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Why cloud calling is a gamechanger for Broadcom

Speed. Ease of use. Security. Low maintenance.

These are four essentials to staying connected in an unpredictable, global, and hybrid work environment—and were definitely top priority for Broadcom. They found that Webex delivers with cloud calling.

Broadcom is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that provides a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. A high-growth organization, Broadcom regularly leverages acquisition to fuel further expansion.

The challenge: Each new company acquired means potentially thousands of new employees to onboard, and many offices across multiple countries that need to be connected. Oftentimes, these new additions are using different collaboration platforms that somehow must be consolidated.

Stanley Toh, Head of Global IT at Broadcom, describes this challenge: “Ordering a new circuit to connect a new site to your infrastructure, or chasing new hardware if they are on a different platform can be very costly, and has a very long lead time.”

However, with Webex, things are different. “Now, we are able to remove all those barriers,” Toh says. “We just call Cisco and add a few more accounts. And that’s an easy call!” Watch the full story:

Cloud calling with Webex

When Broadcom began looking for a solution, speed and the ability to scale rapidly were top on the list. Managing an on-premises PBX system is expensive and complex for any enterprise-sized business, but with Webex Calling, Broadcom found a seamless, cloud-based solution.

“Webex Calling has given the user a far superior collaboration experience,” says Toh. “It actually allowed users to start collaborating on the same platform, on Day One at the close of acquisition, instead of waiting months.”

Webex Calling worked so well that Broadcom was able to add 25,000 new users over four weekends. There were no business interruptions and zero escalations.

“What many people may not know, is that when you use the Webex App to call, you are leveraging the Webex Meetings infrastructure backbone. And you get the same features, like background noise cancellation, on all your calls,” explains Toh. “You also leverage Cisco’s end-to-end encryption whenever you use Webex Calling in the Webex App. This is getting security without having to manage a complex security system.”

Broadcom has leveraged Webex Calling enterprise-wide. Their human resources department is using Webex to fully automate and streamline the employee onboarding process. And the end user experience—from ease-of-use, to the quality of audio and video—is superior.

“The level of innovation we get with Webex makes it so much easier for us to run our business. Now, all the Webex services: meetings, video conference, room hardware, calling, and even our contact center, is all on one controlled app,” Toh says.

And from a systems admin perspective, Webex Calling couldn’t be any simpler. Configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting are all in a single control app.

“If you are thinking about moving to cloud calling, my advice is don’t wait. Call your Cisco team and start your journey today,” Toh says.

To learn more about how Webex can take your company’s collaboration to the next level, explore our Call plans and get in touch with us.

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