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More than video conferencing solutions: Reimagining work experiences

Reimagining workspaces today requires reimagining work experiences entirely. Work is more transient than ever.

On one hand, we’re working in more places than we have before. Spare bedrooms are the new home offices; coffee shops are the modern conference rooms. Companies are outfitting their spaces in new ways as we return to the office: less cubicles, more collaboration spaces.

On the other hand, the general working population grew accustomed to doing quite a bit of multitasking in recent years. According to Dimensional Research’s 2021 “State of Remote Work” 67% of knowledge workers took advantage of increased flexibility, like running errands and working during off hours. Marketing calls happened on the way to the grocery store. Meetings started on cell phones and finished in conference rooms, with a coffee stop happening somewhere on the way. Such is the world of working in 2022: it’s incredibly mobile. Work is transient.

Solving for work that’s on-the-move

I’ve talked about how our technologies optimize a myriad of hybrid spaces. Because work is no longer where we go but what we do, the beautiful thing is that any space can be a workspace. Our award-winning devices are purpose-built for hybrid work and provide a solution for any hybrid workspace.

But reimagined real estate must also consider the transiency of hybrid work. For instance, “can I collaborate with physical and remote participants in my hybrid spaces,” is expanded to:

  • Can I walk into this space and share my content wirelessly without added measures?
  • Can I integrate the tools my teams are already using into this virtual meeting?
  • Oh, and can I do these things regardless of the meeting platform I am using?

Webex devices go beyond connecting hybrid spaces. They are purpose-built with an open platform to make work consistent and seamless- anywhere and any way you work.

Hot Desking: Shared spaces turned personal

In considering the transiency of hybrid work, we are expanding hot desking capabilities across our Webex Desk Series. Our vision is to allow users to take their workspace anywhere they work. Their personal meetings, calendar, call history – not just on their laptop screen but present on their full workspace. With a range of devices for every space and a simple secure sign in method, users can authenticate, import their personal calendar meetings and recent calls, and reserve the unit for the day, all by scanning a QR code or plugging in their laptop. And with their personal calendar and meetings displayed, users can join meetings across platforms from the device.

Inclusivity in video conferencing experiences

At Enterprise Connect, I’m demoing the vast capabilities of Webex devices in the Cisco keynote, like our hotdesking experience. I’m sharing how Webex democratizes office meeting spaces; by giving every meeting attendee equal visibility on the screen, we can see important body language and non-verbal cues like we’re used to seeing in-person.  When returning to the office, we continue to democratize meetings with People Focus, which is generally available now. Even if you are sitting in the back of a crowded meeting room for a virtual call, you will show up with equal screen real estate and physical presence in-meeting. And, to further promote inclusivity, devices today include real-time translation into more than 100 languages in closed captions.

Ideas in transit: ideation in the context of hybrid work

We unveiled the Webex Board Pro this past year at WebexOne. It’s an integrated system that provides everything you need for hybrid teamwork and co-creation: it brings your local and remote teams together to join video meetings, digitally whiteboard, use your go-to apps, wirelessly present, and share content in a connected workspace.

At Enterprise Connect, we’re also unveiling new whiteboarding capabilities. With the new Webex whiteboard, you can work on your phone, laptop or Webex device – teams can collaborate and share their best ideas, wherever they are. Going forward, 98% of meetings will have a remote participant, so the days of taking a picture of the physical whiteboard are behind us. Instead, ideas must be scribed into the digital world. With Webex whiteboard, your digital boards are all in one place- the boards you create yourself, boards in messaging spaces, and boards shared with you.

If you’re attending Enterprise Connect, you can learn more about ideation in the context of hybrid work from Tom Richards, Webex Devices Director of Product Management, in his discussion with Jim Kelly of Recon Research.

Work is no longer where we go… it’s what we do. To learn how you can turn any space into a productive workspace, check out the new Hybrid Workspace Experience from Webex.

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