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5 Reasons to Move Your Team Collaboration to the Cloud

Why Transform Team Collaboration to the Cloud

Cloud applications have grown tremendously in the last decade as more enterprises are realizing the benefits of cloud-based solutions. According to Gartner, By 2025, 85% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers and shift to the cloud.*

Collaboration is often one of the top reasons companies consider transitioning to the cloud. Cloud enables enhanced collaboration and increases employee efficiency and productivity. It empowers employees to seamlessly interact with each other, enhancing collaboration, engagement, and innovation. Cisco Webex Cloud is highly available and secure with unmatched performance.

Built and Optimized for Real-Time Media

The Webex Cloud is built and optimized for real-time media, with a worldwide IP network engineered for effective meetings. It enables superior quality, reliability and security that is nearly impossible to achieve on the public internet or other public cloud-based services.

The benefits of cloud collaboration are endless, and more companies are making the choice to migrate now more than ever. Here are the top 5 reasons why organizations consider moving their team collaboration to the cloud:

1. Meet and Collaborate From Anywhere and Any Device

In today’s modern workplace, organizations are looking to leverage the cloud to provide the right collaboration technologies to connect their globally distributed teams. Cisco Webex is designed to allow users to easily collaborate and communicate no matter which device or location they are connecting from, without ever needing to meet in-person.

2. Ease of Management and Analytics

As the data increases and becomes more complex, companies are challenged to store and collect this data effectively. Cloud collaboration solutions give the ability to collect data and pull in-depth reports on users, devices and conference rooms usage. Cisco Webex Control Hub offers a holistic view of all Cisco Webex services. It enables IT workers to manage users, provision devices, view analytics, and reporting, and configure security and compliance policies.

3. Enterprise-Level Security

Security is one of the main concerns about transitioning to the cloud. But cloud providers understand the sensitivity of the data and have security, privacy and encryption protocols to provide a secure collaboration experience at the office, and on the go. Security is a top priority at Cisco in the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of its networks, platforms, and applications.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud collaboration solutions are built to easily scale up and down to the organizations’ usage needs with little adjustment. There is no need to purchase additional hardware to support the growing business. Cisco Webex cloud infrastructure is ready and available to be used as needed with minimal work. The cloud capacity allows our customers to flexibly scale up and down based on their business demands while optimizing resources and overall performance.

5. Interoperability and Real-Time Integrations

Cloud team collaboration solutions are designed to seamlessly connect and work with other applications and workflows. Cisco Webex integrates seamlessly into many industry-leading apps, allowing users to keep their current workflow while boosting teamwork and productivity without missing a beat.

Cloud migration is not a small undertaking; however, the advantages are great. Cloud video conferencing solutions enable users to collaborate at any time, from anywhere, to get their work done. At Cisco Webex, we provide flexible deployment models and allow customers to select the best migration path based on their business needs and priorities. This model enables our customers to access the latest cloud features and innovations while keeping their existing on-premises investments.

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