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Webex Devices for a hybrid working world

As our world now settles into a new way of working with a choice between a return to the office, some workers staying remote and many choosing a hybrid model, organizations must offer inclusive and flexible solutions that support their entire workforce and allow for high performing teams to excel.

Studies indicate that almost 70% of knowledge workers switch apps up to 10 times in one hour. With every switch, each app introduces an element of context switching, reducing overall productivity.

Here at Webex, we know that by combining Webex Devices with your Webex Meetings and Calling organization, you are ensuring your workforce will enjoy a seamless collaboration experience across their entire collaboration suite.

With the Webex Rebrand, our Webex app and device portfolio have taken on a consistent design and user experience approach, allowing any user to enjoy frictionless work across Messaging, Meetings, Calling, Room and Desk endpoints.

Central to deploying a Webex device alongside our Webex suite are the benefits we provide to multiple personas. End users will benefit from a single user experience with inclusive features built in, HR and Facilities will see increased employee satisfaction and staff retention due to a more engaged workforce, while Administrators can manage their entire collaboration platform form a single pane of glass in Control Hub, allowing your organization to enjoy a Webex connected experience.

Putting the user at the center

As we embrace hybrid working, organizations must ensure teams continue to maintain closeness with colleagues through the power of video. Studies show employees who use video are 2.6 times more likely to experience increased empathy from colleagues, with 2.4 times more people believing video makes it easier to collaborate. With Webex, teams are empowered to build that very connection between in-office and remote workers allow a supportive workplace to thrive.

The best experience for users is when they combine the richness of Webex Meetings with our award winning devices. We have built an experience which democratizes video meetings, providing solutions such as People Focus, 5×5 grid view, noise removal, immersive share, and closed captioning to allow for more inclusive, engaging interactions. For those in busy office spaces or needing to commute our noise cancelling headsets offer quick in-call control capabilities allowing you to immerse further into a call.

HR and facilities

While we are enabling for a safe return to the office, we also recognize that organizations must ensure remote workers continue to feel engaged and included and they are able to achieve a high level of work satisfaction regardless of where they are located. In a survey 90% of respondents reported that their home meeting experience could be improved with better solutions. Our range of devices extend from the office back into the home, with the Webex Desk Pro, Desk, Desk Cam, Headsets, and Desk Hub each allowing remote members of the workforce to feel connected and fully participative in work activities.

Webex also provides the capabilities for organizations to build more supportive work environments. With experiences such as Webex Assistant, allowing for touch free room interaction, and people count, indicating when a room’s occupancy exceeds safety thresholds, Cisco Webex devices equip organizations for a safe return to the office. Assisted by Digital signage, allowing for companywide notices to be pushed to all endpoints, and built-in sensors indicating poor quality environments, the Webex platform allows for hybrid working environments to flourish.

Providing business insights to admins

With Webex you can manage your entire collaboration suite from a single pane of glass using Control Hub where you’ll find access to Calling, Meetings and Device management, Analytics and Workspace Integrations. Using these tools, an admin has the flexibility to control the workplace environment to best fit the needs of their teams. The admin can also fully understand how an organization is utilizing their Webex collaboration suite and physical spaces. This allows for informed business decisions to be made as organizations adapt to a new Hybrid working model.

Cloud promo summary

Our cloud promotion for Webex Desk and Room devices, along with accessories, continues to be available, making intelligent collaboration experiences for every space even more affordable with significant savings from typical end-customer prices. For a limited time, new or existing Webex Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Active User (AU) customers with “Meetings” or “Meeting + Calling Pack”, Webex Suite EA (cloud or premise calling) or Webex Suite Named User (NU) (3-year commitment required) can qualify for substantial discounts on select Webex Devices. Check out Snorre Kjesbu’s blog for more information.

Platform interop

Whilst the best Webex Device experience will be on a Webex Meeting, we also understand that the world of work has never been more connected. A typical working day can see interactions with many teams both within an organization and outside.

Our Webex Devices team recognize that organizations are choosing multi-vendors to address these internal and external collaboration needs. At Enterprise Connect 2021 Cisco was acknowledged as the most interoperable vendor in the market, a clear recognition of how our devices can seamlessly join regardless of the platform a meeting has been scheduled on. With One Button To Push capabilities, it’s so easy to join a MS Teams or Zoom meeting, and you may have heard of our exciting announcement of a new partnership with Google Meet.


The Webex experience continues to pioneer Hybrid working models, making it easier for HR & Facilities, the User and the Admin to embrace a more Inclusive, Flexible, Supportive workplace, all Secured end to end and all Managed on one platform.

Reach out to your Cisco account team today, to understand how your organization can take part in a Device Seeding program, a fantastic opportunity to see why Webex Devices have won so many Red Dot Design awards, and to recognize first-hand the best in class experience your team can enjoy using a Webex Device on our Webex Meetings and Calling platform.

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