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Webex plus Zendesk or Jira: Working with the tools that you love and that amplify your work

Continuous collaboration to increase team alignment and productivity

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been meeting with customers and discussing how Webex has helped to increase their productivity during this era of hybrid and remote work. One of the topics that comes up a lot is that Webex provides the tools that help them collaborate before, during, and after their meetings. After the meeting is over, teams stay connected and can continue the conversation in Webex spaces.

Customers and partners that use Zendesk Support or Jira Service Desk have been using our Webex Meetings integration to increase productivity. Now, to provide an even more seamless workflow, we are excited to announce that we have extended the integration to include Webex Messaging!

Staying in sync with their teams in Webex Meetings and sharing information and ideas in Webex Messaging definitely help them create alignment with each other and get their work done faster!

Being face to face enhances agent and customer experiences

Last year we built a robust integration of both Zendesk and Jira with Webex Meetings. With that integration, agents are able to quickly schedule or start a video meeting directly from an incident ticket and anyone who is a collaborator on that ticket can join.

With the click of a button from within Zendesk or Jira, agents are able to be face to face with their customer who may be in another continent. When an agent sees and hears their customer, it makes it easier for them to understand the issue. For customers, being able to articulate the problem and discuss it live with an agent, video meetings provide a better experience overall. Webex video meetings are powerful and enable agents to provide personal and high-quality care to their customers.

Streamline support ticket communications with Webex Messaging

The goal of the new Zendesk and Jira integration with Webex Messaging is to simplify communications to get to ticket resolution faster. From service requests to complex incidents, the ability to bring subject matter experts into the discussion is key to expediting ticket resolution. With our new integrations with Webex Messaging, incident owners can easily invite the right folks into the conversation. If needed, they can quickly create separate spaces where a few team members can break out into individual technical discussions.

Often, these breakouts are leveraged by the team to document steps taken toward incident resolution. This helps with persisting information that can be used in retrospectives and post-mortems.  Incident owners may have an existing Webex space where team members already have discussed a similar issue. Those spaces can even be linked to the ticket for reference.

Problem management processes are often initiated following an incident in order to get to the root cause of the issue. Support teams then usually pull together a root cause analysis report following an incident, which will help them to prevent a similar incident from re-occurring. Additionally, artifacts derived from such processes are often shared with external customers. Having the ability to quickly find all conversations and documentation associated with a ticket is extremely valuable in the creation of a root cause analysis report.

Agents can now create a Webex space per incident ticket. Coming soon, agents will be able to:

  • For existing or new tickets, create Webex spaces, as many as needed, with custom names and invitees that are associated with the ticket. Multiple spaces allow for collaborator huddles, where specific topics about the incident can be discussed and come back to the larger team with answers.
  • Link and unlink Webex spaces to the ticket, as needed
  • At ticket resolution, for reference, collaborators can access any Webex spaces created from the ticket. They can see the entire conversations shared in those spaces, as well as any artifacts shared, such as files, pictures, recordings, etc.

With these new integrations, everyone associated with the ticket is kept in the loop and agents are empowered to provide the best customer experience!

Please visit Webex App Hub to learn more about the Webex with Zendesk and Webex with Jira integrations.

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