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Introducing Appspace Lite for your Return to Office

The Return to Office

The way we work has changed forever. Just over a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to enable employees to work from home, which often meant additional investment in technology and tools to keep teams connected, informed, and productive. Now, as we approach a safe return to the office, companies will face new challenges in employee communications, meetings, and trainings.

Employee communication has always been at the forefront of a company’s culture. Effective communication, especially during times of change, is essential for both organizational success and employee safety. An easy way to ensure that your employees receive the communications from your organization vital for returning to the office is to utilize the devices you already own either at the office or now in home offices. Displays, whether in conference rooms, huddle spaces, at individual desks, or in hallways and high traffic areas, can alert all employees about key updates regardless of location.

A complete workplace experience platform

For years, Appspace has helped companies expand their communications efforts beyond traditional means like email and instant messaging. Appspace, a Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, offers a complete workplace experience platform that allows you to make the most of your Cisco Webex devices by enabling digital signage and space reservation capabilities. Now it’s even easier to integrate best-in-class employee communication tools and space management solutions into your Cisco Webex environment.

New Control Hub setting to turn on Appspace Digital Signage at no cost:

Introducing Appspace Lite

Introducing Appspace Lite, an easy and fast way to get started with Appspace on Cisco Webex devices. Appspace Lite lives natively in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, which means Cisco customers can get started with Appspace for free directly on their Cisco Webex devices. In just a couple of clicks, Appspace can be enabled on an unlimited number of devices both in the office and in employees’ home offices.

Users will get access to a wide variety of easily customizable templates, including layouts for simple announcements and graphs and integrations with various feeds and social media platforms. Content in the Appspace platform is organized into channels for easy browsing and viewing. With every Appspace Lite account, users will gain access to an exclusive channel with Cisco-Webex-specific content that will help employees learn more about the devices they are utilizing in their new hybrid work environments — increasing technology adoption and the return on investment.

Appspace users can integrate messaging into enterprise messaging

Plus, the Appspace platform does more than display communications content on various devices. As a true workplace experience platform, Appspace users can also integrate their messaging into enterprise messaging applications like Cisco Webex. Chances are, spaces in your workplace will look and operate differently now than they did just over a year ago. Appspace allows you to easily map and create bookable spaces in your office to help you monitor capacity restrictions, manage contact tracing, and transition to a hot-desking hybrid workplace should your organization see fit. Users can easily book meeting rooms, desks, and even parking spaces directly from Appspace on their desktop or using the all-new Appspace Employee App. All of these features are also compatible with Cisco programs and hardware.

This integration is available now and is completely free and could not have come at a better time. As more and more teams explore what a return to the office looks like for them, one thing is certain; communication is critical for a successful transition. Conference room displays, when in idle mode, can remind employees about cleaning procedures, capacity requirements, or simply how to use the equipment in the room for those who may need a reminder. Desktop solutions, like the Webex Desk Pro, can reinforce these messages as some organizations choose to utilize hot-desking environments for their return to the office. Your employees might have some of these devices at home as well. Using Appspace Lite, you can keep them informed no matter where they are located using these devices just as you would in a physical office environment.

For any Webex app users that want to stay up to date with the Appspace team I would invite you to participate  in our “Ask Appspace” chat space where updates will be posted, and questions can be answered.

Click here for more information about Appspace and Appspace Lite

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