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4 reasons the Webex Platform leads collaboration security

Techvision Research recently evaluated the security and privacy of the top cloud collaboration platforms and named Webex the clear leader. The report validates what the National Security Agency and others have confirmed – Webex offers the most complete set of security and privacy tools to help organizations reduce risk across the entire collaboration ecosystem.

Today, on International Data Privacy Day, we explore 4 ways Webex protects users, content, applications and devices and we learn why Webex is the best choice for security-conscious companies around the world.

#1 Ultra secure meeting content through end-to-end encryption

Conditions of the last couple of years have expedited the adoption of cloud collaboration, giving organizations the ability to enable distributed workforces but also raising concerns about cybersecurity. To reduce the risk of unwanted actors intercepting your data, Webex uses various security frameworks, including end-to-end encryption, to protect your data so it is safe while in transit and when stored in the cloud.

Webex has been supporting end-to-end encryption within the Webex Meetings app since 2011. In 2021, we upgraded Webex Meetings to use Zero Trust security, a standards-based protocol for end-to-end encryption with identity verification and added support for Webex Devices. This means that when we say we’re secure, you don’t have to just take our word for it, you can rest assured our cryptology is formally vetted by industry leaders and academic experts.

Webex also provides flexible options for encryption and key management for your content stored in the Webex cloud. We offer on-premises key management, also known as Hybrid Data Security (HDS), as well as bring your own key (BYOK) in the cloud capabilities coming this spring. With BYOK or HDS you retain full control of your stored data – no one can access your data unless you explicitly authorize it. Your content remains confidential, without compromise.

#2 Data privacy and compliance – from wherever your organization resides

With cloud adoption comes enhanced focus on data privacy. Security officers need to know that data, including personally identifiable information (PII), is protected and governments are defining where information can be stored, how it should be managed and who can access it. Webex promises to be trustworthy, transparent, and accountable when it comes to managing your data and we’re committed to giving you the ability to easily comply with regulations regarding it. With 44 Webex datacenters around the world and dozens of certifications, we help you keep data private and stay compliant with local and regional rules and regulations – wherever you are.

We’re compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), committed to meeting European data residency and received temporary approval from the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) for use with a government customer (EDPS approval details here). Our Webex for Government solution is FedRAMP authorized for use by U.S. federal agencies and our Webex for Defense solution is DISA IL5 authorized. And we’re consistently ahead in realizing our commitment with regional attestations and certifications, like Spanish ENS and Japanese ISMAP.

In the Spring, Webex is expanding Webex services in two Canadian cities, Toronto and Montreal, to support public and private sector organizations to provide in-country data residency, failover, and disaster recovery for applications and customer data. The additions will help customers with sensitivities to data locations, like those in the public sector or healthcare.

#3 Iron-clad protection against data leakage with built-in security controls and DLP

When we think about data breaches, we often think about rogue hackers breaking into company databases. But the threat of accidental or intentional leakage of sensitive information like bank account information or social security numbers reaching unintended recipients is even more likely to happen because of someone within your organization. That’s why Webex gives IT administrators the ability to set granular security and compliance policies that can prevent certain files and information from being shared with people outside the organization or between groups within the organization. Controls can be set at the department and company levels and monitored for violations.

If you want more visibility and control over sensitive data Webex offers advanced data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, allowing your policies to follow your employees when they collaborate internally and externally. To access advanced DLP, Webex customers can integrate with Cisco Cloudlock or your existing DLP vendor using our events API. You can protect meetings and messaging data using near real-time DLP with options that will redact or delete unintended messages, files, transcripts and recordings and notify users or administrators of any violation. Or you can take advantage of real-time DLP for messaging that allows files to be scanned and deleted before they are received by others.

#4 Enterprise-grade security backed by the world’s #1 cybersecurity company

Cisco is the largest cybersecurity company in the world. As a Cisco company, Webex uses the Cisco Security and Trust Organization to manage security. We leverage groundbreaking innovations and approaches to develop world-class collaboration solutions that are built-in, offering users a frictionless experience while protecting their content. Some of these include verified identity, support for personally managed devices on-network and off-network policies, lobby controls and visual security indicators like encryption badges for external users.

With these features and more, we’re giving our customers the ability to deliver dynamic collaboration experiences across applications and devices that empower users and build trust. Backed by Cisco and using industry-leading security, privacy and compliance features, the Webex platform accelerates what’s possible in hybrid work.

Want to learn more about the state of collaboration security and how your organization can stay protected, private and compliant using Webex? Watch our security roundtable session from WebexOne.

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