Rob Hanton

Principal Engineer and Architect, Webex Collaboration

Rob Hanton is a Principal Engineer and architect for Webex. He is responsible for the Webex Meetings media backend design and specific core media services. He has worked in video conferencing since graduating university and has been at Cisco since 2010. His work focuses on devices communicate and negotiate their capabilities, Cisco-proprietary protocols with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is the primary author of an RFC on multi-camera video conferencing. He also holds several patents.

As well as working out how to get computers to talk to each other, Rob also enjoys sharing information. He is a STEM Ambassador, collaborating with schools to help children understand engineering. He has also been a guest-lecturer at Imperial College on their ‘Networks and Communications’ course and has written a children’s book on computer programming, titled “Cool Coding”, published by HarperCollins, which has subsequently been translated into Swedish and Korean.

Rob lives in the UK. Outside of work most of his time is taken up wrangling two young children and a large dog alongside his partner. In the rare moments of peace, he enjoys reading, making things, and tabletop gaming.

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