in and find out what’s new!







Share multiple applications at the same time

During any given call or meeting, how many times have you flipped from share to un-share and re-share just to share a different application? Now, you have the flexibility to share multiple applications at the same time without having to stop sharing the current application to share another application.

View participants while presenting

Visual feedback from your audience is important for any presentation. Now, with the active share window you can easily view a participant’s video while presenting. Participants will appear in a floating video window while you are sharing your screen during calls and meetings.

Improved multitasking

It’s often difficult to find the active window for a call or meeting when you are multi-tasking in different applications on your screen. To make multitasking easier, we’re introducing an active session window that will appear when the active call or meeting is minimized or fully covered by other applications. Now it’s easier to complete your task and quickly get back to your call/meeting.


High contrast on desktop

As part of our ongoing investment into accessibility Webex will now support high contrast settings, designed to maximize contrast for users with low vision or photosensitivity.  For users who have high contract enabled on their OS, Webex will now respect and implement these settings.

In-app keyboard shortcuts

This new enhancement is ideal for our keyboard power users, and those keen to learn how to navigate through the Webex App quicky. You will now find the keyboard shortcut pop-up screen via the ‘Help’ button to find your favorite shortcuts listed or use the search function and discover new shortcuts.


Webex Assistant available for all paid plans

Webex is committed to creating inclusive meeting experiences for all. We launched Webex Assistant last year to automate the mundane tasks of taking notes and action items. This month, we are excited to announce that Webex Assistant will be available in all paid plans, at no additional charge.

This feature will be available on an independent release cycle. Learn more about how to enable and use Webex Assistant.

Collaboration restrictions for users joining external meetings- Coming soon!

Meeting widget on iOS 

Never miss a scheduled meeting again! You can now view scheduled meetings at a glance and join them from your home screen on your iPad or iPhone through the meetings calendar widget. Choose from 3 widget sizes that best fit your customized home screen on your iPhone or iPad. Your meetings are listed in chronological order with a quick “Join” button to immediately join meetings without having to open the app. Learn more about it here.


Full mobile support of Outlook add-in

Adding a meeting link on desktop has been quick and easy with the Outlook add-in. Now, we’re bringing the add-in to the Outlook mobile app on iOS and Android. Users will now be able to schedule meetings in the Outlook mobile app with a quick toggle to generate a meeting link. Users were previously only able to edit meeting time, topic and attendees.


Webex App with Unified Communications Manager

Maintain your call quality no matter where you’re working

Whether you’re heading back to work in the office or continuing to work remotely, high-performing mobile connectivity and call quality is important. Call continuation automatically switches your mobile call from WiFi networks to your cellular carrier, so you can move freely without disruption to call quality. This capability is also available for Webex Calling. What’s even better, if you know when you’re approaching an area that traditionally drops WiFi coverage, you can proactively switch networks by manually changing the call from WiFi to a native mobile call. Webex has you covered in your hybrid work experiences.

Webex App with Webex Calling

Remote desktop control

In a hybrid world of work, providing technical support to employees remotely is critical to ensuring an organization runs smoothly. Webex App now supports remote desktop control allowing other users to control a user’s screen during a desktop share – making it a lot easier for tech support personnel to troubleshoot and solve issues quickly. IT admins can manage permissions for this capability in Control Hub.

What’s next?

We can’t wait to see how our users will take advantage of these new features and capabilities. Tune in next month to learn about more exciting innovations we’ll be adding to the Webex App experience!

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