Arnaud Caigniet


Arnaud leads the Webex Intelligence Workplace initiative at Cisco – a new solution that addresses the needs of modern facilities and conjugates it with collaboration tools.

Prior to that he was responsible for the Webex Desktop video portfolio, including DX80 and Desk Pro, as well as microphone and touch panel solutions.

Before Cisco, Arnaud spent 10 years doing software development and research. He holds an MSC in electronics from EFREI school in Paris.

Webex Room Navigator で、使い慣れたワークプレイス アプリを活用
Webex + Shure で会議室のオーディオ問題を解決
ハイブリッド オフィスにおける会議室予約: 会議スペースにプロさながらのインテリジェンスを組み込み
ハイブリッド作業のためにミーティング スペースを最適化する方法